Fem HRC Dem: Obama a fraud, a liar

“I will not vote for a Democratic candidate I feel is unfit to lead, just to protect Roe V. Wade.”


“My party’s candidate pays the women in his office 77 cents on the dollar compared to men. My party’s vice-presidential candidate only pays women 73 cents on the dollar. Neither my party nor its candidate has demonstrated in this election that they hold women in high esteem.”


Truth, Justice and the American Way




My name is Lynette Long. I am a feminist, a mother, a Democrat and an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter and I am voting for John McCain and Sarah Palin on November 4.


Here is the speech I will deliver in several places in New Mexico this weekend.


[Excerpts: Full speech here—http://forum.americandaughter.org/?p=18]


I want to start by talking for a minute about the Democratic Primary.


 . . . voter fraud intentionally perpetrated by the Obama campaign and voter intimidation by Obama supporters. I could talk for hours about the caucuses, but let it suffice to say, the end result is that the nomination was stolen from Senator Clinton.


After the last Democratic Primary was over and it was clear Senator Clinton was not going to get the Democratic nomination, myself, and a small group of Clinton supporters met with Senator McCain. I personally explained to Senator McCain that women comprise well over half of the population, yet you will not see a single picture of a woman on paper currency. Women are underrepresented in every branch of government and there has never been a female president or vice president. I personally asked Senator McCain to choose a woman for the Vice Presidential slot and to increase the number of women in the cabinet and on the Supreme Court. Senator McCain listened respectfully to my request. Little did I know then that he heard me and the millions of women of this country who have gone unrepresented in the Executive branch of government for far too long.


When I made similar requests of the Obama campaign, I was laughed at by the canvassers outside my home, told there weren’t enough qualified women by a member of his Finance Committee, and asked by a member of a policy committee why I was making such a stupid request.


But by choosing Governor Palin as his running mate, Senator McCain acknowledged that men can fully never know what it is like to be a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister – things Governor Palin knows all too well. Senator McCain chose the second only bi-gender ticket in American history reinforcing his image as a maverick. Choosing a Vice-President, was the first significant decision Senator McCain and Senator Obama had to make.


Senator Obama talks about change but picked a running mate who is part of the Washington establishment. Senator McCain’s choice speaks for itself.


Obama is a brand just like any other brand. Obama the Brand has a logo, a tag line, t-shirts, and a song. But Obama the man is not the same as Obama the Brand. If elected Obama the man will make the decisions, not Obama the Brand.


I have given my loyalty to the Democratic Party for decades but I will not give my support now that Obama the man is the nominee.


My party, which is comprised primarily of women, has not put a woman on a presidential ticket for 24 years. My party was disrespectful to all women when they refused to nominate my candidate, Hillary Clinton, for president or vice president, even though she received more votes than any other Democratic or Republican candidate in history.


My party stood silently by as Hillary Clinton was eviscerated by the sexist attacks of the mainstream media. My party’s candidate was mute when Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Father Pfleger openly mocked Senator Clinton from the pulpit of Trinity United Church of Christ. My party’s candidate was silent when the rapper Ludacris released a new song calling Hillary a bitch.


My party’s candidate chose Larry Summers, the former President of Harvard, who said women can’t do science and math. My party’s candidate pays the women in his office 77 cents on the dollar compared to men. My party’s vice-presidential candidate only pays women 73 cents on the dollar. Neither my party nor its candidate has demonstrated in this election that they hold women in high esteem.


How can having a country composed of 52% women with only 16% representation be fair? How can it accurately represent the will of the people?


Sarah Palin is good for women.


She has kept the debate about women in government and feminism alive. She is helping us define a new brand of feminism which includes both Republican and Democratic Women. I happened to be on an Alaskan Cruise when Governor Palin was nominated for Vice-President. When we docked in Ketchikan my Blackberry was buzzing away with emails shouting, “It’s a girl.” I thought, “Who is a girl?” As soon as I stepped on-shore, I found out Sarah Palin was the VP pick. I can testify here today, that every person that I met in Alaska loved her. Alaskans are proud of their Governor. And they should be.


I heard many people say they don’t think Sarah Palin is ready to be one heartbeat away from the presidency since Alaska has only 750,000 people. Let’s get this straight. Sarah Palin is one of only fifty governors in the entire country. If Alaska was a country, it would be the twentieth largest country in the world. The unique topography, economy, population, and climate of Alaska, all make Alaska a challenging state to govern. Home of the Alaska pipeline, Alaska hosts the majority of our oil resources and some of the largest fiscal projects in the country. Alaska, home to Mount McKinley, which towers over 20,000 feet, is home to indigenous peoples and remote towns that are not on the electrical grid. Alaska is the only state in the Arctic climate zone and is directly impacted by global warming. It is home to diverse wildlife and consequently wildlife management issues. Alaska shares a border with Canada and ten miles across the Bearing Strait is Russia. I don’t want to hear Sarah Palin is only governor of Alaska. There is nothing only about Alaska.


