Sarah Palin’s own words & reminders about BHO

Palin’s Favorite Author: C.S. Lewis


America: Meet Sarah Palin—8.29.08    

CBS report—the day she was announced McCain’s running mate

(Honors Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro)


Palin on Charlie Rose in 2007



Palin on Glenn Beck  (starts 4 minutes in, but intro story is relevant)



Palin vs. Obama


Who are you Barack Obama? 

Farrakhan honored by Obama’s Church 

Jeremiah Wright blames 9/11 on America 

Jeremiah Wright damns America, “US of KKK A”   We are the same as al-Qaida?


Obama sat in this church twice a month for 20 years: 480 sermons by Jeremiah Wright, and Obama never heard any of this stuff! BS


He said he would never disown Jeremiah Wright, and then he disowned him. 


Here is a complete list of Obama saying one thing, then doing another.





Suggested voters’ guide for those on the fence


John McCain                                                            Barack Obama

Judicial appointments-traditionalists               Judicial appointments-activists

Culture War-traditionalist                                  Culture War-radical

Economics – Milton Friedman                             Economics – Karl Marx

Free market capitalism                                        Socialism

Promotes economic freedom                              Promotes government micromanagement

Cut government spending                                    Increase government spending

Cut taxes on everyone                                          Raise taxes, mostly on productive people

Reduce regulation                                                 Increase regulation

Record of change and reform                             Record of “present” votes, no record

Help the poor via prosperity/safety net           Tax dollars subsidize poverty

Terrorists fear him                                               Terrorists endorse him

Authentic                                                                Conjured

Conservative                                                          Liberal

Baptist                                                                     Trinity United Church of Christ.Wright

War hero, statesman                                            Legislator, agitator                                

Extensive military experience                            No military experience

Strong defense                                                       Cut defense

Take offense against terrorism                          Fall back, defensive posture re: terrorism

Extensive Foreign Policy acumen                      Foreign policy neophyte

Extensive World Travel                                       Limited World Travel

Extensive contacts with foreign leaders          Unknown to most foreign leaders

Healthcare-reduce cost, increase access         Government takeover

Balanced energy/environmental policy           Weak energy, overbearing environmental policies

Education-competition/vouchers/choice         Government domination cooperating with NEA

Pro Life                                                                     Pro Choice, supports tax $ for abortion

Traditional marriage                                            Pro Gay Civil Unions

Country first                                                           Ideology first

Record of working across the aisle                   No record per se

Maverick                                                                 Party loyalist

Public servant                                                       Self serving

Consistent                                                              Constantly shifting positions

Listens-town hall meetings                                 Talks-speeches, big events

Proven under pressure                                        Unproven

Experienced/qualified                                        Inexperienced/unqualified

Reagan, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt                    Saul Alinsky, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers

Super VP running mate                                       Dog-eared, snarling relic




When it comes to defending our country against enemies, foreign and domestic, the economy and energy, when it comes to social welfare and moral issues, taxes and spending, and the role of government, traditional values, and Supreme Court appointees, and in view of character and experience, which man offers the very best hope for our future and the future of our children?


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