Observations and Questions


Can someone tell us why a real American hero and statesman gets treated like a criminal on The View, but a perjurer and rapist gets treated like a hero?


Certain people think infants with developmental disabilities and teenagers are fair game for abuse to gain political advantage.  Most of these people also support partial birth abortion, a barbaric practice involving a mostly born person who is killed by a doctor stabbing that person at the base of the skull then opening a hole with scissors creating a pathway to the brain, then inserting a tube to suck that person’s brain out, causing death.  These same people claim to possess more compassion than others. 


Is anyone paying attention?


When did it become OK for Oprah Winfrey to use the public airwaves to promote her personal political objectives, and refusing access to those same public airwaves to people with different points of view?


A virtuous woman more qualified than Geraldine Ferraro is nominated to be a candidate for Vice President and 5 minutes after the announcement, armies of researchers and reporters are dispatched to destroy her.


Someone who embodies what we used to praise is now held up to ridicule.   What does that say about how far this culture has fallen?


Will Michael Moore blame the NRA for the shootings in Finland?


Bill Maher attacks God saying he objects to religion on moral grounds.  No doubt he employs logic and the scientific method to arrive at that conclusion.  By Maher’s logic we could say we object to the rule of law on legal grounds, or we object to the law of gravity on scientific grounds. What is it called when people conjure morals from thin air?  Oh yes.  Fascism. 


Barbra Streisand insists she is “not that stupid.”  Her statement referred to speculation Hillary voters might switch to Sarah.   Supporting Hillary in the first place was not genius.  Switching to Obama expecting Hillary supporters to swoon was not genius either.  Drafting another meatball candidate in the tradition of Kerry and Gore was not genius either.  Stupid is as stupid does.


Drudge reports “60th Emmys hit all-time ratings low,” even lower than last year’s low ratings record. Hum.  Media “experts” mused about competition for viewers.  Can it be people are fed up with Hollywood preaching anti-American and anti-traditional values “sermons”?  Perhaps people are no longer impressed with the glitz and the glitter, the fake and the phony.  Wake up Hollywood.  Without an audience, what are you?  The personification of Hollywood decadence is Brad Pitt: he cheats on his wife, runs off with the other woman, does not marry her, has children with her, claims the moral high ground, then gives $100,000 to promote gay marriage.  Celebrate celebrity!  The new American hero!  Someone Maher can admire no doubt.  Free from God: man-made morality!


Obama votes four times against a law to outlaw infanticide, but he is not held accountable for that, because he was only trying to protect a woman’s right to kill her unborn child by making sure children who survive abortion are left to die in a dark, cold room, and one such survivor who is now speaking out is characterized by Obama as a filthy liar.  Does anyone see the trail of blood left in the Unifier’s wake? 


(Remember, he never heard Jeremiah Wright say all those racist, hateful, anti-American things during the course of 20 years in the pew.)


How is it that the entire world seems hysterically motivated to join the movement behind the unproven “science” of global warming yet we ignore proven science showing human behavior is the culprit behind the spread of AIDS? It is strongly suspected changes in human behavior cannot be influenced to change climate, yet we know human behavior causes the spread of AIDS, a moral issue. However, instead of discussing morality, and the real possibility of saving lives by influencing human behavior, we choose instead to promote condom use, itself highly risky, encouraging youth to believe that’s the solution? All in the name of protecting people’s “right” to engage immoral and dangerous behaviors putting everyone in harm’s way?!  Reliance on human wisdom once again our downfall.


Virtue is mocked.  Depravity is celebrated.  And we call ourselves enlightened post-modern world citizens ushering in a bright secular future.  “When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?”


Didn’t Hillary say she was going to campaign aggressively for Obama?  Anyone seen Hillary lately?  Why is she so afraid of making an appearance with Sarah Palin to protest the Iranian monster?  Apparently it is more important to hold out hope for 2012 than it is to confront nuclear terrorism from Tehran.   


When the church of Christ contradicts the teachings of Christ, shouldn’t it be called something other than a church? Think about the Episcopalians and the Presbyterians and others approving the notion of gay marriage, even for pastors.  Think about pastors endorsing abortion.  Think about pastors turning a blind eye to pre-marital sex.  The world gone mad . . .


Anyone doubt Oliver Stone’s new movie about President Bush is a “true story.”


Perhaps the fact the vast majority of viewers prefer Fox over MSNBC is a hopeful sign.


When they come for your guns remember the words of Thomas Jefferson:  “And what country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that this people preserve the spirit of resistance?  Let them take arms.” 


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