Arianna Huffington: War Profiteer

Huffing Arianna’s Seething Slander

Even the deceased cannot escape her heartless denunciations


By Allan Erickson



Why is Arianna Huffington attacking her friends in the mainstream media?  Can it be the MSM is about to report on matters she finds offensive, and thus, she employs a kind of Bush pre-emptive strike with this incredible scrawl? 

Concerning Tony Snow, may he rest in peace, she writes he lied to us, consistently, saying he promoted “ . . .  some pre-packaged PR pitch cooked up in the White House to keep us in the dark. This was always Snow’s specialty — along with a glib dismissiveness that made him the poster child for the Bush administration’s brand of Callous Conservatism.”

Now there’s credibility, Arianna style.

Well, read on, because it has been made Kristol clear by Arianna Huffington: American politics is not, and cannot be, an exercise in reasoned debate engaged by contending patriotic parties working to acquire legitimate majorities.


No. Those who disagree with Arianna & Friends (Soros, MoveOn, Obama) are the “enemies of . . . reality.”  Of course to embrace this lunacy one must agree only Arianna has a grip on reality, which is, needless to say, beyond nuts. 


Arianna readily admits, as far as the Left is concerned, politics is war: the Right is the enemy, an enemy to be destroyed, not debated. 


She celebrates this kind of warfare on her propagandist blog, ignoring her own hyper-partisanship, at the same time accusing the MSM (the MSM!) of bias Rightward.  Yes, we all know how the massive media only serves the interests of conservative Christians and Republicans! 


The author of “Pigs at the Trough,” appears totally uninterested in the pigs at Fannie and Freddie, seeking our vote on confidence with a book entitled:


Right Is Wrong: How the Lunatic Fringe Hijacked America, Shredded the Constitution, and Made Us All Less Safe.” 


Presumably the ‘lunatic fringe’ encompasses the 51% of Americans who put GWB in the White House, twice, but let’s not quibble.  Arianna has already demonstrated a chronic aversion to facts.  (And, don’t the facts have something to do with honesty, truth, and . . . reality?)


Arianna declares:  ” . . . make no mistake, (Karl) Rove, (Bill) Kristol, and (Tony) Snow are the enemies — of honesty, truth, facts, reality, and the public’s right to know. Anything.”  Arianna on Huffington today, an April reposting.  Good thing we have Huffington Post or we’d know nothing!


Certainly, Americans are a contentious lot.  We’ve been buttin’ heads since 1776.  However, for Arianna, a once-devoted conservative, to insist politics is warfare belies her ignorance concerning values we once held dear, values that have tended to bind us together, rather than rip us apart.  Obviously she prefers ripping.


And if binding together in these perilous times provides the tipping point to survival, Arianna’s world view tends to hand our future to our real enemies.  In other words, demonizing Americans who disagree with her is not only sophomoric, it actively works against the greatest good for the greatest number.


The Founders set up a system of government where competing points of view could be heard, debated and evaluated, such that compromise and consensus might yield positive decision-making.   All this, it was expected, would be conducted in the context of honor, fair play and mutual respect, the assumption being everyone at the table sought what was best for the country.


Arianna’s opinion and attitude demonstrates we have drifted far from any notion of fair play, mutual respect and a general focus on the greatest good for the greatest number. 


Arianna and like-minded people prefer we divide into warring camps.  They prefer savage politics and reject the politics of good will.  While she points the boney finger of accusation—denigrating good men by going so low as calling them the enemies of truth—-she simultaneously ignores serial crimes in her own camp, and excoriates a massive media sympathetic to her cause.  If her goal is to alienate everyone, she appears right on track, or should one say, Left.


If she is not the personification of a loose cannon, then perhaps Arianna is simply taking a slight back seat to the likes of Joe Biden or John Murtha, two individuals chronically incapable of holding their tongues, uninterested in building bridges or embracing policy consistency, indeed, like Arianna, two people who demonstrate their net contribution has been making enemies of their own countrymen and ripping America apart from within.   


In war, all that matters is winning.  Some people fight according to the rules.  Others decide that winning is so important, the rules don’t matter.  This is what Saul Alinsky taught Barack Obama, and this is what Arianna embraces. 


