Palin Slays Goliath: Run Philistines, Run!


She is doing her part, how about you?


By Allan Erickson       10.3.08


Photos:  Gov. Palin and fan at massive post-debate rally attended by thousands. Obama rally room virtually empty.






After suffering 34 days of vicious assault perpetrated by some of the most powerful forces in America, one woman from Alaska stood tall last night, showing the world what real courage, determination, character and faith are all about—American style. 


It remains to be seen if the rest of the conservative and evangelical communities will rally with like courage and conviction. 


And, it remains to be seen if the so-called journalistic community will detail Sen. Biden’s boldfaced lies during the debate. (More below.)


Think about it for a  moment. 


Only five weeks ago today, John McCain told the world he had selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate. 


Within minutes, literally within minutes, the snarling hunt was on: the Obamaites, threatened and fearful, sought blood.  The hyenas in media, on leftist blogs, in Hollywood, on TV and in Obama war rooms, all plotted strategy to annihilate Sarah Palin. 


They would use any means (ala Saul Alinsky) to achieve their end: the pre-emption of the Palin Effect.


Sensing her star quality, her DC outsider maverick reformer persona, her excellent reputation as a corruption fighter and fiscal conservative, and her obvious talent for energizing conservatives and evangelicals, Obamaites sounded the alarm seeking her head on a platter. 


Obama knows if evangelicals turn out in force, he is finished.  And, after all, the corrupt cannot stomach a real ethics reformer.


A small army of lawyers and researchers was dispatched to her home town to dig up any dirt they could find.  It was the great Alaska Dirt Rush, employing Democrat miners panning feverishly for anything they could use to smear her.


Subsequently, serial accusations were leveled, each refuted in time.  But in the mean while, the truth was bludgeoned and her character assailed. The mob accused her of:


>Cutting funding for a center for teenage girls pregnant out of wedlock. Truth is as Governor she approved a $5m grant to expand the program and build new facilities.

>Cutting funding for special needs students.  In fact, spending in this arena was increased.

>Promoting creationism in schools.  All she did was suggest it be included among the range of explanations of origins, not in the curriculum, but as part of discussions.

>Trying to ban books at the Wasilla library. Simply never happened.

>Membership in a political movement promoting the idea Alaska secede from the Union.  Never happened.

>Being anti-gay.  Truth is she signed legislation extending state employee benefits to partners of homosexuals.  Her crime: embracing the traditional definition of marriage.

>Pro Buchanan in 2000 and by association, anti-Israel.  Entirely untrue. Endorsed Forbes for President in 2000.  Always pro-Israel. 

>TrooperGate: under investigation, an investigation now tainted by partisanship, yet the more we learn, the less it appears Palin did anything wrong.

>Promoting abstinence only sex education: Entirely untrue.  

>Pushing to charge rape victims for rape kits.  Not true.

>Lying about the bridge to nowhere.  That too got nowhere. In the case of Palin, the media cannot embrace nuance.

>Played favorites with friends in making appointments as governor.  Again, totally debunked.


And this is a partial list.


Grasping at straws and issuing one outlandish lie after another, the hyenas still couldn’t get traction, so they made it personal:  another Alinsky tactic—-isolate your enemy, personalize the attack, employ ridicule, your best weapon.


Running concurrent with attempts to paint her a heartless lying hypocrite, the Obamaites started hitting below the belt, another Alinsky recommendation Obama learned well. (Remember, Alinsky once praised Lucifer as the first successful revolutionary who was so good he acquired his own kingdom.)


The media leftist mob tried to smear Palin with the following, all of it carried in the MSM, with few corrections or retractions:


>Her husband was stopped for drunk driving 20 years ago.  True, but irrelevant.

>She faked her recent pregnancy to cover for her oldest daughter.  Obviously at complete fabrication.

>Trig’s Down Syndrome is her fault.  Cruel, heartless, entirely speculative.

>She had an affair.  Untrue.

>Her oldest son was arrested and is in the army to escape justice.   Untrue.

>Her oldest daughter is pregnant because the Palins are irresponsible parents.

>She went to four colleges in five years because she is an idiot. 