I do not agree with Senator McCain and Governor Palin on all the issues, but I don’t agree with any candidate on all the issues. I am emphatically pro-choice, yet it’s a choice I hope most women don’t have to make. Being pro-choice doesn’t mean I am pro-abortion. I would not want to trade places with any woman trying to decide whether or not to terminate a pregnancy. It is not a choice to be made lightly. But even though I will defend a woman’s right to choose, I will not surrender by vote to the Democratic Party out of fear of losing that choice.


I will not vote for a Democratic candidate I feel is unfit to lead, just to protect Roe V. Wade.


The Democratic Party has blackmailed and bludgeoned women with Roe v. Wade for decades. Women’s votes cannot belong to a single party, because if they do we are hostage to that party.


I cannot vote based on POLITICAL PROMISES and POLITICAL PANDERING. But I can vote based on PRICIPLES and PATRIOTISM.


In Senator McCain and Governor Palin, I find two people with personal integrity and a love of their county — individuals who not only talk the talk but walk the walk.


Make no mistake about it, we are in a war.


I am talking about a war on our own soil, a fight for our way of life.


This war pits socialism against capitalism.


This is a war between Barack Obama and John McCain.


Are you willing to fight for economic freedom or do you want to live in a socialist country?


Will you vote for John McCain and encourage everyone you know to do the same? Our country needs you. John McCain and Sarah Palin need you.


Join me on Election Day and save our country.


Dr. Lynette Long is a licensed psychologist practicing in Bethesda, Maryland. She is the author of twenty books and dozens of articles for both popular and professional journals. Dr. Long has appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs and was the host of her own radio show, One-on-One with Dr. Lynette Long. Dr. Long has served on the faculties of Loyola College in Maryland, The American University and the University of Maryland, Overseas Division.


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77 Responses to Fem HRC Dem: Obama a fraud, a liar

  1. Jayson says:

    So sad.

    You fell into McCain’s game as he planned.
    “What he picked a woman? I better vote for that ticket!” . Just go ahead and ignore Palin’s a true radical with ties to the Alaskan Independence Party. Ignore that Palin would legislate private morality at any cost, including removing books from schools and libraries.
    You have a right to vote for whoever you want in this election as an American and I have the right to tell you that you are simply informed and just plain wrong.

    No dems are not better than republicans, but Obama ticket is _DEFINITELY_ better than McCain.

  2. Jayson says:

    Sorry any party who says “Pro-America” is not patriotic. The most patriotic thing we can do is protect criticism of our country. We are given critical thinking brains to “improve”. McCain and Palin tell me I’m a terrorist because I think America has been wrong for many years, especially in foreign policy. So you vote for these traitors. The ideals of McCain go against Jefferson, against Adams, against B. Franklin.

    And as a feminist… You don’t think McCain’s campaign treatment of Palin isn’t sexist? Man, this race is scary when the publican can be so easily tricked.

  3. Allan Erickson says:


    That AIP thing is bunk. Look into it. She signed legislation as governor including gay partners in state employee benefits. Please. No books were ever censored. You are falling for the media-generated propaganda spewed on behalf of Obama. I’m afraid you are the one falling for the game.

  4. Allan Erickson says:

    You deny Jeremiah Wright is anti-American? You deny Bill Ayers is anti-American? Criticism is one thing. Outright sedition is quite another. When Palin says Pro-America she is only encouraging Americans of good will to support our country, and contrasting that enthusiasm for our country with the likes of Wright/Ayers/Obama and company. Traitors? You mean people like Murtha and Pelosi and Reid and Durban and Kennedy and Kerry and Dodd and Biden and Obama? People who give aid and comfort to our enemies in time of war, while demoralizing our people and our troops at the same time, calling for retreat and defeat, like those kinds of traitors?

  5. Mike says:

    All I can say is Uncle Joe McCarthy. Facisism ring a bell, total dedication to the State.

    The fact is that Obama is more presidential, period. John McCain reminds me of Kruschev pounding his fists at the UN. If anyone is radical it is John McCain, he changes his viewpoint whenever he feels it is necessary to look like a ‘maverick.’ I would ask, can anyone tell me what John McCain stands for? Other than the propaganda of pro-american and pro-country. Give me a specific issue, Obama has had the exact same position on the major issues for the entire cycle. McCain changes his policy and views daily to try to save a failing camp. Example: now we are gonna have a flat tax, when did this come about? Most leaders make a stand and support their decisions; even President Bush has done a good job standing up for what he believs in, you might not like his positions but at least he has convictions. McCain changes with the wind on a daily basis, can he really lead with a different policy agenda day after day?

    I do not feel that Obama is perfect and he should come out and admit his failings in connection to Ayers/Wright, but we all have friends that make poor decisions to call he un-american is crazy. I was going to vote for John McCain, then he chose Palin and made a series of un-presidential decisions in the past three weeks.

    Be honest, it is not Obama who we cannot trust, it is John McCain.

  6. Charlene Day says:

    Check out this video of Evan Sayet. Modern Liberalism. As a former liberal my thinking cleared up the day some of my friends said 911 was our own fault. That those who perpetrated this horrendous act had their justifiable reasons. Check around. How many of your friends that said that are now Barrack Hussein Obama “followers”. They are looking for Utopia in all the wrong places. Al they have to give up is rational thought, reason, the facts, evidence, decency and integrity


  7. Allan Erickson says:


    I think Charlene Day just owned you.

