Why is it?

by Allan Erickson   10.6.08

Why do people believe Obama will be a moderate President when he has always been an extreme leftist?

Why do people think Obama will give them universal healthcare when Hillary and Bill couldn’t get it done for eight years?

Why do people blame McCain for the global economic downturn but give the Dems a pass for creating the housing, mortgage, credit crises at home?

What kind of people exalt Madonna and condemn Palin?

When did we lose sight of Al Qaeda?   Will it take another catastrophic attack to open our eyes?

Why is it Joe Biden can purposefully lie during the debate and it’s no big deal?

Why is it Barney Frank has not been prosecuted?

Why is it Obama gets a pass for his association with Bill Ayers, associates of Saul Alinksy, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, ACORN, Public Allies, the American Communist Party, MoveOn.org, Franklin Raines, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Frank Marshall Davis, Jim Johnson, Ahmed Yousef, and endorsements from Chavez, Ahmadinejad, Castro, Kim Jung Il, and Hamas and Hezbollah?

Why is it when McCain raises questions about Obama’s qualifications and background he is “attacking”?

Why is it when Obama hurls insults it is reported he is only defending himself?

Answer:  Bigotry.     You are only a celebrated woman if you are a politically correct woman.   You are assumed to be a criminal if you are Republican, but if you are a real criminal, and Democrat, you are innocent.   If you are a Democrat, you care more than anyone, and you can lie, because after all, you are more compassionate so, lying is OK.  Liberals a  nice.  Conservatives are mean.  Obama is a liberal Black man married to a politically correct Black woman so they are . . . beyond reproach.


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