Obama not a citizen, ineligible to be Prez?



Many people thought this story was dead, but apparently it has legs.  We shall see!



Attorney Philip J. Berg, Democrat, Hillary supporter



Is this the wildest presidential campaign ever?!


6 Responses to Obama not a citizen, ineligible to be Prez?

  1. Peter Bromiley says:

    Oct 15 08

    I lived in Kenya for many years which included the years of transition from colony to independance.

    The coffee shop and souk talk on this birth origin subject is alarming in consistency and if not already, one would hope that the FBI and/SS have done their own enquiries.
    If so, their finding should be released, so we cqan all focus on getting our country back on track financially and quality of life wise, in compliance with our traditions and our Constitution. Absent such a document, the country needs and deserves a clean and clear certified Birth Cerificate frm Senator Obama, and absent that document, an urgent determination by the US Supreme Court, as to whether he is indeed qualified by birth to be our President.

    God Bless the USA

  2. Allan Erickson says:

    Amen Peter. Thanks for the insight and the reasoned approach. Interesting Mrs. Obama is getting riled abou this:


  3. copperpeony says:

    Please send your site link to Hannity at Fox. He is the only TV personality that has the cajones to investigate and report. Maybe even the Chicago Tribune or other conservative media. This country needs all the help it can get. Thanks.

  4. Allan Erickson says:

    Help us spread the word copperpeony! I’ve practically suspended my business to get the word out. Trying to get information to all who will listen. Amazing really that if BHO is elected, his presidency may be immediately challenged in the Supreme Court.

  5. Unfortunately, Philip J. Berg’s “lawsuit” will ultimately be dismissed for lack of proof. One can’t file a frivolous law suit based on half truths and inaccurate information and then jump up and down when there is no discovery. That’s putting the cart before the horse.

    And, as for Philip J. Berg, he hasn’t received wide support, except for those apparently who feel a bit guilty about their support for McCain. He’s a maverick of the illogical — he takes the most illogical of premises, makes them more illogical, and then attempts to make logical arguments from those faulty premises. He used to be a good lawyer, but something happened.

    I’m sure most of you read Berg’s other claims that Israel was behind the 9/11 attacks.

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