Obama says fraud is a mere “distraction”

by Allan Erickson


It is amazing to hear some people say we should not take voter registration fraud seriously.

Barack Obama said this today.  So did ACORN spokesmen.   With a unified voice they assured us, not to worry, registration fraud does not translate into stuffing ballot boxes, i.e., actual subversion of elections.  Rampant law breaking registering voters during a presidential election is no big deal, they say.

Not to worry they say, the whole controversy surrounding ACORN workers registering people 72 times, all the investigations in 14 states where there are serious allegations of fraud, all this is the stuff of rightwing political maneuvering, mere “distractions,” according to the word of Sen. Obama.

What Sen. Obama and ACORN officials won’t say is fraud of any kind is illegal, it can very well lead to voter fraud resulting in the will of the people being ignored.

Democracy’s engine runs on free and valid elections, and the rule of law.

When people willingly break the law, damaging the greater good, they undercut the strength of democracy itself.   When that law breaking diminishes trust in free elections, our strength is further weakened.

Those who assure us ACORN is a “distraction,” hope to distract us from the larger issue, the social contract we engage as Americans.  We pledge allegiance to the republic.  Anyone who undermines the republic—whether by breaking laws or tampering with free elections—breaks their oath, breaks the social contract, and is therefore, in the minds of many, a traitor.

Therefore, do not listen to those who turn a blind eye to law breaking and then engage in blame transference hoping the masses will ignore the real culprits and hang the innocent.  Those who spin these webs embrace mob rule, all the while assuring us they are advancing the interests of democracy by registering voters.

Ancient wisdom reminds us: you will know them by their fruit.    Tax dollars consumed by ACORN to subvert the democratic process is the fruit of a worldview that rejects absolutes in favor of the whims of human wisdom, and those whims, historically, inevitably, lead to a loss of freedom, and ultimately, despotism.

Mere “distraction,” Sen. Obama?  No sir, a direct threat to all we hold dear.  One would think a man seeking the Presidency would understand these essential, fundamental, basic truths.

If you do not, it displays a woeful ignorance. 

If you do understand these serious dangers, but choose to disregard them for the sake of personal ambition, you are most certainly unfit for public office.

PS:  Have you noticed? Every time someone asks Sen. Obama about his days at Harvard, or Columbia, his collaborations with Ayers, Wright, Pfleger, Meeks, Al Mansour, Khalidi, Farrahkan, Annenberg Challenge, Woods Foundation, Public Allies, or Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, the $126,000, foreign money coming into his campaign, Hillary supporters charging him with fraud in the primaries, other accusations of thuggery and interference with free speech . . .when ever he is asked about these things, it’s always a “distraction” perpetrated by his political opponents.

Perhaps we’ve been distracted from the real issue too long.



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