Exodus Plan for America Haters

If McCain is elected, I’d like to suggest he consider the following proposal:  offer this exodus plan for all you Leftist socialist America haters—we will help you leave.   We will invade Cuba, remove Castro, install Obama, ship you all there for free, give you Gitmo, and subsidize you for two years.   After that, you are on your own.  In this way, you all can have your island paradise, and we can be left alone to rebuild our country, in peace, and freedom.  Any takers?

PS:  If Cuba isn’t enough you can always solicit the help of Hugo Chavez, maybe even form one country from two and have a real field day!

PPS:  Residual benefit of this plan—we could solve the illegal immigration problem too and send all of those folks with you.  You will need good workers!

PPPS:  I’m told there’s plenty of oil in Cuba too!  And just think of the wind power potential with all those hurricanes!


3 Responses to Exodus Plan for America Haters

  1. Zachary says:

    Oh, I thought perhaps we could all just move to Alaska and hang out with Todd Palin’s crowd of seccessionists. You dolt. Don’t you get it? America is about togetherness, overcoming, innovation, revolution, the melting pot, acceptance, freedom, opportunity and generosity. Are your rose colored glasses actually thick enough to think these characteristics are present in the backwards fear induced seething mongrol nonsense we have seen at these rallies?

    I think when the Dems are finally able to wrest the high office from you criminal supported fear mongering scaredy-cat red-necks, we will help you all leave, and hell, maybe Alaska is the perfect place for the unforgiving, as Palin’s Pentecostal Church has a plan to help receive all of yu idiots that flee in the face of a self-caused day of reckoning. Why don’t you actually look at the facts instead ballyhooing around with a bunch of ignorant, misinformed and scared parishioners.

  2. Allan Erickson says:

    Nice rant. Professional raver?

  3. Comin’ up on a year Zach. Like what you see?

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