Obama voter fraud Ohio






“The stakes are extremely high and voters are already casting their ballots for the general election.


You may have heard the media reports out of Ohio about same-day registration and voting.


The Obama-Biden Democrats and their allies are exploiting loopholes in Ohio election laws that we fear may result in unqualified voters casting ballots.


They’re also hoping our voters will be so confused, that they will throw up their hands in frustration and stay at home instead of voting.


That’s why it’s important to re-double our efforts.


The Democratic Secretary of State in Ohio even tried to disqualify thousands of Republican absentee ballot applications.


She enlisted the help of liberal partisan friends and special interest groups when we challenged this in court.


Thankfully, we were successful in taking the case all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court and won the right to reinstate these absentee ballot applications.


The Obama-Biden Democrats will likely try this shameful, partisan tactic in other targeted states. They’ll do anything to win this election.”







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