BHO is no Christian

“Democracy demands that the religiously-motivated translate their concerns into universal, rather than religion-specific values.” 

                                                                     Barack Obama


Serious Christians cannot justify voting Obama: one pastor says BHO is an enemy of God*


Obama says the Judeo-Christian faith is dangerous


By Allan Erickson     



“Jesus taught me how to love my enemies!” says Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor, 20 years. “He taught me how to love my enemies and not be reduced to their level of hatred, bigotry and small-mindedness.”


This is how Obama was taught to love his enemies?  “There are none so blind . . . “


The Rev. Don Hamer, a Black pastor in San Diego, is central to a movement among Christians to inform voters about BHO’s spiritual orientation.


As if this were not enough, open this voter guide.  For people of faith concerned about morality, this says it all.


Furthermore, consider this appalling “homily” delivered by Barack Obama.


Anyone with an ounce of theological training knows this is false teaching.


Obama tells his listeners the Bible suggests slavery and stoning children is ok. When it comes to religion and morality influencing public policy, Obama proclaims mockingly:   “Folks haven’t been readin’ their Bibles now.”


In view of our pluralistic society, BHO preaches “compromise,” the  “art of the possible.”   He asserts it is dangerous to make commitments to absolute truth, such as the truth killing is wrong.  Notice how he parses the abortion question after removing absolute moral authority.


This is the core of BHO’s political and social and religious philosophy: moral relevancy, moral equivalency—all religions are essentially the same, there are several paths to God, rely on reason, not faith.


“The best we can do is act according to what we can all see,” BHO proclaims.  Translation: the unseen is irrelevant.


Thus, BHO would call child protective services to prevent Abraham going through God’s test on Mount Moriah.


People relying on the tenets of Judeo-Christian faith to understand morality and to inform public policy are therefore dangerous, according to BHO, a complete contradiction of both the Scriptures and our Founders.


“People are tired of seeing faith used as a tool of attack,” BHO proclaims.  He would have us ignore historical fact, that in America, our Judeo-Christian faith has always been our source of strength, goodness, and virtue, the guide we trust to identify and confront evil.   


Hence this very article, in BHO’s view, is a tool of attack, not an effort to engage reasonable debate.  Keep in mind, according to the church of political correctness, anyone who questions the veracity of Obama’s religious or philosophic orientation is a bigot, and anyone who calls BHO’s integrity into question is a racist.  This is why Obama routinely gets a pass from the press.


Denying both accusations, we continue.  Indeed, BHO’s attempts to repudiate conservative evangelicals is its own form of bigotry, divisive on its face, and destructive in its very nature.  How then can he call for unity and in the same breath work to scatter and not be seen the hypocrite?


In the following clip, BHO reveals his universalism, a direct contradiction of the Gospel of Christ, rendering the crucifixion irrelevant, which is blasphemy:


Rev. Don  Hamer on behalf of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission


BHO does not believe in the inerrancy of the Scripture.  He does not believe the Scripture is the ultimate authority.


Rev. Don  Hamer on behalf of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission





The Catholic Church calls a vote for BHO deeply immoral:




Notice how MSNBC and Chris Matthews defend BHO against Dr. Dobson “trashing” Obama:


Notice the divide and conquer technique BHO employs here:






Ever wonder why Bill Maher is endorsing Barack Obama?   After all, Bill is rabidly anti-Christian.  If BHO was a real Christian, do you think Bill would be one of his biggest supporters? Why does Ahmadinejad endorse Obama?  Why does Castro support Obama?  Why do Hugo Chavez, Hamas, Hezbollah and Kim Jung Il endorse Obama?


Discerning people understand BHO’s ‘Christianity’ is merely a tool he uses for political gain, reminiscent of another individual who called on the name of the Lord, but was motivated only by politics, power and money:  Judas.


Barack Obama is NOT a Christian, he is an ENEMY of God*


BHO is a smart man.  He knows he is deceiving people, purposefully.  By deceit he is leading our nation on a path to destruction.  It appears 51% of Americans are easily deceived and willfully ignorant. 


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