America Suffers: Al-Qaida agrees with BHO

The Obama campaign has taken a decidedly nasty tone, blaming McCainism for the plummeting economy, despite the fact the global economy is in turmoil and the roots of the troubles are found in many places, including the tax and spend policies of BHO himself.

Reagan blamed Carter for the woes of the 70s, which was in part accurate, but not altogether fair.  Clinton took credit for the prosperity of the 90s, credit Reagan deserved.  Clinton sowed some of the seeds our current difficulties but handed Bush a balanced budget/no deficit.  Bush oversaw a mostly robust economy despite 9/11, but corruption in government and on Wall Street lead to this crash, a wreck caused primarily by immorality: drunkenness at the credit bar at Club Speculation, running up enormous debt everywhere, the greedy speeding off in an unregulated vehicle.

For people to believe Obama when he blames McCain and Bush is comparable to people believing it’s right to blame Hoover for the Depression, it’s fair to blame Roosevelt for WWII (and many did call him a warmonger), or that it is appropriate to blame Truman for the Cold War.

Americans are tired of the blame game and the hyper partisanship that is also to blame for our economic situation.

Now we learn Al-Qaida celebrates our economic troubles (big surprise), claiming these global difficulties economically translate into Muslim victory.

Is it a stretch to say Obama and Al-Qaida appear to agree it is a good thing America is suffering?  Both profit from this situation, and both are exploiting it for political gain.

One would think a presidential candidate would avoid piling on the setbacks his own country experiences.  Still, this should not surprise.  Obama and the Democrats were deeply disappointed the Surge took Iraq off the campaign table: further evidence they rely on American failure to enhance their fortunes.

One thing we can say with great certainty: Obama is very good pulling the wool over the eyes of his sheep.  They bleat endlessly about the evils of Bush when the real wolf readies them for slaughter.

Al-Qaida: US economic crisis equals Muslim victory

BY HADEEL AL-SHALCHI, Associated Press Writer Sun Oct 5, 12:15 AM ET

CAIRO, Egypt – An American member of al-Qaida pointed to economic troubles in the United States as proof that “the enemies of Islam” face defeat, in an English-language video released Saturday.


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