Dedicated Leader or Daddy Daycare?

On election day we choose between a distinctly inexperienced, unqualified and questionable individual presenting ever-changing policies, versus a tested statesman, military expert, proven leader and respected foreign policy expert.




Will we choose the Proven Horse or the Prancing Pony?

By Allan Erickson




Growing numbers of Americans are increasingly angry and frustrated about Sen. Barack Obama, his candidacy for President, and the lack of integrity in media when it comes to objective coverage, or lack thereof.  Any and everything can be thrown at McCain/Palin with alacrity and glee.  Raise your voice simply to ask a question about Obama and you are a racist, a sexist, a homophobe etc.


Americans see a good and decent woman of accomplishment in Sarah Palin, a woman savaged for weeks by the press and Hollywood, an individual raked over the coals for no reason other than she is a conservative Christian who opposes abortion.  What crimes the devious commit seeking high office!  In America it is a high crime to have an opinion contrary to the altogether enlightened, cosmopolitan and politically correct Left.    


Observing Palin’s treatment causes one to wonder if our country has become little more than a circus, preoccupied with a kind of professional wrestling approach to politics.   Everything has become a smack down. Apparently it is fine to be a bigot, and display hateful prejudice against all things Christian, all things Republican, all things conservative.  Bigots are as bigots do.  It becomes obvious the Left is more concerned about promoting political ideology and less interested in avoiding racial tension, class warfare, internal collapse.


When someone objectively documents and expresses reasonable criticisms of Sen. Obama, the Left immediately boils tar and plucks feathers, all the while screaming the most vile invective.  Evidence is abundant.  Watch the evening news, the talk shows, or visit a conservative website and read the comments.  However, let one nut case yell out a stupid remark at a McCain rally and it makes the headlines at Huffington and on the front pages and on the 5:00 news, reported as proof positive Republicans are hate-filled warmongers unconcerned about the poor, racist imperialists through and through!


Those promoting Leftist ideology, in the main Democrats as radicalized as Obama, essentially call for the overthrow of all things traditionally American. 


They call for socialism versus capitalism, endorse gay marriage and denigrate heterosexual monogamy, characterize baby killing as a right and a privacy issue, codify government as god to engineer society, steal from the Haves to subsidize and subjugate the HaveNots, embrace foreign enemies, break laws, disrupt domestic tranquility, turn race against race, encourage illegal immigration, ridicule Judeo-Christian values, promote atheism, exalt human wisdom above humble faith, canonize terrorists and insult patriots.


Just the kind of folks you want over for Sunday dinner?  Just the kind of folks you want running the country?


In 25 days we select a President.


Will we use our heads, or allow emotionalism to drive us to the polls?


Most of the people supporting Obama express warm fuzzes:  he makes people feel good, he makes them ‘hopeful,’ he represents change, he’ll make the Europeans feel good about us, he makes youth feel good about the future, he excites, he inspires, he understands, he cares.


Dear fellow citizens, we are not voting for an American Idol.  


We are selecting an individual to lead the free world in the face of global economic chaos, global Islamic terrorism, global natural disasters, and the rise of rogue states hell bent on obtaining and using nuclear weapons.


This is not a choice between the Fonz and the Frat Boy. 


This is a choice between a distinctly inexperienced, unqualified and questionable individual presenting an ever-changing platform versus a tested statesman, military expert, proven leader and respected foreign policy expert.


Feeling good is short-lived, offering lousy return on investment.  The limp-wristed will not inherit the earth.  They offer a weak hand to the tiller of state.


Tough mindedness is required today.  An intelligent choice demands emotionalism take a back seat.


We need a servant steeled by suffering, not a politician promoted by propaganda.


We need a decisive, dedicated leader, not daddy daycare. 


We need a proven horse, not a prancing pony.   


Finally, if the majority of people are not concerned about the glaring warning lights shining on Sen. Obama, as follows, then reason will not rule election day:




Bill Clinton does not think Obama is qualified.  Hillary Clinton does not think Obama is qualified.  Joe Biden said during the primaries the Presidency does not lend itself to on-the-job training, saying Obama is not qualifited. Obama has no executive experience (other than four years CEO of Ayers’ CAC), no direct foreign policy experience, little federal legislative experience, no military experience, and get this, he would not pass the background check to be a Secret Service agent because of his association with Ayers, a terrorist.