    God bless.


  8. gina smith says:

    You are not a femnist. Get over that Hilary wasn’t picked. I csn’t believe that an”intelligent women would support Sarah Palin.So obviously you are not. If you did your homework you would know that no fraudulent vote has ever been cast by an Acorn registrar. What worries me if the lawsuits that the republicans have filed all over the United States to purge voter rolls. What worries me are the “Robocalls” that are being made across our fine land they are filled with lies and hate. What worries me is when the RNC in California send out mailings that have a dollar bill with Obama’s face on the front with the words “Food Stamps” and pictures of watermelons, ribs, Kool ade and fried chicken on them. These are the people you want to vote for?? Racist liars?? You should be ashamed of yourself. People like you make me want to work even harder thtn I already do as a volunteer for Barack Obama. I will call people, i will talk to people, i will get out an canvass just to prevent people like you from winning.

  9. serita says:

    You’re a feminist, but you’re voting for a ticket that will ultimately take away the rights of women? That’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one. You PUMA’s need to pray to God to heal your hardened hearts. How can you expect God to forgive you for all the wrong you’ve ever done, when you harbor so much hate and unforgiveness towards a man just because he beat your opponent!! People throughout the world have been wronged to a much greater extent than you have- think about the Holocaust, Slavery, etc… but you’re willing to sell your soul to the devil just to prove a point? Seriously, think about all the young girls in your life and how your decision will impact them. These people want to reverse Roe versus Wade. They also feel that women don’t deserve equal pay. You can put lipstick on an elephant, but guess what? She’s still an elephant. Hillary Clinton is my hero- and it disturbs me that people such as yourself would even compare Palin to her.

  10. Allan Erickson says:

    Roe v. Wade was the height of judicial activism, contrary to democracy, legalized killing, unconstitutional. But ignore all that. All McCain/Palin want to do is allow states to decide. But the Left never wants to let democracy work. The Left insists on imposing its “morality.” God forgive you for supporting the murder of the unborn. They have rights.

  11. Allan Erickson says:

    Obama is a law breaker. He beat Hillary by breaking the law. That doesn’t matter to you? What are people using for brains these days? You have no idea what freedom is, or what it requires. Any affection for the rule of law, at all?

  12. serita says:

    Obama a law breaker? This, coming from a supporter of a party who has STOLEN the past two presidential elections- How laughable!! Do you want to know what matters to me? What matters to me is that I decide what happens to my body, not the government. If I decide to abort a baby, then guess what? I become accountable- but that’s between me and God. I am increasingly baffled by the rationale of a political party that boasts being both anti-abortion and pro-war. You want to impose the right to life on one hand, but take innocent lives on the other. You want to talk about blood on your hands? How many innocent lives have been lost in the Iraq war? Children die over there daily, but you all don’t seem too worried about those innocent souls- why? Brains, I have plenty, patience for ignorance, I’m lacking. You may want to take a real good look at yourself before suggesting that I ask God for forgiveness.

  13. serita says:

    Matthew 7:3 “Why do you see the speck in your brother’s eye but fail to notice the beam in your own eye?”

  14. Jim68 says:

    Serita, what Jesus do you believe in? To support a candidate on the sole basis of abortion is a mortal sin. Of course, that’s my Catholic faith, the faith Christ commands and the Church he established. It has always been and, for 2000 years we’ve lived within the Body of Christ, the Word of God made flesh. The earth and everything in it can pass away but not His Word. So please, do not use it in vain.
    Also be careful when quoting Sacred Scriptures. Satan knows and quotes them well. His favorite verses, to be taken out of context, “judge not lest ye be judged” and “let he among you without sin cast the first stone” but he wants us to ignore the full Word, especially “judge not by appearances, but with just justice” and “test all spirits” or “because you are luke warm I will vomit you from my mouth”. Part of Satan’s plan is this modern moral relativism where there is no right or wrong… where everyone’s “free” to do their own thing…whatever makes you feel good. There is no freedom outside of the law and sin is not just a transgression of law but, even more so, a betrayal of God’s Love. If you read and live the Holy Word you will know this is. There is TRUTH. The only objective TRUTH in our observed universe is Christ Jesus crucified, resurrected, seated at the right hand of the Father, and coming again to judge the living and the dead.
    As for the legality of abortion, it’s never been legal. For something to be legal there has to be a law created for it. What Roe did was decriminalize abortion since courts cannot make law. McCain is right in that it should be overturned because it is unconstitutional for the courts to legislate from the bench. The main office of the judiciary branch is for the purpose of guaranteeing that all laws passed remain within constitutional constraints. So if Roe were overturned, though I doubt it will be, the issue of abortion would be out of presidential politics for good because the states would decide and I guarantee, given the sad state of morals in the modern world, that abortion would be made legal everywhere. I shall keep praying that this nation will experience conversion, love God and end this horror of abortion. It was indeed horror to the first Christians coming into Rome to see aborted babies and young infants left to die in the street. The Christians did the Christian thing; save all that they could. And, Serita, I shall pray for you.
    Yours in Christ,

  15. Allan Erickson says:


    Astounding how you fling together incompatible issues and ingredients, thus concocting a bitter stew.