So, in war, without rules, ACORN, Ayers, Rezko, Annenberg, Jeremiah Wright and Farrakhan are of no concern to Arianna and her allies.  These are mere distractions, unless the MSM picks up the scent.


Dick Morris, writing today, indicates those associations will be of interest to most Americans, if the markets stabilize and financial chaos no longer occupies the front page.


“As ACORN gets raided by the FBI, it will hurt Obama. He was general counsel to its Illinois affiliate, and Obama channeled millions to the radical group when he got control over the money William Ayers got from the Annenberg Foundation.  All of these ties are damning for Obama and will reinforce the doubts that Wright first put in our minds. They will lead people to question Obama’s values and his fitness for the presidency.  A man whose spiritual adviser is Wright, whose financial backer is Tony Rezko, and whose first major employer was William Ayers might not be a good choice for president. But for these associations to loom large enough in our consciousness to impact our vote, the market has to settle down so we can hear the campaign over its din.”


Will voters turn and consider the glaring warning lights on Obama’s dashboard?


Not if Arianna and her cohorts have their way.  


Dominating media, education, entertainment and politics for 50 years, the Left has learned how to manipulate, confuse and distract the public.  And the Left knows if you appeal to selfishness, you have an advantage right out of the gate.  Most people are motivated by selfishness, and so, the Left preys upon that destructive impulse.  Hence, the pervasive cries are heard:


>My healthcare: healthcare is a ‘right’

>A college education is a ‘right’

>My body, my self: it’s my right to kill my unborn child due to an ‘inconvenient’ pregnancy so I can benefit economically and not be called upon to sacrifice

>My ‘right’ to marry my same sex partner and redefine traditional marriage

>Me, me, me, me, me . . .


Arianna, leading the Obama charge, will have you believe it is their ‘right’ to rule this country because anyone who disagrees with them is the enemy of ” honesty, truth, facts, reality, and the public’s right to know.”  Is it not selfish to claim exclusive ‘right’ to truth and power, even infantile?


You will notice the Right acknowledges selfishness, as did the Founders, but encourages people to move beyond it in their politics, to focus on the greatest good for the greatest number, a focus which has always seen greater measures of success when we embrace democracy and economic freedom.


Historically, trending otherwise, toward government control, Leftist domination, and socialism, always translates into tyranny, always. 


Thus, Arianna and Friends trend tyrannical, unwittingly, waging war against our fundamental strengths: mutual respect, fairness, love of country, and a tradition of preferring patriotism to ideology. 


Fueled by an almost hysterical devotion to ideology bordering on psychosis, Arianna cannot even extend mercy to the deceased, slandering Tony Snow, by all accounts, one of the most decent, honest and respected figures ever to grace American public life. 


Misinformation accomplished Arianna.  Your blog is a bludgeon in the war you obviously relish, and profit from.



PS:  Karl and Bill are good guys too.  Contrary to Arianna, they proceed according to what they truly believe is best for the country. 






FYI— Surprise, surprise.


“The Huffington Post has raised a modest sum of close to $11 million in two rounds of funding. Backers include the venture-capital firms Softbank Ventures and Greycroft Partners, and co-founder Lerer. Small investments also came from his friend former AOL president Robert Pittman, and writer Nora Ephron, a friend of Huffington’s. As editor-in-chief, Huffington is paid a salary and also has a minority equity stake (she says she doesn’t know exactly how much she owns) in what increasingly appears to be a more mainstream business. In September, the Huffington Post hired Betsy Morgan, who was general manager of, to be its first full-time CEO. Willow Bay, the former TV anchor and producer, recently joined as editor-at-large.”


Chuck Norris Cleans Arianna’s Clock


7 Responses to Arianna Huffington: War Profiteer

  1. Allan Erickson says:

    Another one with an exclusive grip on reality, Mr. Blifil, the infallible, and consistently irrelevant.

  2. Allan Erickson says:

    I called Mr. Blifil infantile you dolt. You must be on drugs.

    From my point of view I’m taking on every one of you and beatin’ you hands down.

    None of you bring source material to the table. None of you apply an ounce of logic or rhetorical flourish. You only whine and complain and name call and squeal. I have a two-year-old who is better at it than you all. Little children can be forgiven tantrums. In so-called adults it’s just embarrassing.