Why do all these Democrats endorse McCain?




Campaign finance: reporting disparities, illegal foreign money





Fannie Mae: Dems, sub-prime mortgages, Obama contributions, financial crisis




Voter fraud: direct ties to ACORN




Radical associations, a legacy of anti-Americanism: Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorhn, Kalidi, Al-Mosour, Meeks, Pfleger, Rezko, Soros, MoveOn, ACORN, Public Allies, Woods Foundation, Annenberg Challenge, Nation of Islam, American Communist Party.  Sen. Obama, you can denounce these associations today, but for years you were in bed with them, helping them, and they were working for you, and continue to this day, and Americans have every right to question your loyalties.




Class warfare: the race card/guns & religion – “From the abundance of the hear the mouth speaks.”








Iraq:  ten million hits




Defense Cuts:




Free speech intimidation: Police state tactics




Troubling Endorsements:




Shifting positions

For 19 months Obama promoted increases in virtually every tax, calling for drastically increased federal spending, but now he promotes tax cuts and spending cuts across the board.   Mr. Obama:  Who are you?




Conservative Blacks Speak Out:




Obama: lifelong smoker, mother died of cancer, father reportedly alcoholic

Biden: two life-threatening brain surgeries



No matter how you slice this thing McCain comes out the far superior applicant for the most important job on earth: President of these United States, leader of the free world.


32 Responses to Dedicated Leader or Daddy Daycare?

  1. Gino says:

    All I got out of this article is the word CIRCUS, because that is how America will be referred to if McCain wins!

    When Obama will be president, this kind of ignorance and wish to live in the past instead of moving forward will drown in itself!

  2. David says:

    Wow, somebody forgot their prozac today.

  3. Allan Erickson says:

    If moving forward means destroyed what works, I bid you so long as you walk off a cliff my friend. It may be a platitude but it is nonetheless true, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. You guys seen to think we can have tea with our enemies, walking into the tent unarmed, and all will be well. You serious underestimate our enemies and refuse to understand they intend to kill us. We had better take them seriously. PLEASE WATCH THESE ALL THE WAY THROUGH AND THINK!

  4. Allan Erickson says:


    And somebody else took a full dose of silly pills.

  5. Erik says:

    Your “proven” leader has been in senate for more than a quarter of a century where he voted numerous bills whilst not knowing, as he admits himself, anything about economics. He has a dangerous temper and he cannot be trusted as evidenced by his personal attacks on Obama which he promised not do do earlier. He also chose an unqualified person as vice-presidential candidate knowing that he is old and likely to develop a fatal cancer. This man was born into wealth, has always been supported by taxpayers (including his health care), and has never had to fight for his financial survival. He finished at the bottom of his class and crashed numerous airplanes, yet got promoted because (and I am just taking a wild guess) his father and grandfather happened to be admiral.

    Obama, on the other hand, is calm, authoritative, very intelligent, very presidential, very likeable, and he has gotten where he is from nowhere, through hard work. He is the personification of the American Dream, McCain that of the American Nightmare. I do not agree with many of his policies, and yet I will not hesitate to vote for him a single second. I am white, I am well off financially, but I do not care about higher taxes. Why? I paid less taxes the last 8 years, and yet I lost more money than what I saved in lower taxes because of the crash of the stockmarkets, the increase in gas prices due to a total lack of energy policy, and a significant decrease in my home values. Whatever I saved in taxes I lost twice, thrice perhaps in lost investment and home equity. A poor return on investment, so it seems. Had I paid more taxes, I would probably not been in this mess since my country would not be near bankruptcy.


  6. Nancy Garland says:

    I guess Republicans have thrown common sense out the window. This is really scary. Happy Halloween.

  7. hc says:


    this is neither silly nor induced or dampened by prescription drugs. This is plain crazy!

    The reality is, 8 years of Reoublican rule have destroyed the mighty US military, have destroyed the respect for the US in the world, have nearly destroyed the American middle class, have destroyed our banking system, have made the US attack, for the first time in history, a foreign country without even much of a pretext, in an all out aggressive war, did not help its own citizens when they were in need, and gave billions of taxpayers money to corrupt companies in no bid contracts, to foreign warlords to appease them.

