It Means War




Sen. McCain has suspended his presidential campaign to go to Washington to focus on the economic crisis Americans face thanks to greed on Wall Street, and corruption in government.


From what we can gather here on main street, the big money boys got in too deep because they got piggish and borrowed money to speculate, and lost, and now the bill comes due, and they are so broke they must turn to the taxpayers for bailouts.


The President and the Treasury Secretary and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank all agree the government should write a blank check to the banks to the tune of $700B to save the day.  True conservatives say no: people who got in over their heads should suffer the consequences and not be rescued by placing even more outrageous debt on the backs of the people.


Congress is hamstrung again, waffling, debating, pointing fingers, playing politics and generally acting like the clowns they are: another locked grid, such as the gridlock surrounding calls for regulatory reform of the financial markets years ago, some of those calls coming from this President and McCain, reform stymied by Democrats like Dodd and Frank, while Obama and many of his closest associates were profiting from the mismanagement of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, two quasi-government sub-prime housing lenders “credited” with starting this financial mess in the first place.


Calls for bipartisanship in approaching a solution to our financial problems fall on deaf ears here on main street for two reasons:


1.  We don’t trust the politicians or the bureaucrats or the big money boys.  They always act in their best interests, not ours, and so, they broke faith long ago, and cannot be trusted.  Their moral depravity is clear for all to see.


2. This financial collapse is precisely what the far Left has been hoping for, working toward, and assisting for many years.  Why?


Understand, the far Left did not go out of business simply because we defeated the Communist Party at home and abroad.   The far Left, i.e., the contemporary Democrat Party, did not go out of business when the Vietnam War was ended by the U.S. Senate.   The ‘Euro-Socialist Government is God’ far Left Democrat Party did not stop working against traditional Americanism when the hippies moved to the hills.   In reality, the hippies got haircuts and donned pin stripes and moved to Wall Street, to the universities and to the halls of political power, copies of “Rules for Radicals” neatly tucked under their arms.


People on main street have been scratching their heads for quite some time.  Why does Hollywood hate traditional American values, and family life?  Why do the elites on the Coasts sneer at home town?  Why do the Democrats hope we lose in Iraq?   Why is everything we love about America under attack, including old fashioned faith and religion? 


It’s war folks.   Not just a culture war.   It’s a war for the soul of America.  This is why there is no possibility of bipartisanship.   One or the other side will win. 


The Far Left Dem Media (FLDM) cabal wants America to change.  Change!   To what?   Take a look at Cuba, enlarge it, and you get an idea of what the FLDM wants. 


>Government control of everything, including the economy  (this crisis is the door of opportunity!)

>Government control of religion, or better, the abolition of religion, and the incarceration of Christians in particular

>Government mandates: education, curriculum, library content, movies, the arts, all assembly and speech—unless it promotes the State, it is forbidden

>Government provision of all health care services

>Government dictates in the areas of family, reproduction, morality, structure and civil codes of conduct

>Government confiscation of all private property including guns

>Government legislated hate crimes and enforcement to stamp down all dissent

>Government executive domination of puppet legislative and judicial branches, i.e., despotism.


All this of course is transitional.   This complete dictatorship of the proletariat, once the corrupt bourgeoisie are destroyed, is temporary, a stepping stone to the communist paradise beyond.


Trouble is, no one has ever seen the communist paradise.   Things always seem to get eternally stuck in the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat stage,’ right after the blood-letting around the destruction of the bourgeoisie. 


The financial mess we experience today is the bloodless destruction of the bourgeoisie the FLDM is thrilled about.  It provides entre’ to the ‘regretful but required’ dictatorship of the proletariat. 


We understand this much on main street: we are the proletariat, you know, the little folks.  The FLDM says it is our champion.  Funny how the little folk are either marginalized or exploited or downright hammered every time a new FLDM posse rides to the rescue.   (But remember: it’s for our own good.)


Today we see a government willing to intervene in capital markets and essentially take over.   Little guys stop and say, hey wait, didn’t they do that with Freddie/Fannie, and take over, and offer housing loans to people unqualified for loans, and didn’t the Fannie/Freddie managers raid the treasury while giving out taxpayer funds to unworthy borrowers, and didn’t that start our tail spin, and aren’t they saying they want to do it again only this time on a much grander scale, and isn’t that simply a bad idea, akin to giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys?


What did we hear from Europe this week:  it’s the end of American capitalism (worse than Satan in many quarters)?


What did we hear from China this week:  time for a world financial system (run by whom you ask: the UN)?


What did we hear from the president of Iran this week:  it’s the end of the American empire?


What we will never hear from the private backrooms of the FLDM is the glee they express watching this economic train wreck unfold.  They agree with Europe, and China and Ahmadinejad—-time for a new America, time for Change! 


If main street America is to survive, and if traditional America is to prevail, we will have to get behind McCain’s effort to wage war on our behalf, to save this republic from being overrun by the FLDM, to prevent our becoming another Cuba, and to preserve the very idea of liberty.


McCain is going to Washington not simply to address the economic woes of this nation.  He is going to fight the real war, the war for the soul of the country.  Pray he prevails.


Obama is in the backroom, grinning.


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