OLBERMANN: Toy Story’s Sid


“In the end, we suspect Olbermann, the video vivisectionist, just likes to watch people bleed, much like Sid in ‘Toy Story,’ a cartoon character in a cartoon world, a feral adolescent, like Eddie Haskell on meth.”  AE  10.7.08


 “Bath Tub Boy,  LeftWing Bomb Thrower”


 “Keith Olbermann: unique for consuming the most air time to reveal the least insight all for lowest ratings.” 

AE 9.2.09





Bathtub Boy tells us Iran is no danger 2.20.09


Olbermann gets OWNED by Levin


The travails of Keith Olbermann on MSNBC: Owned by General Electric, now in the tank


By Allan Erickson



 Here Keith tells us our government has become more dangerous to our freedom than terrorists.  Note the hysteria.  He invokes Abu Ghraib as an example of torture, predicting Americans will be pulled off the streets and incarcerated without charge.   Keith:  “Your words are lies, sir, lies that imperil us all, sir!”


Keith Olbermann is proof anyone can be successful in America, even a hack sportscaster with a chip on his shoulder the size of Texas.  Keith thinks he is a journalist.  Others know him to be nothing more than a hitman.


Watching his nightly Disassociations, one is perplexed.   You are forced to ask: how did this man achieve status?  What can explain his presence on national television spewing volumes of angry, hateful, deranged non-sense?  Viewers actually “enjoy” this stuff?  This is information “in the public service?”  


What can possibly explain his seething hatred for Sarah Palin? 


Did Keith get hit on the noggin as a kid playing Hardball?  Did his father beat him?  Did his mother neglect him?  


He has been diagnosed (it is true) with Wittmaack-Ekbom’s syndrome, a neurological disorder also known as “restless legs” rendering the sufferer sleep deprived.




Perhaps it’s more serious than perennial grumpiness caused by itchy legs, and no sleep.


Is his MSNBC employ really therapeutic, a way to protect us from Keith roaming the streets unsupervised? 


Anyone who has done worked with inmates, out of control youth, or addicts, knows, sooner or later, intervention is required.  In Olbermann’s case, so long as MSNBC gets the ratings, it’s delayed, as a function of economics.  Trouble is, the man is going from bad to worse—much, much, worse.  But, GE needs the bailout, so . . .


Watching Keith you expect him to blow an artery all over the camera at any moment, or go berserk and strangle the cameraman in a fit of misplaced homicidal payback, deliriously convinced he is choking the life out of George W. Bush. 


Keith is wound so tight (lighten up Francis!) you wonder if he is on meds, and fear without meds, he’d go ballistic and trigger a massive stroke. 



Since Rachel Maddow used to sub for Keith, and now hosts her own show, which is beating Keith in the ratings, does he deem her the “Worst Person in the World?” 


Keith loves to designate individuals the “Worst Person in the World,” allegedly his stab at wit, or something.  In June, he named Katie Couric.  (Does it matter CBS passed over Keith to hire Katie?)


As a result, even the puerile pundits at Huffington can no longer stomach Olbermann.


Huffington’s Rachel Sklar: I find it a bit rich that Keith Olbermann would chastise anyone on the subject of “separating the hype from the news” or “the nonsense that Senator Clinton was a victim of pronounced sexism.” And yet he did just that last night in naming Katie Couric his “Worst Person in the World” for speaking out about the sexism evidenced in some of the media coverage of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.


In fairness, perhaps Keith saw a chance to present himself as fair and balanced by providing equal time to the Left, knifing Couric to demonstrate he is a non-partisan warlord.


Other tidbits: 


On his time at ESPN—“Olbermann’s tenure at ESPN was characteristically contentious. One of his co-anchors, Suzy Kolber, has said that Olbermann was sometimes so overbearing that she would lock herself in the bathroom and cry. Another colleague, Mike Soltys, has said that when Olbermann left the network, in 1997, ‘he didn’t burn bridges here–he napalmed them.'”


“First day he was in TV, I knew right away that Keith had something that I’d never seen. He was made for this. I mean, the guy is crazy, but he is made for this.” Phil Griffin, MSNBC 


Later Griffin would say: ” . . . you commit yourself to him, and he turns out to be a jerk and difficult and brutal.”





Plus we all recall Keith’s handlers having to discipline the errant child during the conventions.




For a rich sample of the King of Cruelty, watch this masterpiece on Sarah Palin:




Olbermann has a good editor (who must stay at least 100 feet away from Keith at all times.)


How about this glittering example of professional journalism, a “commentary” leveled directly at President Bush just last May?




“Men and women butchered in Iraq.”    


(Keith:  a little tip—don’t get too close to an American military family, please, for you own good, sir.)


Keith stayed up until 3 am writing this “report,” this “commentary,” and rapidly sent it to his pals at Daily Kos.  Say no more, say no more.  Even Tom Brokaw had a little trouble with this bottomless vomit pit.


For a real piece of journalism:




In the end, we suspect Olbermann, the video vivisectionist, just likes to watch people bleed, much like Sid, in “Toy Story,” a cartoon character in a cartoon world, a feral adolescent, like Eddie Haskell on meth.


See, here’s the thing Keith, you are a big mouth with a short fuse masquerading as a journalist, but, all you are really doing is making enemies, and hastening your own demise.


Ultimately, you’ll self- designate:  “Worst Person in the World.”  (After your tenure as press secretary for President Obama and the holocaust you’ll help him bring.)


Time to Boycott GE and NBC?




PS:  If you need more information:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmIHHCQKUSY&NR=1   Chris Wallace nails Keith


Glenn Beck nails Keith









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