Pletka buries Maher and Affleck

This was aired in October 2006.  


Danielle Pletka absolutely kicks butt debating both Maher and Affleck, and she is in fact so articulate, and so in command of the facts, even Dobbs hushes up most of the time. 


Very entertaining. 


Affleck is revealed a moron, saying Bush made N. Korea and Iran “more evil” by calling them evil.  He says anyone who points out that terrorists are terrorists encourages terrorism.  Derf wad.  Then, because Pletka presses a rational point, that we should take people seriously when they say they want to kill us, Affleck says she is encouraging terrorism.  Then, he says “we have to be smart about this.”  Ben, Ben—you are a dunderhead of the highest order.  


This woman slams both Maher and Affleck singlehandedly: the power of rational thought armed with factual material articulated aggressively!


More from Pletka:


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