The election of Obama could be a cleansing experience, or not


Hysteria surrounds global economic crises, presidential politics, international tension and speculation about the future.


Obama supporters are convinced without their man in the White House, we are headed for hell in a hand basket.


McCain supporters are convinced without their man in the White House, we are headed for hell in a hand basket.


Hell hath no fury like a Leftist scorned.   Some people predict if Obama loses, we will see race riots.  Certainly people will insist evil Republicans stole the election, despite ACORN’s proven attempts to steal elections for 10 years.   When Rightists lose, they don’t get mad, they modify, paving a road to hell with centrist intentions. 


Ultimately, God is in His heaven, and nothing happens beyond His notice, nor will ultimate outcomes escape His will.


As a strong McCain supporter, all this got me thinking about what will likely happen if Obama is elected.


Let’s look on the bright side.  It could be good.


Obama will face the same presidential meat grinder all presidents face.   He will be confronted daily with no-win situations, a series of Catch 22 circumstances, forced to make “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” decisions.  Despite all his good intentions, he will be vilified, first from this sector, then the next.   He will look at the same intelligence Bush reads every day and Obama will soon realize the options are few.   Many days he will ask himself: what was I thinking aspiring to this hellish office?


The real problem is Obama has never made an executive decision.   He has no experience to fall back on.   His advisors will simply drive him crazy with hundreds of divergent suggestions.


This will force him to rely on his political philosophy and his instincts.  His political philosophy is rooted in expediency, moral relativism and radicalism which is inherently anchorless.  Without a set of core values, a person is made to drift with the winds of political fortune, which invariably translates into chaos, and weakness, and serial crises, devoid of legislative consensus,  ala Jimmy Carter.   Animals run on instinct, and exclusive reliance on instinct always means a focus on survival.


At that point the meat grinder will accelerate. 


Sure, with Democrat majorities in the House and Senate, in the near term Obama will be able to railroad higher taxes, massive spending on federal entitlements, defense cuts, radical Left judicial appointments, and education “reform” which forces students into indoctrination centers prepping them for enrollment in Public Allies where they will study “Rules for Radicals” and “The Communist Manifesto” 24/7.   The 250 million people in this country who believe in God will be alarmed to learn they have to keep quiet about it.   Gay marriage will flourish.  Pastors will be jailed for hate crimes simply for preaching from the Bible.


Moral decline, our worst problem, will hasten the generalized train wreck.


Eventually, sooner, not later:


The economy will decline even further.


Terrorism will increase.


Class warfare will escalate.


Everyone will be alienated.


The misery index will increase.


Illegal immigration will skyrocket.


American sovereignty will diminish.


Multiple enemies abroad will take their shots.


We’ll go bankrupt.


Uncle Sam’s checks will bounce.


Obama will be immobilized.


Taking a cue from Thomas Jefferson, the U.S. military will storm the Capitol and take over.


Radical Leftist Anti-American Agitators and Community Organizers will be shipped to Cuba to expand Gitmo, making it their own Collective.


The rest of us can get back to work expanding the American dream according to the Founders’ vision: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Take heart Americans. 


It could be a good thing, kind of like a good, cleansing fast, coupled with a mineral water intestinal flush.


Obama: the psycho-socio-political enema!


[Or, it could shake out another way.  Obama will agree to political equivalence with Raoul and Hugo, and together, they will make the entire Western Hemisphere a neo-Soviet empire, while the rest of us high tail it to Australia.   Great Beaches!    Let’s just be sure to spike the canons before we leave!]



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