Bill Maher on his HBO “comedy” program called Palin a “Mother He Would Like to F***, a stewardess, a moron,” then he mocked her disabled son as the spawn of John Edwards, and ridiculed her future son-in-law as a redneck rapist.


Saturday Night Live cast Palin the dumbest woman on earth, suggesting further her husband was guilty of incest in a spoof about the excesses of the NY Times.


Juan Cole, darling of the revolutionary intelligentsia and Michigan professor, accused Palin of being a theocrat no different from Muslim fundamentalists, an accusation no different than Rosie O’Donnell’s dullard remark asserting comparable threats from radical Islam and radical Christianity.  (We must stop those Baptist suicide bombers!)


All of this, and so much more, was thrown at Palin from every point of the compass: an incomparable frenzy of slander, innuendo and character assassination roiling 24/7 on television, in major newspapers and magazines and across the internet—-and still they couldn’t sink her.


So, out came the Ghouls of Gothca: once-respected Charles Gibson, and Kate Couric.  They achieved their goal: to make Palin look uniformed, tentative, even confused.  And the hunt was on once again, the hounds and the hyenas baying and cackling across the airwaves.


And so it went, until last night. 


Palin not only held her own against a 35-year Washington insider, she went toe-to-toe with Biden, ruffling his feathers on occasion, nailing Obama for the two-face con artist he is, confronting Biden’s misrepresentations, and connecting with the American people directly ala Reagan, articulating and promoting conservative traditional American values while accurately and effectively describing Obama-Biden as typical tax ‘n spend liberals who demonstrate weakness in the war on terror, on the economy, and on energy independence.


Biden failed to trip her up, he failed to tie McCain to Bush, and he failed to hang McCain with the rope of a poor economy.


Translation: Palin got McCain back in the ring, and Biden demonstrated he is willing to lie his way to the White House.


Feral adolescents Olbermann, Matthews and Maddow in post-debate “commentary” were reduced to groveling around straining for trivialities still trying to skewer Palin. Chagrined by her outstanding performance, which completely disarmed all their ferocious efforts to destroy her, Olbermann and Maddow were particularly enraged, issuing Palin a challenge to allow them an interview. The Boris and Natasha of MSNBC promised they’d show her a thing or two, not realizing they’ve rapidly become cartoons by their own design.  Is Maddow related to Sandra Bernhardt?


CNN debate watchers gave Biden the victory.   Let’s remember CNN is owned by Time Warner which sponsors Maher, and Maher openly admitted to Wolf Blitzer not long ago, on air, that CNN and the entire Time Warner gang was working to “get the Brother elected.”


Drudge and Fox poll respondents gave the victory to Palin.

















Total Votes: 448,572



Peggy Noonan was effusive:


Dick Morris says Palin’s performance “not seen since Ronald Reagan. She is a super star.”


We suspect average Americans across all socio-economic, gender and racial lines cheered Palin in huge numbers, joyful seeing David slay the leftist media Goliath with a smile, a wink, kindness, goodness, grace, intelligence, promoting solid, proven traditional values that have served us so well for so long.


Biden on the other hand was shown a liar:


>Palin said Obama pledged to meet with any foreign leaders, including Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, without precondition.  Biden said that wasn’t true, but it is crystal clear Obama said it, more than once.   Want proof?  Here it is.


For the rest of Biden’s lies, here are the links, and keep in mind, Biden knew full well he was lying.  He is not a stupid man, and he commands extensive knowledge base and experience.  Make no mistake: Biden lied on purpose, knowing two things—the lies would help him seem to win the debate, and the media would not hold his feet to the fire for it.



McCain already has a TV commercial out on the subject of Biden’s lies:


Great analysis with video highlights:




Other sources:,0,3119305.story



Time to put the Philistines on the run.  Run Sandra Bernhardt, run.


4 Responses to Palin Slays Goliath: Run Philistines, Run!

  1. Cale & Christi says:

    I like this blog! And I love all the research! Finally someone not against Sarah Palin.

  2. Allan Erickson says:

    God bless! Let’s shoulder the wheel and spread the word! Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Successful says:

    Thanks for sharing a lovely post. Ajanslar

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