Culture of Death vs. Culture of Life

Who do you trust with your children, your grandchildren, your nation?

Obama supporters: culture of abortion on demand, tax-payer funded, infanticide.

Madonna’s current concert features giant photos of Hitler and McCain. Madonna says she wants to kick Gov. Palin’s ass. Madonna: Obama supporter.

Bernhard is even more vile: Obama supporter— (video)
Bernhard: Obama supporter.

Bridget Bardot says Palin is “a disgrace to women.” Obama supporter.

Randi Rhodes said during the primary Hillary is a “f***ing whore.” She implies in the Herald Sun article (link below) Gov. Palin sleeps with teenage boys. “She’s friends with all the teenage boys. You have to say no when your kids say, ‘Can we sleep over at the Palins’?” Rabid Obama supporter.

Whoopi says Gov. Palin is “extremely dangerous.” (Yes, dangerous perhaps to Sen. Obama’s ambition.)

Lohan says Palin is a narrow-minded homophobe. Obama supporter.

Anderson is characteristically depraved, link below. Obama supporter. (Looking more like Bardot, daily.)

Michelle Obama’s husband has remained silent about his supporters’ vicious attacks on Palin. Real gentleman, real feminist.,21985,24472787-5000117,00.html (Violence against Palin.),22049,24333997-5006003,00.html (Pamela Anderson remarks.) (N.O.W. LA Prez endorses Palin, plus other relevant stories.)

SARAH PALIN IN HER OWN WORDS ON THE CULTURE OF LIFE. (audio interview with Laura Ingram)


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