Smile in Your Face: Games People Play

It must be true—the New Democrat Party thinks most Americans are either children, or stupid.   The Dem/Left smiles in our faces and plays games behind our backs.  How else do we explain the following:

>Michelle Obama yesterday: “People shouldn’t make a (voting) decision this time based on, ‘I like that guy’ or ‘she’s cute,'” she said.  (big applause) “And I’m talking about me.”

It is obvious Mrs. Obama was referencing Palin in an attempt to distill Palin’s entire candidacy down to physical appearance.  Isn’t that casting a woman as nothing more than a sex object?  It is certainly a characterization lacking in respect, and common courtesy.  Detecting her gaffe, he immediately lied, telling us she was referencing herself.  However, Mrs. Obama is not running for office.  Does she think we would vote for her husband because we think she is “cute?”  Or, was she telling us if we think she is cute we should not vote for her husband?  You see, if you stop to think it through, Mrs. Obama makes no sense, whatsoever.  The fact she expects us to believe her indicates she thinks we are stupid children.

It is astounding that Obama supporters would celebrate Mrs. Obama’s discourteous slam of Palin, and then readily accept her cover up lie.  Apparently Obama supporters simply find it “cute” that Mrs. Obama operates without common courtesy, integrity or constructive engagement.

Her husband is no better.

His pig wearing lipstick gaffe, another Palin slam, as the reaction of the crowd confirmed, was immediately followed by loud denials (lies), and efforts to demonize the opposition.  Notice now the waves of negative, vicious attack ads from Obama, going so far as to foment racial hatred invoking misrepresentations of Rush Limbaugh’s remarks concerning immigration to turn Hispanic voters against McCain.

Obama would have Hispanic Americans hate Bush and McCain by misquoting Limbaugh and leaving the impression all three men are prejudiced against Hispanics.  Very nice Mr. Obama.  There’s that high ground: we are all Americans bit again.

Consider: Obama sat in Wright’s church for 20 years and never heard the racist vitriol?  He expects us to believe this bilge because he thinks we are stupid children.

He is cozy with an American terrorist and was mentored by an American communist radical activist, but he wants us to believe he is a boy scout.  He expects us to believe this bilge because he thinks we are stupid children.

He is half white and was raised by white people, but he wants us to believe he is primarily Black, a victim of racism, while he traffics in and exploits racial tension then expects us to believe he will lessen racial tension. He expects us to believe this bilge because he thinks we are stupid children.

He promises new politics, promises not to go negative, then resides in the gutter.  He expects us to believe this bilge because he thinks we are stupid children.

He promises to raise taxes then promises to cut taxes.  He promotes infanticide then claims he wants to reduce abortion but lives in the hip pocket of Planned Parenthood.  He claims he is against gay marriage, then promotes civil unions.   He claims regard for biblical truth, then ignores it.   He says he opposes FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act), then votes for it.  He promises to complete his term in the U.S. Senate, but after 143 days in office, launches a bid for the presidency.

He expects us to ignore these contradictions because he thinks we are stupid children.  He expects us to believe he is the king of ethics reform.

Furthermore, Barack Obama will politicize ANYTHING to get elected. 

He politicized the war in Iraq in various ways to exploit voter dissatisfaction and boost his profile. 

Catering to the far left, which now holds him accountable, he has demonized the Bush administration for everything from Iraq to Gitmo to intelligence gathering to the Surge.  Now we see reports Obama even tried to get Iraqi authorities to slow U.S. troop with drawls until after the election, an obvious move to retain the war as a campaign issue, and dampen whatever positive might ascribe to McCain at the same time.

With the downturns in the financial markets, Obama again politicizes crisis for personal gain. At a time when we need unity and a general pulling together, he works to tear us apart.   The grim reality is while Obama castigates McCain and Bush and all Republicans for this crisis, his Democrat Party is largely responsible for the general unraveling in the markets given the serial scandals and mismanagement and cronyism and fraud surrounding Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

Today Obama’s sermon continues.  He tells us the government (Bush) doesn’t care about us, we are suffering, we need help, only a Dem government can help, we are hurting, he can save us, he will save us, and the solution is to soak the rich and give money to the poor.  Since when did the proud American eagle become a whiny, wimpy, sniveling, mangy chicken scratching around in the barnyard for a government handout!?

