Open letter to Obamaites and Undecideds

Dear Obamaites and Undecided Voters:


Obama is arguably the least qualified, most radical anti-American presidential candidate ever to run for the White House. 


The color of his skin is irrelevant. 


All his close associates over the years are radicals who call for the complete dismantling of all traditional American values: the Creator endows rights, private property, economic freedom, Judeo-Christian ethics, all people created equal, fairness, goodness, justice. 


Obama’s Public Allies is anti-American.   His systemic support of ACORN* reveals his anti-Americanism.  His platform is distinctly anti-American.  He engages in voter fraud.  He accepts illegal money from abroad.  He threatens people who disagree by appealing to law enforcement to stifle debate. He encourages class warfare.  He wants to control your life and take away liberty.  Universal health care is not benevolent.  It is a control thing-cradle to grave.  If Obama is elected, he will stack the Court, and if radical Leftists continue to control the legislature, he will have sufficient power to turn our once-great freedom-loving republic into a neo-socialist dictatorship. 


On that day, you’ll wonder where your freedoms went, but hey, we’ll be cozy cousins with Putin, Chavez and Castro, not to mention Kim Jung Il, Amadinejad and Mugabe. He will tax and spend us to hell.  The current economic situation is nothing comparatively.


You guys just don’t get it: Obama wants to bring American to her knees so he can usher in the new socialist utopia.   


As Obama’s chief mentor Saul Alinsky taught, this has to be phased in.  Once capitalism is destroyed, there must be a period of “the dictatorship of the proletariat.”  Everyone will be proletariat, except the privileged and prosperous few in government.   This “temporary” dictatorship of the proletariat is necessary to remove all the sinful stain of capitalism, organize us to work for the common good, “voluntarily,” purge us of self-interest, and eventually transition us to the “paradise of communism,” another Alinsky catch phrase. 


The trouble is, no one has ever seen the transition from the DICTATORSHIP OF THE PROLETARIAT to the PARADISE OF COMMUNISM.  Everyone always gets stuck in that dictatorship thing.  


Blindly following Obama is sheepish.  Do you think he will hear your bleating once he has the White House?




Allan Erickson


PS:  Making matters substantially worse—Obama endorses abortion on demand even through the 9th month, and favors the utter brutality of partial birth abortion, all  subsidized with your tax dollars.  He even favors your tax money being spent overseas to promote abortion.  He promotes gay marriage surreptitiously, he is anti-Israel despite his public statements, he will cut defense making us vulnerable to attack and he favors allowing the United Nations to tax Americans in the name of fighting world poverty to the tune of $850 billion.


*Obama has helped ACORN acquire hundreds of millions of dollars to register voters fraudulently, help illegal immigrants get welfare and food stamps, and intimidate bankers to make bad loans.    Do you know what the motto is over at PUBLIC ALLIES, Obama’s activist youth training outfit?




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