Palin & the Powerless Parenthetical People

A choice between the Gipper & the Grinch

How soon they forget.

Fundamental truths are often beyond the grasp of people with advanced
degrees, you know, the Parenthetical People on the coasts imbued with wisdom
absorbed during erudite cocktail conversations in Hollywood and Manhattan
and Brussels.

You can hear the cocktail crowd sniveling, growling, musing barbaric and
dismissive, the Dem/Left operatives and media movers/shakers seething at the
turn of events leaving their messiah rummaging for a message.

“Sarah Palin!  Who is this nobody?  What have we come to!?  A hockey mom for
Vice President?  My God!  Are the American people really so stupid as to
elect a beauty queen and a war monger?”

You know folks, when a real war hero and respected statesman is
characterized a war monger, the average American is alienated.  When a
tremendously gifted executive woman with experience in government as a
governor and mayor and city councilwoman during the course of 16 years
public service is cast as a moron beauty queen, average moms and dads across
the land are insulted.

Not the best ways to inspire support and build a political future, but the
Dem/Left never learns!

The Left has a huge problem.  Like professor Juan Cole, the Dem/Left
believes 51% of Americans are “terminally stupid.”   So, in the eyes of Dem/
Leftists, in order to win elections, they have to cater to stupid people,
and so, they offer the stupid a free lunch, engender rage, and try to direct
that rage at all things conservative, Republican and faith-based.
Dem/Leftists insult their constituents, claim Republicans are destroying the
world, then cry: “Vote for us so we can save you idiots from those idiots!”

It is a message that fails, over and over again, for obvious reasons. 

This has been the strategy of the Dem/Left for decades.  

As a result, people tend to elect Republican presidents. 

Now, after two years of Dem/Left domination of the House and Senate, a
period filled with legislative failure and gridlock and broken promises,
people suspect they made huge mistakes in the voting booth in 2006.   The
people know the Dem/Left is responsible for the energy crisis.  They know
radical environmentalism promoted by the Dem/Left has left us energy
dependent on foreign adversaries.  People know much of our economic woe in
energy and food prices and the housing markets are the direct result of
Dem/Left policies.  Can anyone say Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae?  The People
know the Dem/Left crowd has failed them, and they are looking for real
change, not more vaporous words.
The trouble with the Left is they never learn, and they soon forget whatever
they come to learn, for all their advanced degrees and erudition.  The
Dem/Left forgets fundamental truths:

>Americans are not stupid,
>Americans want to be cheerful and hopeful, not negative and enraged,
>Americans are naturally optimistic, interested in following the Gipper, not
the Grinch: we like Christmas, and football,
>Americans are not looking for a free lunch, but instead, we want expanded
>Americans love an underdog,
>Americans are suspicious of mass media, knowing corporate conglomerates
rarely have the public interest at heart,
>Americans know the mass corporate media tilts in favor of Dem/Leftists,
>Americans are suspicious of Dem/Left motivations as a consequence, and
>Americans embrace God and distrust Government.

If you question the intelligence of the people, try to turn them against
God, send a negative message, encourage rage, and offer a free lunch and
more Government, you are swimming upstream.  Why fight the current when you
can go with the flow?  Americans generally like America, and they don’t
think Obama’s plan to turn it into Cuba is such a great idea.  Get it?

Failing to see and accept these truths, Dem/Leftists inexplicably continue
the drumbeat, marching toward failure.
Their attempts to spark rage in the electorate and direct it at Bush and
McCain have failed.  People object to the Bush intervention in Iraq and the
management of that war, but they know for most of his administration, the
economy was sound and growing.  People also know Bush and McCain have
frequently locked horns, so the whole Obama plan to Velcro the two has
fallen flat.  With the success of the surge, the war is not an election
issue as Dems had hoped, and for his courageous support of the surge,
McCain’s stock rose as Obama’s sank.

Americans love an underdog, especially a fighter, a genuine war hero who
overcomes all odds to emerge victorious, scarred and unbowed.  It’s the
stuff of great literature, the stuff of great cinema.  McCain is now box
office, and that drives Matt Damon nuts. 

