Americans Are About to Make a Mistake 

By Antonio Sosa

And yet . . . there may be reason for optimism:


6 Responses to Americans Are About to Make a Mistake

  1. Bill Hemingway says:

    This is chilling! With the aid of a complicit media that makes the pre-WWII German propaganda machine look like amateurs, it is going to be hard to combat. Can we imagine just how daunting this would be without the internet? We the people would have virtually no voice…

  2. Voter Fraud says:

    YEAH! The race is tightening up. McCain has ‘im right where he wants ‘im!

    I agree with the commenter above on the Nazi propaganda machine behind Obama. Thank god we have the arbiters of fairness and gentlemanliness like Rush, Hannity, and O’Reilly on our side. And can you believe the dumb ass liberals trying to get away with saying Sarah Palin violated ethics law, just because some unanimous report says she “violated ethics law” or some such. I was very proud of her when she admitted to not having read the actual report. I wouldn’t give that trash the time of day, no matter how much it might impact my political future.

  3. Allan Erickson says:

    It’s true Bill. But that particular site on polling data is interesting. We may be in for a surprise election day. In any event, we survived Carter and Clinton, although we still suffer the effects of their negligence—radical Islam taking over Iran, the rise of Al Qaeda, a nuclearized N. Korea, financial instability. Obama will compound these problems, so it will fall on our sons and daughters, and their children, to straighten it out. Interesting how Obama tells that plumber yesterday he wants to “spread the wealth.” Problem is, like with Fannie Mae, wealth spread to the irresponsible is soon wasted, and never retrieved, unless it’s on the backs of hard working, responsible Americans.

  4. Natalia Gonzalez says:

    Dear voter fraud, your the dumb ass.

    Sarah Palin is an incredible women and “Americans Are About to Make a Mistake” is a wondeful article and there is no need for your sarcasm. You obviously don’t realize what trouble we will be in if Obama wins. If Obama wins this country will turn upside down and go to communism and then stupid people like yourself will probably regret the day you voted for Mccain. It’s obvious that Obama is a liar, he is involved with terrorists and people that are dictating countries as we speak. I haven’t been to Ecuador in a while, it’s been maybe 3 years, but there was little then you could tell that Ecuador wasn’t the wealthiest country. But now, that it’s under control of Correa I’m not sure I want to go back. I have relatives there and the older ones thought that Correa couldn’t do much harm and the young adult relatives I have said they would definetly vote for Correa. Now, the adults realize what’s happening and are desperately trying to find a way out like moving here. But now with Correa he doesnt even let them try to get a Visa out of the country because he is afraid they will stay out forever. These people such as Obama and Correa and anyone who wants Obama for president are crazy, and its obvious you are.

  5. Lewis says:

    Oh I see, now I’m censored from your site just like you were censored by Huffington. Nice hypocrisy. Don’t flame them anymore loser.

  6. Allan Erickson says:

    Last response to Lewis: You are no longer welcome here because you use foul language, you are abusive, and you spew hate. The fact you are also irrational, slanderous, illogical and uninformed doesn’t play into it. As far as Huffington is concerned, they simply censor those who disagree. Disagreement is fine here, but hate-filled vulgarity and verbal violence are unwelcome. Good bye.

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