    There is no evidence Republicans stole the elections in 2000, 2004, only speculation, inference and conspiracy theorists. Didn’t Gore sue in 2000 and wasn’t the matter sent to the Supreme Court? Are you saying the Supreme Court was in GWB’s pocket? Absurd. Voting machine tampering in Ohio in 2004? Please.

    The reason abortion is an issue is because it is a human rights issue, because it matters to us as civilized people, and because our entire free society is based on the idea that God endows rights, even to the yet-born, and this is what protects us from the excesses of government. And yes, there is also the moral issue for people of faith, but you notice, most people of faith, while finding abortion abhorent, still express willingness to make room for those who dissent, thus demonstrating true tolerance, calling for states’ rights, and the will of the local community’s sense of morality to prevail. On the other hand we have the entirely intolerant Left insisting that Roe v. Wade be codified nationally, thus forcing all of us to subscribe to that which our conscience cannot endorse.

    Who then is the tyrant?

    As to war, and the death penalty, any student of either theology or law understands these are entirely separate matters: that on the one hand protecting innocent life and supporting just war theory are not incompatible; and further, that supporting capital punishment under strict rules of jurisprudence certainly does not contradict a fervent desire to protect the rights of the unborn to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    Finally, should you seek perfection in this fallen world and insist on absolute justice in the face of human wickedness, you will be forever disappointed and angry, and speaking of anger, why do you not focus any of your ire on the terrorists who are in the main responsible for the taking of innocent life, not only in Iraq, but around the world for these past 40 years?

  16. serita says:

    I support Barack Obama for many reasons. However, if you feel that my support for him goes against Christian morals, then the same moral assessment applies to you as well. If you’re pro-life, then be pro-life. The unborn child in America’s life has the same value as the dead Iraqi’s child had- before their house was bombed in a senseless war supported by who? That’s right!
    The guy you’re supporting. So, I guess you can twist the bible to support your twisted views- but it won’t work on me. In your post you said “Also be careful when quoting Sacred Scriptures. Satan knows and quotes them well. ” I assume you’re right, as you went on to quote several scriptures quite well. I have a major problem with you assuming that you somehow are more of a christian than I-just because you go around throwing your bible at people you perceive to be as sinners. I study the bible and know it well, and there is one thing I’m certain of- Jesus Loved!!! He loved everyone!! He embraced the sinners instead of isolating them or making them feel unworthy of HIS kingdom. So, for you to THINK that just by stating that you’re a member of the Catholic Church qualifies you as a biblical scholar or an automatic Christian- you’re wrong. I’ve met many so called “Christians”, but who are you really? Do you follow Christ’s example in your daily life? Before throwing the bible at others, do you live in the WORD or are you just able to quote scriptures (quite eloquently I might add)? Do you sin, Jim? Have you told a little white lie today? Cheated on your wife, ever? Oh, how about a nice little pleasuring thought about someone other than your wife? The internet is filled with porn- ever take a sneak peak? Do you hate anyone? Need I go on? Work on yourself first, friend. I’m so glad that I read the bible and I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ because the world is full of fools like you who spend most of their time focusing on the sins of the others in order to compensate for their own sin-filled lives. One final word, as you stated “Jesus will come down to judge”, so let’s leave that job up to him- He knows what he’s doing.

  17. serita says:

    In my life I have realized that there is no such thing as “absolute justice in the face of human wickedness.” I do not purport to have a solution to this damaged world we live in. Where my issue lies is with the hypocricy of our nation. I admittedly have issues with abortion and war. I am not a fan of either. What bothers me is that an adulterous presidential candidate wants to tell others that they’re sinning. I also feel that if Roe v- Wade were reversed, illegal abortions would surface, endangering the lives of many. I would never condone the terrorist acts of 9/11- and trust me, that one act alone has had a profound effect on my life. However, I asked God to heal this country and to give me the strength to forgive the terrorists, and I have. Why? Because sometimes I sin and I would like for God to forgive me. Who are we fighting in Iraq, Allan? When we get Bin Laden , will it bring back the thousands that perished on that tragic day? Many lives are lost daily as a result of this senseless war for oil. In the bible, did Jesus state that people who killed innocent people in wars were not really killers? We live in a country filled with greed- where our citizens worship the dollar more than they do God. There are a lot of moral issues on the table. While I may mess up at times, I’m thankful that Jesus Christ died for me. We are all sinners, I guess some people just don’t realize it.

  18. pumped4Obama says:

    Lynette, go right ahead and vote for JSM/SHP – your intelligence must have left you when Hillary ran. She lost – fair and square. I’m a woman, and I don’t want you speaking for me. When women run and win fair and square, fine. But voting for women for the sake of being a woman is wrong and downright sexist.

    As a woman, I wouldn’t want a job for which I’m unqualified, as with Palin. Repugs should be ashamed of the McCain/Palin ticket. What a joke.

