Marines in Iraq

Turning bad Karmah to good Karmah

Terrible things have happened at this natural ‘choke point’ of insurgent activity


by Gordon Dillow, Columnist

The Orange County Register



KARMAH, IRAQ – The Marines are trying to make good Karmah out of bad Karmah.  Karmah – actually in Arabic it’s pronounced more like “Garmah” – is a town and district of about 50,000 predominately Sunni Muslims situated between the cities of Fallujah to the west and Baghdad to the east. As such it has for years been a natural “choke point” of insurgent activity for al-Qaeda in Iraq and its insurgent subsets.  Terrible things have happened here. In fact, there was a time when Karmah was considered to be one of the most dangerous places in Iraq.


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