Time Warner Gave BHO $338,000.00, at least


NOTE:  Time Warner owns CNN and HBO.  Bill Maher admits (below) they are working to elect Obama.

President & CEO Jeffrey L. Bewkes

Time Warner Board of Directors

c/o Office of the Corporate Secretary

Time Warner Inc.

One Time Warner Center

New York, NY 10019


Dear Mr. Bewkes & Time Warner Board of Directors:


I remember a time when goodness, fair play and decency were values honored by most Americans, and by your corporation.  Most Americans still honor these values, but you apparently do not. By sponsoring Bill Maher on HBO, you demonstrate a willingness to promote the antithesis of goodness, fair play and decency.


Bill Maher calls the Pope a Nazi and a child molester.  His subsequent “apology” does not absolve him, or you.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_oitpbA3yg&feature=related  (“child f**cking . . .)


Bill Maher says Sarah Palin is a MILF: “A Mother I’d Like to F**k.”  Late in the clip he makes fun of Palin’s infant son Trig, the child with Down’s Syndrome.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Rhn__x1YxI&feature=related 


Here your star on HBO abuses Palin’s daughters and says later: “Pigs are smart (unlike Sarah Palin), they don’t believe in creationism.”




“At least when Obama got a post convention bump it wasn’t leaking amniotic fluid.”  Another example of Mr. Maher committing child abuse.




Mr. Bewkes, your web letter addressing citizenship overview states:  “Time Warner’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is one of many ways we achieve long-term growth.”


In view of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” I think we have reason to question your commitment to social responsibility.  


As to your long-term growth objectives, we will be calling on the 100 million people of faith in this country to boycott every product and service brought to market by Time Warner.  In due time you will likely be hearing from your shareholders, in ‘real time.’  We will call on people to boycott your corporation every single day until the day you cancel “Real Time with Bill Maher.” 




Allan Erickson



Oh, and by the way,   Mr. Maher informs us your entire media empire is working to get Mr. Obama elected.    And here we thought you were non-partisan.  Maher says to Wolf:  “I like to think of you (CNN) as the brother network, since we are supporting the Brother for President.”  Wolf tries to cover, but the cat is out of the bag!







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