  19. Jim68 says:

    Serita, my apologies to you. What I typed was more of a response to so many things I’ve read lately, mainly by people of my faith, and also, I was hoping it might give people some things to think about…also it was an explanation of where I’m coming from, that’s all. I can no more condemn you than save myself because there is only one with that power who is Christ. Indeed, I am a wretch and a sinner, in what I have done and what I have failed to do. I ask for your prayers also as I work out my salvation in fear and trembling. For what it’s worth, my personal view, and the Church position also, was that this is an unjust war. That being said, I believe they need to do the best possible to leave Iraq better off and, hopefully, leave them in peace. And that our troops come home soon. Another thing, you are correct that we must all examine our conscience and repent to be reconciled to God, to seek His forgiveness. Jesus will give you the strength you spoke of, to forgive the terrorists, and I hope you are freed. I hope you forgive me, as well.
    Yours in Christ,

  20. Allan Erickson says:

    How is it one can forgive terrorists but hold McCain to account for adultery, knowing his Lord has forgiven him? Innocent life, tragically, is taken in all wars. I doubt our leaders went to war capriciously. I know my son thought very seriously before joining the Marines. His blood hit the ground in Iraq. Thankfully, he came home in one piece. Many of his friends did not. They all felt they were fighting for our country, fighting to stop the spread of terrorism, and fighting to help the Iraqis have a shot at freedom. I grow weary of the ‘war for oil’ drone. It is so simplistic, and so unworthy of our brave men and women who volunteer to serve. Why does any man or woman risk life to fight in a war, the worst experience any human being can suffer? Do you think people relish the loss of civilian life? I can tell you they worked overtime, and many sacrificed all, to protect civilians. The fact most deaths in Iraq and elsewhere are the work of terrorists, not our boys, indicates to me the unrepentant terrorists are the ones we should hold responsible, and since they’ve not changed their ways nor sought forgiveness, I don’t see why forgiveness should be extended. Jesus sent his disciples out advising they carry swords. Why? For protection. Self-defense is altogether legitimate for the Christian. Radical Islam teaches hate and murder. Yet, we wring our hands at home and fall on our swords in the face of such a cruel enemy rather than place the blame where it squarely belongs. Seems insane to me.

  21. Allan Erickson says:


    You join a long line of leftists who simply make false accusations delivered in a hateful tone to the benefit of no one. Why is it the Left is almost without fail incapable of reasoned debate devoid of the vitriol? You did not address on point the Doctor made in her speech, not ONE. All you did was rant. Not persuasive. Not useful. Another mudslinging exercise attacking the opposition simply for having a divergent point of view. And you are the so-called champions of diversity.

  22. serita says:

    Thank you for your response. It shows me that you really are who say you are. i already forgave you, please do the same for me. This election has passionate people on both sides fighting for what they believe in. There’s nothing wrong with that. We must, however, find a way to do it respectfully- once again, I thank you for you humbleness. Your last post speaks volumes about your character.
    Allan, I am not here to disrespect your blog. I suppose my frustration originates with Dr. Long who decided to drastically change her views on the sole basis of her candidate not winning the primary election. As a man who is obviously quite passionate about his party and it’s beliefs, why would you support such an action? This woman purely does not embrace your platform and is engaging in a party switching temper-tantrum. Her passion does not come from a selfless place, but is perceived as pure hatred towards a man whose done no wrong. This type of passion, in my opinion, is no good, and attracts the wrong type of passion- it does not serve your party well. The hate-mongerers in your party have taken this election to a different level, and I am now witnessing things I’d only read about in my history books. It’s okay to disagree with Obama’s political viewpoints but the vitriolic, mostly untrue attacks on this man’s character are uncalled for. There are people on your side who are igniting fires and feeding into the ignorant ideologies and fears of racists. Comparing an African American man to a terrorist during these sensitive times post 911 is both unfair and unjust. Your leader, Ms. Palin is doing just that, Allan. She may as well just put a gun in someone’s hand and tell them to shoot. I know racism exists, but her assaults are adding fuel to the fire. Many argue that her attacks are purely political and fair. I disagree, knowing that aligning a darker skinned man with Bin Laden, evokes a a distinctly different emotional response than aligning a white man with a lobbying group or federal embezzler. I am quite critical of Palin and her motives, but I’ll reserve that for a later post. My accusations towards McCain were mostly rhetorical, and I honestly think he’s a formidable man. I was not judging him, and have no reason to forgive him, as he’s never wronged me. It’s the hypocricy that bothers me, but since that’s an issue we won’t agree upon, I graciously digress. I must state, however, that since Mr. McCain and his family were such victims of Karl Rove’s smear tactics in 2000, you’d think he would have run a more honorable campaign. Just my opinion.
    Your son is a hero, as are all the other soldiers who have sacrificed for the well-being of this country. However, I still hold firmly to the belief that this war has been both futile and irresponsible. Are the soldiers at fault? No, because most of them were misled, as have the general public. The war for oil argument is a reality, and has been confirmed. I am happy that your son made it home alive and well. But how about his friends, the other soldiers who didn’t make it? How about those who were killed by friendly gunfire in a war many of them were ill-prepared to fight? You have your son, while many parents have had to bury their children because they enlisted to protect this country in a war driven by greed. We are not fighting terrorists, Allan. Your son unknowingly volunteered his life to provide for the special interests of our current president and his associates. I applaud our soldiers, but it’s time for them to come home. Many lives have been lost in this senseless war, and the only reason we remain is because of our pride.
    I agree, self defense is legitimate. So, who are we defending ourselves against in Iraq? We initiated the war over there. We blindly waged war against the wrong country. Yes, Jesus did tell his disciples to carry their swords, but he never told them to initiate the fight.