It infuriated the Dem/Left they lost Iraq as an issue.  After all, they had
worked hard for six years getting Americans riled about Iraq, only to see
success in Iraq disappoint their electoral dreams.   Imagine that:
Dem/Leftists actually disappointed America is prevailing in war against
terrorism because that success injures their political ambitions.  And
Republicans are cynical?

The playing field was beginning to level even before Aug. 29 when McCain
announced his choice of running mate.  Since then, events have accelerated
and swirled in phenomenal ways.  One woman from the Great North has set the
political world into a cyclone spin.  Even Jack London would be hard pressed
to craft a superior legend.

Conservative euphoria soars.  Liberal angst grinds pessimistic.  Media witch
hunts set new records on the bias scale.   Failing to destroy her, media
pundits try another tack: One CBS commentator predicts Palin will soon be
passé, that if they cannot destroy her with lies, perhaps she will go away
if they ignore her.

“The primary reason why the Palin bubble will burst is that the media will
decide that they are bored with her.”  MarketWatch Columnist Jon Friedman,
It is to laugh out laugh out loud Jon!   HA!    To say Palin’s political
future rests with Media, not the People, is to confirm the essential thesis
here:  both the Dem/Left and the Media are clueless, powerless and
peripheral, failing to understand the People run the show!   Elitists
continue to operate under the illusion they are in control!
Did you catch that you stupid Americans?!  The MEDIA decides who is boring
and who is inspiring!  The MEDIA decides who should be president and vice
president.   The Parenthetical People decide, not you bunch of morons, and
moms and dads, and working class durf wads between the parentheses!

Through it all, Sarah Palin smiles, speaks candidly, and wins more
supporters daily for the McCain ticket, while the Left repeats errors
committed in the past, forgetting fundamental truths, again. 

Obama, once the focus of Dem/Left inspiration, has gone negative and gutter.
Like Palin’s detractors, each time he throws mud at McCain, he diminishes
himself.  Anger and alienation tend to feed on one another to the detriment
of those they inhabit.  Biden is a lifelong practitioner of anger and
arrogance, and so he feeds the downward spiral.   
In stark contrast McCain now appears a man reborn.  His presentations are
filled with energy.  He aggressively articulates his platform, and slams
Obama to the wall to the cheers of growing crowds.  The underdog, once
written off as a political train wreck, has miraculously arisen, the Phoenix
from Arizona, and people love it.   He overcomes and delivers, not with
words, but with deeds.   “Country First: our best days are ahead of us!”

McCain/Palin inspire.   Obama/Biden discourage.   This is the essential
difference.   Today, Obama looks discouraged, angry, frustrated and
desperate.  He continues to hammer away at the failed theme: McCain is Bush.
He still cannot get his footing.  McCain and Palin are so up in his head, he
is flummoxed.   As Dennis Miller said on O’Reilly last week, Palin is so “up
in his melon, Obama can’t decide whether to defecate or wind his watch.”
Confused and out maneuvered, Obama resorts to attacks.  He is off message,
and seems lost in the woods.  The numbers show it.   People see his
leadership tend negative in crisis and doubt his ability. 

The other unavoidable problem for Obama is he is now stale.  We’ve heard
from him for 20 months.  It is getting old. 

Palin, on the other hand, is new, and fresh, and a breath of clean Alaska
air, revitalizing in her very presence, happy and hopeful, and it drives the
Dem/Left crazy: their conjured smiles and joviality another insult to the
native intelligence of voters.

Palin, like Reagan, resonates so deeply with average Americans, she is
practically immune from Leftists attacks.  There are several reasons for the
immunity factor.  Palin reminds people in fly over country of the girl next
door, the ever-cheerful, uplifting, attractive person who always lights up a
room.  People want to be cheerful, lifted up.  Like Reagan she has a sunny
personality.  People love it.  They may or may not agree with her on all the
issues, but they love seeing her inspire others to works of service.  She is
believable and trustworthy.  People simply know that instinctively.  They
don’t have to be “sold.”  And she has a clear record of making government
work FOR THE PEOPLE which is what the people hunger for.   Plus, after
decades of having their traditional values demeaned, they rejoice in a
champion so effective in slaying Goliath.