    And I am happy to see that finally, finally, even all the USA! yelling in the world and smear campaigns without apology by McCain do not seem to be working anymore.

    The reality is: If you hate government, then please do not run for executive office. You have to believe in a reasonable and important role of government in the world and in this country, and beyond the “bomb bomb bomb” refrain – that is the minimum intellectual and visionary qualification of being a leader of the government of the most powerful nation inthe world. Why would you want to become the boss of something you hate and have no intentions of properly managing? That is the fallacy of the Republican machinery. Bush was not accidentally bad. He wanted to be bad, was bad, and proud of it – or at least never understood why he wasn’t good.

    McCain is not Bush, but he doesn’t stand much of a chance to do anything different, simply because he has no vision for where to take the USA, beyond military strikes. None.


  8. Allan Erickson says:

    HUH? Sorry, but you sound like Keith Olbermann. I don’t mean to be unkind, but this makes no sense.

  9. hc says:

    What, yeah, that’s what I am saying: It does not make sense to try to run a government with the idea in mind that government is bad – which is really what McCain, like so many before him, and probably after him, on the Republican tickets, claim.

    We’re not living in the Wild West AD 1888 anymore, where the only thing we need is a man with a gun. That is not enough. And if that is your intellectual horizon AD 2008, there is a problem.

  10. hc says:

    You can quote yourself and spin masters all day – but please stay in the same reality, and don;t drift into a parallel universe where the Republicans are the victims, please.

    Listen, the Republicans ran the Congress from 1996 to 2006, and they still have filibuster power, and the president vetos anything he can, or basically guts the execution of any law he doesn;t like.

    So who was in power? The Democrats? Hilarious!

    That’s another story line: The Republicans being the Underdogs. No. They aren’t. They were running the show, and the American public has had enough of it. So much so that it might just be enough to vote for someone who looks different than the other guys on the dollar bills.

    Dig it.

  11. Allan Erickson says:

    Lewis. Chill dude. Christ is the prince of peace. God is love. You are correct to blame Satan. Conservative Blacks have a right to their opinion don’t they? Please have some peripheral vision. Christians come in all colors my friend. America is not the problem, regardless of what your college professors taught. We are not perfect but we are not the problem.

    Try this: Medved’s new book “Ten Lies,” and Google:

    Islam: What the West Needs to Know 99 min. documentary.

    Finally. Bork’s “Slouching Toward Gomorrah” is eye opening.

    God bless.

  12. Allan Erickson says:


    55 years of living, a background in journalism, education into graduate school, many international associations, and reading, lots of reading, leads me to certain conclusions based in inquiry, questioning, changing understandings and opinions. I started out a Leftist in the early 70s, and have simply changed. I invite you to challenge your own assumptions, keeping the truth your object. No one has total grasp of truth. It must be chased, constantly. Try this theory on for size:

  13. Allan Erickson says:

    Olbermann is the champion of Olbermann. In a real fight he’d be the first to leave you alone on the battlefied.

  14. Allan Erickson says:

    One last question for all of you: Why did we fight the American Revolution?

  15. WAO! says:

    yeahp!, you are a Blogger.
    Congrats!, Pal!
    “titanic assymetrics level” History

  16. hc says:


    a tad oo much of Anti-Christ, and Anti-US here, for my taste. Ill try to keep out of the Ant-Christ hing altogether – I always though religion is a private thing, and distrust an organized religion, and any ostentious display of religious beliefs fo political gains. I once aked an African (from Nigeria, then he worked in the UK, then in the US, where I met him), why he wld have voted for GW Bush (in 2004), and he toldme: “Because he looks more convincing when he prays”. If that is our yardstick, we will be back into religious wars like Europe has experienced them for hundreds of years, in no time.

    Having German roots, I have to say that the US has played a positive role for good parts of th 20th century, and successfully either tried to keep out of the European craziness, or at least managed heir way to it (and making money at it, oh well).

    However, that unfortunately does not mean that anything the US does is good, or even justified automatically. When Bush and Ceney basically maneuver the troops into torturing humans, when the administration effectively undermines privacy rights, when the start an unprovoked aggesive war, well, sorry to say, our dear US of A has become a part of the problem. I wold hope we can alleviate that by votoing for someone who is way more intelligent and a way more reaosing person. And that can’t be folksy-corrupt Palin, or geriatric-erratic-backboneless-militaristic McCain.