    Face facts. Obama has tremendous problems, the most glaring, trust. His whole career is distinguished by a distinct lack of achievement, all documented. Throughout his developing years and political career he has collaborated with radicals, and they all hate America. He is a dyed-in-the-wool socialist, an Alinsky agitator and pro abortion double talker willing to take any position on any issue to get elected. He has you guys so hoodwinked you don’t know up from down. You are duped. From taking foreign money to ACORN and voter fraud, to the use of intimidation tactics to silence critics, it is clear Obama is the classic Chicago thug politician who smiles in your face, picks your pocket, then steals your freedom, all the while promising the moon, and delivering nothing. Only fools support such a man, and that is what you are, fools. There is no way he is going to “give” you healthcare. This government is broke and he knows it. All his promises are mist. They are floated out there to get your vote, and on Nov. 5th, you’ll be long forgotten. You honestly think he cares about you? Simpletons believe the snake oil salesman will heal them, they believe the Rainmaker will end the drought. Obama is the Pied Piper, just another promise-the-world politician exploiting your fear and alienation for his own glorification.

  3. Voter Fraud says:

    You’re so right about dingus libruls talking shit but walking with limp wrists. Here’s everything you need to know about “voter fraud”:

    Remember what Obama/Osama is intending to do here. Get his cronies at ACORN to fraudulently register people at non-existent addresses so that homeless people, working for soup and a sandwich can repeatedly walk around to multiple polling places claiming they are the people fraudulently registered. All they have to have done first is get counterfeit driver’s licenses that accord exactly with the fraudulent registration, which is easy. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can go into a Wal-Mart and get a passable driver’s license with the name “Mickey Mouse.” It might be a little difficult, if a person wants to vote 20 times or so to come up with 20 different fake driver’s licenses and utility bills to sign up at multiple polling places, but what else to “these people” have to do with their day. They aren’t “normal” working folks like “us.”

    I can’t believe what we’ve come to in eight years. When I cast both my votes for George Bush at least I knew that he would never smile in my face, pick my pocket, or steal my freedoms. When Bush smiles it’s honest, that’s why he’s so well regarded currently. And he hasn’t asked for extra tax money from me to fund far flung police actions overseas, or at least not hardly. And as for my freedoms, I’m not the one likely to be tasered, waterboarded, sent to Guantanamo without rights of habeas, or put on a no-fly list, so believe me, I sleep pretty good at night.

    It’s sad that in the end, Bush will simply have to declare martial law and tell Obama to suck it and wait his turn until the grown ups sort things out. Sure the haters on the left will say “coup d’etat” but that’s because they love the stink on the French more than they love lapel pins with the flag on ’em that’s for sure.

    You betcha.

  4. Allan Erickson says:

    Welcome Voter Fraud. (That doesn’t sound quite right does it?!) Your remarks reminded me of a proposal I have for all those “citizens” who hate America so much. Why not load them all up and send them to Cuba, and give them Gitmo. We’ll even supply free food and healthcare for two years so they can get your legs under them. Then, they can work with Castro and Hugo to build the socialist utopia together. And we can be left in peace to get back to work and preserve freedom for our kids and grand kids. If Cuba’s too hot, maybe Norway will take them?

  5. Jason says:

    Uh, if you didn’t notice, “Voter Fraud’s” entry is pure sarcasm. If you read the TPM article, you would have realized that.

    I originally stumbled on your site because I was looking into slander and libel issues regarding the campaign, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen it. You’re probably the type that doesn’t listen to other people; you just decide on a position and support it with any fact you can find. Which I suppose is fine for you, but as you can see from your site, no one is reading or commenting.

    Relax, take a deep breath. There’s no conspiracy. And I’m sure you’re ready to post a scathing comment in response to this, but really, no one is going to read it. I feel sorry for you.

  6. Allan Erickson says:


    As far as Voter Fraud was concerned I decided to side-step, not wanting to prejudge, or assume too much without more information. Thought I’d listen for more feedback. Actually, YOU came, read and commented, and for being in existence only 29 days, with 13,000 visits, I guess that’s pretty good, but I don’t have any blog stats to tell me how this stacks up comparatively. Also, about 400 comments, not including the ones I had to delete for serial profanity, threats of violence, libel, and so on. How about considering the following facts. Change your thinking at all? No conspiracy? (Only on the Right of course, right?)

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