  23. Allan Erickson says:

    Ii think our interaction shows if people do the hard work of expressing themselves honestly and with courtesy, we eventually find we agree more than disagree. It’s nice to discover isn’t it?! Thanks for your kind words about my son and his comrades.

    I thoroughly disagree with you however that our boys fought to line the pockets of the friends of GWB. We are fighting terrorists. Ask the very non-partisan and best informed man on the planet, General Petraeus.

    As far as Dr. Long is concerned I respect her because she has the courage to come out telling the truth about Sen. Obama’s character. His tactics are blatantly unethical, even illegal, and differentiated from mere tough words on the campaign trail.

    How do you decry tough words and rancorous debate but give Obama a pass for law breaking?

    The issue is his character. (Of course I thoroughly disagree with his world view and his policies and disagree on practically every issue position.) Yet, the issue remains his character, his lack of experience and qualifications, and his associations and collaborations. The line from his mother, a radical socialist, to Davis (an America hater) in high school, through Al Monsour (another America hater, and a Jew hater as well) in college and law school, to Ayers, Alinsky associates, Jeremiah Wright, Rashid Khalidi, ACORN, Public Allies, Pfleger, Meeks, Percy Sutton, Soros and many others—-all America haters, all socialist in orientation—-this line demonstrates he is not the centrist he claims to be.

    Why are you not concerned about a man who misrepresents himself, constantly changing positions, punctuated by past associations in the main with people who hate our country? How can anyone support such a man?

    Please consider this presentation:

  24. Allan Erickson says:

    This one too!

  25. aj says:

    I am a White, Elderly Female and an Ardent and Loyal HRC supporter as well, But I am Not going to “cut off my nose to spite my face” by voting for Candidates who do Not have the country’s Best interest at heart For All.

    I support Democracy First and “that one” represents the Greatest opportunity to restore it.!

  26. Allan Erickson says:

    God bless you aj. While I think you are seriously misguided in this candidate selection I appreciate you voicing your opinion here. Onward! PS: Please read most recent post concerning BHO’s thug tactics and tell me how that squares with his supposed love of democracy and free speech.

  27. serita says:

    I will address your questions regarding my support for Mr. Obama. Yes, Obama has made friends with some radical figures. He’s also made friendships with non-radical figures. What does that say about him? It says that he’s a man with an open mind who does not dismiss people just because of their beliefs and pasts. Instead of my assuming that these people had a negative influence on him, couldn’t the results be reversed? I imagine Obama having a positive effect on those around him. Some of my greatest friendships are with people who do not share the same ideologies as I. These people challenge me, and our interactions are always thought-provoking and enlightening. How boring life would be if we were only surrounded by like-minded people. I am friends with muslims- but I’ll never be one. I think I have a few atheist friends-God knows, I’ll never be one of them. The people I surround myself with do not define me.
    The same argument can be made for Ms. Palin and her character. There’s a video floating around Youtube with the former vice president of AIP bragging about her membership in the organization. With McCain’s health a viable concern, I am very concerned with having her next in line. What people fail to realize is the major goal of the AIP is to infiltrate major parties to push the platform of the AIP. A person can be a member of both AIP and Republican parties. Similarly, a person can claim membership to both the KKK and the Republican Party. I have proof that this woman is largely influenced by the AIP, and I truly believe that her loyalties lie in the AIP and not the rest of America. If you’ve noticed-in her few public appearances, she always speaks of Alaska and ways to improve their economy. Her focus is on Alaska, drilling in Alaska and such. I just wish others would see through this woman. She calls Obama out on the very things she’s guilty of, and in most cases, her affiliations are more damaging. The AIP is a radical party whose founder damned the United States of America. Her husband was also a verifiable member of the party. Aren’t you republicans concerned with this? The good old boy network has been hijacked!!! She also violated ethics laws with her abuse of power- and please don’t defend her. The law is the law, and she broke it. You talk about a pass? The lady lied with a straight face when saying that she was glad she was to be found innocent!!! How can you tolerate such a blatant dismissal of the law? There are arguments claiming that she’s more experienced than Obama. Let’s be honest- is this a woman we want leading our country? She’s clueless about the states. She only knows Alaska. Her interviews with Couric, and the racist undertones of her stump speeches frighten me. This is just too close for comfort.
    McCain also has character issues, though not as troublesome. He cheated on his devoted, crippled wife and left her for young, wealthy Cindy Hensley. His bad temper is also an issue, as many people within your own party have voiced concerns about him being so close to the red button. It’s been rumored that his POW experience turned him into a deeply psychotic man. The Keating 5 connection is also questionable, but hey, we all make mistakes, right?
    I’ve stated all of this to prove a point. Does Obama have some crazy people in his life? Yes. Do the people in your life have an influence on your beliefs? Only if you let them. Obama is a smart man who seems to enjoy intellectually challenging situations. He probably had some great debates with these people. Jeremiah Wright? The man served in the war. He’s probably a little messed up in the head, but his intentions seem harmless. My parents own a veterans home and man do they have some mental baggage. Obama claims he wasn’t there when statements in question were made. I believe him.
    Checkmate. I guess they all have character issues.