    I am for loving your country. I am against blind patriotism and giving away rights and conscience on order. And that is wat Bush and Cheny have basically worked on their entire reign. Thank God that will soon be over.

  17. Allan Erickson says:

    Dear hc,

    We can disagree about the wisdom/rationale for going into Iraq. We can disagree about torture. We can disagree about privacy rights, warrantless wiretaps and the rest.

    Hopefully we can agree about two things: the greatest threats to our country are, financial chaos, largely of our own making, and Islamic terrorism, millions of crazy guys plotting to destory us. I would invite you to take the time to watch these two videos and then as yourself, which many is most qualified/capable to solve/address these lethal threats, McCain or Obama?

    America’s financial house

    Islam: What the West Needs to Know

  18. hc says:

    Like said, spin it all you want. Pile up all the lies you want.

    What you don’t seem “to get” (to just quote McCain’s style – how do you like to be subverted to that) is that bombing ppl doesn’t make them your friends or convinces them of anything, it just breeds more hatred.

    So far, it isn’t millions that want to destroy the US – even if you want that feeling so ppl flock in panic to the very guys who already significantly increased the numbers of US enemies. But it will be millions if we “bomb bomb bomb Iran” – no matter how nice the Beach Boys tune sounds – it still is war. The US has killed – there are varying estimates – about 100,000 ppl in Iraq – that is way beyond even the biblical eye for eye. That is the 30 innocent Iraqis eyes for every eye of a 9/11 victim.

    Bush and Cheney gave the orders to kill one hundred thousand ppl – non of whom were about to attack the US, or ever had any intentions to!

    If there is one thing, one singlething, that a ppolitician has to do, it is to not start an aggressive, unprovokedwar. Otherwise, they are Hitler.

    And McCain went along, cheered on.

    McCain is a military man, and cannot help think in terms of “victory”, “defeat”, and so on only – that got us into the mess we go into. We need more than that. We need someone who is using the military, and who does not identify wth the military. The militar is a tool only – under Bush/Cheny/McCain, it becomes its own end and goal.

    I have no illusions about radical islam – but by undermining the US itself, and throwing away everything that was achieved here in terms of freedom, we just lose the right to tell others to behave more humanely, and we lose anykind of support we need to win – as it is an illusion to blieve the US alone can make the world a better place. When we torture, when we bomb, when we assassinate, when we secret police – that is when the beacon of hope that is the US goes dark, and it will be cold in the world. Even flare bombs do not lighten up the world with hope.

    As for the financial chaos, the reality is: Capitalism is the greatest engine of growth and wealth and the by far best system the world has ever seen. No doubt. However, Bush/Cheney/McCain (and but at least to a lesser degree, politicians of other colors) confuse capitalism with large corporations. The one and only constant which explains everything Biush has done over the past 8 years is: it’s gotta make money for large corporations. How else do you explain the Medicare bill, which doesn’t look classic Republican at all? Or his stand on immigration (legalizing millions of illegal immigrants does not do anything to stop the flow, but it does lower costs of legal work)?

    And big corporations want deregulation, so they can run the markets. Unfortuately, they themselves are too stupid to realize they will go down the drain, as markets need a framework and some kind of rules, otherwise you get the classic cobwebb, or cycle of pigs effect – boom and bust.

    I have studied business administration and economics, and I can cleary say that the Republican party cannot, even now, bring itself to acknoweldge and understand the terms “market failures”, “external effects” and “market manipulation”, much less draw conclusions from that understanding. That is a road to so many more desasters, it is mind-boggling. Every once in a while they may pay lip service (eg semi-convincingly around global climate change), but then, they will not walk the walk.

    That there were multiple reasons or individual players involved, sure – but the Republicans gave the ideological background for that – the Democrats hopped onboard, when it suited them, so they could delude themselves into thinking they’d do something good in their sense (like Fannie’s and Freddy’s mission of making more Americans own their own homes – even if they could not afford it).

    If your brain is empty, and you have no vision, you cannot solve or manage anything. The ideological bankruptcy of the current Republican party has already been for a while, but it is by now understood by most. Let’s hope they finally vote that way, too.