First of all, isn’t this part of our current economic problem?   For decades, the government taxed productive people, funded Freddie and Fannie, and those outfits loaned money to the “disadvantaged” and a lot of those people simply could not afford to make their mortgage payments, so massive defaults occurred causing the crisis in the housing markets, shrinkage in credit availability, and ripple effects throughout Wall Street.  Certainly, selling short, leveraged investment, and trying to spread risk globally played their part, as did other dimensions of this crisis.  However, financial mismanagement at Freddie and Fannie is increasingly blamed for the genesis of  the financial avalanche, and Obama is at the center of that scandal.

Obama and his Dem colleagues including Dodd and Frank and others refused to reform Freddie and Fannie while they took political campaign funds from the very corrupt institutions they refused to reform.

And Obama is the agent of change?  The reform candidate?  The economic knight on a steed, riding to our rescue?  If he is at the center of the problem, how can he proffer a solution? Why then should we rely on his advice and leadership?

If we do, we are stupid children.

Besides Mr. Obama, if I can’t afford my mortgage payment, that’s my problem.  It is not the problem of my fellow citizens.  I do not expect the government to come to the rescue.  If I make poor decisions, it’s on my head.  I resent the implication your safety nets extends to save me from my own incompetence.   Furthermore, I resent the guilt trip that I must cover for the incompetence of others and if I object, I’m somehow hard-hearted, greedy, unconcerned about the poor, or worse, a racist. 

This is how we foster unity, patriotism and a progressive effort to solve national problems:  demagoguery and demonization? Not very presidential Mr. Obama.

All this leads to identifying the essential problem with our economy and indeed with the soul of our society: most people do not take personal responsibility for anything anymore.  We constantly blame someone else, or something else.  We’ve lost the guts and character required to say, no, I’m at fault, it’s my responsibility, I must make amends and take personal action and personal responsibility.  The solution lies with me.

Most people have been sold this bill of goods:  I have a guaranteed right to a job, a house, a car, an education, healthcare, time off to give birth, unlimited access and advantage, special treatment and guaranteed retirement.  In other words, too many people have come to believe the government should take care us cradle to grave

As if we are children.

As if we are stupid.

The only guarantees Americans have are the God-given rights to life, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness.  The pursuit part is my responsibility.   I have to work and earn and save and plan and spend wisely.  That is my responsibility.  And if I tank, that’s my responsibility too, not my neighbor’s.  While the Good Book does urge us to help one another—especially widows and orphans—it also teaches if a man won’t work, he won’t eat.  The Good Book also teaches if adults do not take care of their children they are anathema, a curse.   Hence, the curse of adults failing to take personal responsibility, failing in their duty.  

The government can never be our parent, children.   It will always act as an abusive parent: taking more than it gives, and giving nothing of what we really need.  How stupid can we be to expect otherwise?  When has a bureaucracy ever extended a loving hand?

Let’s remember the words of Thomas Jefferson:  “The government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have,” including your liberty and your life.  In that case, good luck with the ‘pursuit of happiness’ part.  When will we return to the philosophy Jefferson so brilliantly articulated in the Declaration, that God is our defense against the abuses of government?

Obama promises the moon, and more government, an expansion of the federal government to the great detriment of the states, local control, and individual freedom. 

He says he will cut taxes, increase spending, cut our military in a time of war, make sure we all get healthcare and a college education, expand entitlements, solve the financial crisis (how?), and make people like Ahmadinejad love us.  Will Obama feed the 5,000?

In fact, Obama’s plan is to take everything we have and then vest all power and profit in the hands of government.  You think Freddie and Fannie are examples of government run amok.  You’ve not seen anything if Obama gets into the White House.

If you like Cuba, you will love Obama’s America. 

It’s all a game as he smiles in your face and promises utopia.  The Dem/Left has had most of the power most of the time for the last 50 years.   Are we better off that we were 50 years ago?  Are the poor better off then they were 50 years ago?  

When it comes to character, personal responsibility and the grit of the pioneers, we are decidedly worse off, and just who do we see about that, eh?

Don’t be a child, and don’t be stupid.

Uncle Sam is not your Mommy, but God is your Father.


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