  28. serita says:

    Links to verify my assertions about Sarah Palin:


  29. Lee says:

    “If Alaska was a country, it would be the twentieth largest country in the world. ”

    Thanks for the laugh. You aren’t a democrat or a feminist. This sentence right here is exactly the spin that republicans use and, maam, you are a true republican. Population, not land area, is a better measurement. By population she would be leading the 159th largest country in the world, sandwiched in between juggernauts Bahrain and Guyana.

  30. serita says:

    Oh, and as far as Obama’s unethical, illegal tactics- sounds more like Palin to me. The difference between the two is she was actually found guilty. Dr. Long is a bitter woman who receives no respect from me. The very things she accuses Obama of is occuring in both parties. It alarms me when people like her are able to suspend their beliefs so easily.

  31. Allan Erickson says:

    Seems to me you are suspending your devotion to ethics to give BHO a pass.

  32. serita says:

    Seriously Allan,
    This is politics we’re talking. I never claimed to hold my candidate to the highest ethical standards. My issue lies with people accusing him of acts that both parties are guilty of. Obama is not my messiah, and he is not perfect. But don’t criticize him for something that your own candidates are guilty of doing. We should be honest and fair in our assessments of all candidates, while still remaining loyal to our parties.

  33. Allan Erickson says:


    For you to rely on CNN and Salon is comparable to believing the propaganda coming out of NBC and the NY Times. They think, like you apparently, assassination journalism is credible. I think it’s criminal. AIP is a red herring. There is no moral equivalence to the thin connection to that outfit, which is not a hate America group, compared to the deep and long and collaborative associations BHO has had with real hate America groups, people and organizations devoted to the destruction of captialism and traditional Americanism. It is an illogical stretch to tar and feather the Palin’s with AIP in the attempt to give BHO a pass for his associations to terrorists. $33,000 from Hamas? Endorsements from Ahmadinejad and Chavez and Castro and Hezbollah? Please. Jeremiah harmless. Listen to BHO’s close friend Al Mansour encourage people to murder Jews and Christians. This is the man who raised money for Obama to go to Harvard. This is the man who has raised support from terrorists to get BHO positioned for this run to the White House. This is the soul of the Obama movement, and you endorse this and try to compare it to Palin? Absurd!


  34. motorfingaz says:

    You right wing freaks are a THREAT to American truth and justice.

    Defeat the right wing in America and move the nation forward to a new age of “enlightenment”.

  35. Allan Erickson says:

    This is not a rightwinger motorfingaz, it’s a Hillary Democrat Feminist! Read, think, consider, decide. Use your head instead of operating on sheer emotion!

    As far as conservatives are concerned, yes, we are such a threat, with our promotion of freedom and prosperity and national security, we are the bad guys.

    If you can watch these videos and read this documentation and still support BHO, then you are either a slave to ideology, or incapable of rational analysis.


  36. serita says:

    You probably find FoxNews a more reputable source, which is biased assassination journalism at it’s best. The AIP is an anti-American group. The founder, Vogler has been quoted as stating “I’m an Alaskan, not an American. I’ve got no use for America or her damned institutions.”
    During the 1970s, Vogler founded Alaskans for Independence to actively pursue secession for Alaska from the United States. “The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government.” He said “And I won’t be buried under their damn flag. I’ll be buried in Dawson. And when Alaska is an independent nation they can bring my bones home.”
    If this ain’t anti-American, I don’t know what is. But wait, there’s more:
    The Alaska Independent Party had ties to Iran, and actively worked with Iran to embarrass the United States at the United Nations:
    [AIP’s founder Joe] Vogler’s greatest moment of glory was to be his 1993 appearance before the United Nations to denounce United States “tyranny” before the entire world and to demand Alaska’s freedom. The Alaska secessionist had persuaded the government of Iran to sponsor his anti-American harangue.
    That’s right … Iran. The Islamic dictatorship. The taker of American hostages. The rogue nation that McCain and Palin have excoriated Obama for suggesting we diplomatically engage. That Iran.
    Well, come to find out Ms. Palin, isn’t that pro-American after all. She has also been pallin around with terrorists. This is no thinly veiled operation, but is purely a radical extremist group who wants to see Alaska separated from the United States. This woman is a fraud. Obama’s affiliation with Ayers pales in comparison. Allan, since when are facts confused with assassination journalism? Oh, I know. When Palin or McCain are the subjects.