    Obama/Biden 49.7% to 42.3% McCain/Can’t remember – some folksy lady who wants to have women raped pick names for their kids, and whom David Brooks called the cancer of the Republican party

    ’nuff said.

  19. Allan Erickson says:

    I’ve been communicating with experts in the Middle East for 20 years, people who have lived there, people in the intelligence community, Christians, Jews, Muslims, politicians, journalists, business people, ministers, diplomats. The concensus is: the place will blow up big time someday, and in the meanwhile, Jihad is systemic, global, and presents a near-term, catastrophic threat to all Western democracies, especially America. The Europeans are being overrun, cowed, cornered, out bred, and subjugated. Doubt it? Just look at what the Danes have done with immigration reform as an example.

    As to economics you have one of two essential choices: economic freedom, or government control, capitalism or socialism, open and expanding markets or closed systems where only the powerful profit, low taxes and small government, or high taxes and government domination.

    I choose freedom.

  20. Allan Erickson says:

    Lewis! Must see!

    Islam: What the West Needs to Know

  21. Allan Erickson says:


    You are not listening, not watching, not reading, not thinking. You didn’t watch the entire video on Islam. You say we are engaged in unbridled free trade without rules or laws. Totally false. You need to relax a little and consider all the ranges of opinion, allow some of your own opinions to be challenged and proceed according to the example Obama sets. He is a thoughtful, calm person who intelligently proceeds, without hyterical name calling or the use of vulgarity, in short, a gentleman, a class act. Rein it in a little. You are not persuading anyone with your outbursts.

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  23. bpdelia says:

    Allan I can’t resist. I was just watching a video of Kennedy sitting down with Kruschev. Reagan with Gorbachev. TRUMAN WITH STALIN FOR GOD’s sake. Kissinger with Mao. Ar eyou really telling me that any of these penny ante countries are in the same league as the SOviet Union! THis argument is silly. I have ZERO fear of Iran. I have LESS THAN ZERO fear of CUba or Venezuela. I do have a fear of an economic powerhouse CHina. Let’s keep our eyes on the ball. IF we let the Middle East drink their oil while we drove electric cars powered by renewables problem solved. The foreign policy establishment of this country is entrenched don’t worry about anyone changing THAT. PS the military budget in this nation is OBSCENE. WE spend more than nearly the entire world combined. We could stop ALL apporpriations for procurement and maintain an advantage for 40 years. Coming from a former Airborne trust me the military budget is a grotesque abomination.

    PPS DId you belive in the bomber gap too?

  24. Allan Erickson says:


    Apparently you give no credence to this:

    A small vessel close to our shores could deliver such a weapon easily, and send us back to 1830 in a heart beat.

    How about this:

  25. hc says:

    Obama/Biden 50.2%
    42.5% McCain/How can you have so many scandals in such a short time frame and pretend you’re ordinary and take $150,000 of luxury wardrobe gifts you probably never will properly declare on your income tax forms (ref to IRS regulations for details)

    Looks to me like ppl may just have been screwed one too many times to continue buying the fear-mongering anymore…

    Now available: List of banks the US government will have to buy in to – George W Bush’s hypercapitalism in the end brought us socialism – thanks but no thanks for more of that!

  26. Allan Erickson says:


    Please explain how GWB accomplished hyper capitalism. For such a stupid man he is given enormous credit for tremendous developments, effectively deceiving the entire world about Iraq, stealing two elections from the Democrats, and faking out the entire electorate and the Supreme Court, and now, these last few years, infiltrating Wall Street, the financial markets, the banks and the housing market with hyper capitalism to bankrupt the world. Pretty good for Dolt of the Universe.

    We face utter ruin, enemies within, ruthless enemies from outside, chaos and crisis, and your undies are in a knot about the RNC expenditures on Palin?

    I think you are at the extreme of the Bell Curve.

    As to fear mongering, what did Biden say in Seattle last week?

  27. hc says:


    Obama/Biden 50.7% to McCain / Woman who has no idea what she’s doing 44.3% – and that is not even counting all the important swing states!

    Yeah, I am on the extreme side. The extreme side of mainstream…

  28. hc says:


  29. Allan Erickson says:

    Here we are: this President is a disaster, as predicted.

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