BHO White House: death of liberty

Many of you reading the title of this column will  rapidly conclude this writer is insane.  Read on.  Follow the logic, and the facts.  The real insanity is it looks like we are about to self-destruct by casually giving away the freedom so many have fought and died to establish and preserve.

From the earliest days in our history, the Founders, even before Declaring Independence, asserted that human rights and civil rights flow from the Creator.  This single principle, more than any other, promoted the idea of a democratic republic while simultaneously repudiating the idea a king or mere human institution was, or ever could be, the purveyor of rights.

Note:  Speech by John Adams before the Revolution got off the ground.

Now a few “nobles” believe they have a right to inherit the earth, and these “nobles” are the presumptuous Leftists led by Obama.   They deny our Judeo-Christian heritage—which gave birth to freedom—and they work feverishly to remove the Creator from all considerations of public policy.

In this speech, BHO declares we are no longer a Christian nation, religion causes dangerous sectarianism, embracing absolutes is dangerous, the unseen is irrelevant, we must proceed only according to reason and “what we can see.”  BHO goes on to preach:

“Democracy demands that the religiously-motivated translate their concerns into universal  rather than religion-specific values.”

This is the most revealing and threatening heart of BHO’s political theology.  Translation: universalism must replace the Judeo-Christian tradition; universalism is demanded by democracy; universalism is the new theology undergirding BHO’s new democracy.

Why is this so dangerous?   There are a number of reasons.  First, once the Creator is removed from the equation, government is His replacement, and morality is defined only by those who control power.  Universalism opens the door to anarchy.   Once BHO occupies the White House, we are no longer protected by the Creator, who used to endow human and civil rights.  Now, we are subject to human wisdom, institutions of power, a king in short. 

Once this king controls 1/7th of the American economy in the form of universal health care, he will control your life cradle-to-grave, combined with the power of taxation, the power of the legislature, and the controlling interest on the Supreme Court.

An Obama administration would not be bashful about its social agenda which it will impose through control of all branches of government. You can bet there will be serious legal consequences for those who dissent, just as Obama has already demonstrated a willingness to use law enforcement, including the federal Justice Department, to silence critics during this campaign.

“The conservative nightmare (and liberal dream) is an Obama Court requiring taxpayers to fund essentially unlimited abortion rights throughout pregnancy; ordering all 50 states to bless gay marriage; expanding and perpetuating the use of racial preferences far beyond the 25-year phaseout suggested by the justices five years ago; prohibiting tuition vouchers for religious schools; stripping ‘under God’ from the Pledge of Allegiance; banning the death penalty; striking down the new federal wiretap law; expanding judicial oversight of military detentions, CIA interrogations, and perhaps other operations worldwide; opening the floodgates to big-dollar lawsuits against business; eroding property rights; and perhaps creating new constitutional rights to physician-assisted suicide, human cloning, and massive government welfare and medical care programs.”

As is the case in Canada, we will see “Human Rights Commissions” to prosecute hate crimes, i.e., pastors preaching against homosexuality.   Those convicted will be punished by fine, or imprisonment, or both.

Class warfare will escalate.  You think Fannie Mae was preferentially-driven?  You believe Affirmative Action is unfair, only reverse discrimination?  You ain’t seen nothing yet.   You believe the government already threatens economic freedom, private property rights, and occupies too great a role in our daily lives?

This is only the beginning.  Ruling with total control of all branches of government, and encouraged by popular support, Obama will run roughshod over the civil rights of Catholics, conservative Christians, and other people of faith who do not measure up to his arbitrary notions of morality based on “argument and reason” and “universalism” demanded by the new democracy, a democracy for Obamaites and no one else.

And, if you believe it is wrong and dangerous for Congress to bailout Wall Street to the tune of $700B, just wait until BHO taxes you, without representation, to the tune of $850B to give to the U.N. to fight world poverty, while he works to fund his non-profit propaganda machine PUBLIC ALLIES with $500B of your tax dollars.

This election is not about the economy.  It is not about the war on terror or the deficit or the environment or immigration or any other issue most of us have been talking about.

THIS ELECTION is about the very life of liberty itself: whether we will remain a free, democratic republic, or become a neo-socialist dictatorship led by a man already celebrated by Castro, Chavez, Ahmadinejad and Kim Jung Il.

John Adams and the Founders are not just rolling over in their graves: they are calling for a second Declaration of Independence.


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