Dear Mr. Obama: from a Military Wife, Kid Rock, a Soldier


Marine Corps Wife

Report from the Front

Soldier  “Iraq no mistake”

Warrior  –  Kid Rock – music video


10 Responses to Dear Mr. Obama: from a Military Wife, Kid Rock, a Soldier

  1. They are serving their country now McCain, Palin, others

  2. Allan Erickson says:

    Yup, and you are communicating with someone who’s son served in Iraq with the Marine Corps, a young man who came home with a Purple Heart, a young man who has the courage to fight for his country rather than sit around and whine and cry and bemoan circumstances beyond direct experience. You are communicating with a man whose friends lost sons in Iraq, young men whose valor and devotion to duty you will never understand, never experience, and never appreciate. Why? Because you are obviously so self-absorbed, the notion of service and duty never appears on your screen.

  3. >>Please get help.

    Thanks for giving a good example to all of a typical immoral post, approach of a bad liberal, bad democrat again

    yes, rightfully you need moral, pastor counseling, but refuse to get it so you recommend it to others, hoping you can get the courage next to do it it seems.

    I would rather too like to see advice being practices, personally applied, instead of hypocricaly preached to others, Pharisees were so politically grammatically correct they themselves firstly were all dead inside.. you whop are so clearly sensitive to what others supposedly need need first to take the big beam out of your own yes before you can try to help any others..

  4. Allan Erickson says:

    On other thought Mr. Blifil. You are home safe in your bed tonight because real men of courage are willing to lay their lives on the line defending this country from lethal threats. And the best you can do on their behalf is act like a snide little weasel, undeserving the freedom and prosperity this country provides, by the blood of real patriots, real heroes, real men. You are a disgrace.

  5. Voter Fraud says:

    When did you serve, fag?

    I meant Mr Blifil of course, Allan. I’m pretty sure you must have done a tour during Gulf War 1 am I right?

  6. Allan Erickson says:

    Dear VF:

    I did not serve in the military. I came along at the end of Vietnam, had a high lottery number, decided to stay in college. I regret that decision. I should have volunteered. My son is a Marine. Good friends have lost sons in Iraq. We love our military—all our men and women in uniform—and our military families. God bless!

  7. whitehawk says:

    I disagree with you completely, my family has a soldier going to Afghanistan in January, who felt instead of training his men to go, he’s going were the ‘real’ war is. The one that many countries feel is the only just war. I feel sorry for your attitude you feel this is more honorable in Iraq that doing something productive in your own state. Obviously a ‘war’ mentality you have that any war is your route to honor. That is wrong, and stupid. McCain is no war hero, he’s a jackass that cannot even support those fellow Americans in war. He is a War Monger as was many other crazy leaders in the World. War = honor…???? Bull.

  8. Allan Erickson says:

    What? Who are you disagreeing with whitehawk? Please try to make sense.

  9. Dave says:

    The just war is probably the one in Afghanistan. But god bless our American soldiers.
    Military Conversation

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