The Dem/Left makes another mistake.
Voters hate to see any woman assaulted, especially a virtuous woman.
Attacking the entire Palin family in such vicious ways it plain stupid, and
cruel, and unfair, and reprehensible.  Attacking Palin for allegedly lying
about the bridge to nowhere, gets them nowhere, because even if she did lie
(which she did not) people don’t care about a bridge to nowhere.   It is
RIDICULOUS for Obama to stab at her for earmarks when his beat hers ten to
one, and hers are legitimate while his are pork.  Ludicrous.

Most people see very clearly Palin is a woman of character.  Every time the
Dem/Left/Media cabal initiates an attack—–during the last two and half
weeks 100+ attacks in all, vicious and personal each one—-they look like
Charles Manson assaulting Doris Day.    It just doesn’t play well in the
neighborhood, and in fact, it obviously works against the objectives of the
Dem/Left.  They just don’t get it.  

Their best answer now is a fundraiser for Obama at $28,500 a plate including
such intellectual giants as Barbara Streisand and Pamela Anderson, while
Oprah shows the real face of Dem/Left censorship and control refusing to
interview Palin, claiming neutrality as every good journalist should.  (How
much has Oprah raised for Obama?  Hundreds of millions?  How often has Obama
appeared on her show?  Twice?  How often has she appeared at his events
making high profile endorsements?)

Leftist attacks on Palin are routinely grim, angry and depressing,
regardless of the credibility of the information presented, and
consequently, the attacks only make the attackers look bad in the face of
her cheerfulness and optimistic glow.  When people like Rachel Maddow on
MSNBC last night attempt to trash Palin over trivialities, people at home
yawn and say to one other, “Is that the best they’ve got?”  Maddow is
reduced to sneering at Palin for having the audacity to appoint like-minded
people when she became governor, just like every other executive in the
world, calling it cronyism!  LOL!

Palin does not try to manipulate people.  The people see the media and the
Dem/Left as the great manipulators.

Palin is genuine.  People see the media and the Dem/Left as the artificial
conjurers they are: little people with big microphones behind the curtain.

Palin is a servant.  People see the exploitative impulse of the media and
the Dem/Left and feel repulsed.  People sense the Dem/Left wants to
dominate, an accurate perception, and they resist.

Palin makes people feel good about themselves, good about America, hopeful
about the future and confident about the possibilities, while the Dem/Left
and their allies in media chew glass and spit invective.

Palin is an unabashed God-lover and it is obvious her faith leads her to
good works without making her a theocrat.

Now, like Teddy Roosevelt before them, McCain/Palin have taken the high
ground on the economy, on development, on conservation and on corporate
greed, and in foreign relations, leaving Obama bereft of a message.  People
increasingly see McCain/Palin as the real deal, the real reformers, the real
honesty brokers, real traditionalists drawing strength from a proven past
yet adaptive enough to address the challenges of the future.

When all is said and done, people ask themselves, ‘who would I consult in a
crisis, who would I rely on for sound advice, McCain or Obama?’  By huge
majorities people answer:   McCain.

When it gets down to the real nitty-gritty, people ask themselves, ‘who do I
trust with my kids’ futures, who would I most like to have over for dinner,
Biden or Palin?’—and by huge majorities, they answer:  Palin.

People want Goodness and the Parenthetical People are Powerless to deliver
because they don’t believe in Goodness.   (Greta on Fox revealing Todd Palin
just makes it worse for the Dem/Left!)

The Parenthetical People remain powerless  simply because they insist on
residing in the margins looking down their noses at the very people they
need for support, and all the while, the majority of Americans living in
between the parentheses agree with 83% of Alaskans:  McCain/Palin are good
people—they can be trusted to lead, inspire, reform and secure our
country, for indeed, our best days are ahead.


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