  37. brentdelia says:

    If it wasn’t for activist judges “Negores” would still be 3/5 a white person. If it wasn’t for activist courts theer woudl be no Miranda protections. If it wasn’t for activist judges Al GOre would be president. Conservatives never cease to amaze. The truth is that on both sides “activist judge” means “judge who doesn’t agree with me” As for the whole Conservative thing here. Whatever happened to “the tyranny of the majority” a conservative principle. The truth is that ther is a place for these views expressed here. The problem is that McCain has never agreed with them. They are a tiny minority of the electorate. On a par with the Earth Liberation Front, or the Anarchist WTO protestor type. The differecne is int he Democratic platform these views are given the weight of their representation. In the conservative platform they are the dominant voice. I agree the nation is currently SLIGHTLY center right and moving closer to center left. But the Repub,lican party is in for a long time out until they reorganize themselves as a mainstream political party. You all should start a far right party and fight for election. Your platform would attract between 5-9% of the electorate at best. Just like my socialist leanings would attract 5-9% of the electorate. The nation should no longer be ruled from the edges

  38. Allan Erickson says:

    Sorry. You are wrong. Activist judges legislate from the bench and encroach on checks and balances, thus, they act unconstitutioanlly. they also work against democracy by making law by bypassing the people. By any estimation this is a prescription for tyranny. If by moving mainstream you mean we move center Left, destroy capitalism, install socialism, and prefer the ever-changning morality of the mob (secular humanism) to the proven and successful absolutes in the Judeo-Christian tradition, then you also mean destroying the traditional definition of America, and promote the idea we should be either a Euro-Socialist state, or Cuba. In either case, please don’t call it America. The Founders, including Jefferson, would call it treason.

  39. emrysa says:

    a fraud and a liar… talk about projection.

    to try and paint one’s self as a “champion of the people” when your record shows that you’ve been a champion of big business is pretty fraudulent. and it’s lying.

    nice post brentdelia. when people complain about “activist judges” all they’re really saying is that they disagree with the decision. but rather than say they disagree, they try to claim that the judge(s) did something wrong. it’s so transparent and such a waste of time.

  40. motorfingaz says:

    “THE ELITES”……..RNC convention outfits!

    Cindy McCain’s $300,000 Outfit

    Laura Bush
    Oscar de la Renta suit: $2,500
    Stuart Weitzman heels: $325
    Pearl stud earrings: $600–$1,500

    ****Total: Between $3,425 and $4,325****

    Cindy McCain
    Oscar de la Renta dress: $3,000
    Chanel J12 White Ceramic Watch: $4,500
    Three-carat diamond earrings: $280,000
    Four-strand pearl necklace: $11,000–$25,000
    Shoes, designer unknown: $600

    ****Total: Between $299,100 and $313,100***

  41. Allan Erickson says:

    Obama has raised $600m, three times what Hillary raised, and he is planning his victory party with champagne and Iranian cavier. The FEC is investigating serious allegations he has illegally taken huge sums from foreign sources. Care to pay further? How about his discounted $1.3M home, the wealth Jeremiah Wright has amassed, the flow of money through various Leftist channels including ACORN, Fannie Mae, Woods Foundation, Public Allies. Shall we go on?

  42. averageuscitizen says:

    Go ahead and vote for McCain/Palin. Personally, I’m a bit more hopeful for America. It’s only a short matter of time before a woman gets elected as the President. It may not have happened this year, but this year people wanted something more than the status quo and rightly or not, Senator Clinton in many peoples eyes represented the status quo. Following 20 years of either a Bush or a Clinton in the White house, electing Hillary just seemed like an extension of an American pair of dynasties.

    It was more a matter of a bad set of circumstances than some sort of plot to keep women down. Either way, all Americans should be very proud of what Hillary has accomplished and the doors she has opened for women in politics.

    Sarah Palin however is no Hillary Clinton. Ambitious, no doubt. A media marvel..absolutely. A uniter? No way. When she stood in front of an audience and called small town America the real America…the patriotic America, I was highly offended. I grew up in a very small Kansas town and now live in one of the biggest coastal cities in the west. I see absolutely no less patriotism here than I did in Kansas. This is as real as anywhere else in the country.

    Sarah Palin seems as phony as a 3 dollar bill to me, pandering to the worst characteristics of the American people. Hate, fear and hubris. She totes that poor baby around as a prop. What purpose does it serve to carry a special needs baby through a screaming crowd, walk up on stage with him only to walk to the opposite side of the stage and hand him off to an aide instead of leaving the baby in the quiet safety of the hotel or dressing room in the care of her husband? That creeps me out beyond belief. It shows me her character as someone who will use even her own infant to get what she wants and damn the consequences.

    Go ahead….Vote for McCain/Palin and God help us all if they win.

  43. Gnimsh says:

    What about Cynthia McKinney? She’s running for President for the Green Party, and her VP is also a woman. That would be the true feminist decision.

  44. Ann W says:

    I really thought that was a ploy on part of the GOP. I felt they so underestimated the women in this country, esp. those women that backed Hillary; to assume we’d swap a Hillary vote for a Sarah vote was preposterous. We are smarter than that. We’re not just voting for a vagina! But, it would appear that you agree. Swap one cunt for another (John McCain’s term for his wife, by the way, as known even by his peers). That might be a man’s thinking, but it chills me that you fell for it.

  45. God bless you for putting your country above party, and I know that’s a hard choice. I wish your candidate had won the Democratic nomination. We would have been a lot better off! But as things are, I think a vote for John McCain is as close a vote for Hillary as you can get — a vote for mainstream American values and beliefs.

    How I hope other Americans will think about this carefully and consider your example.

  46. Sue says:

    I, like so many others, did not break ground so that a whining “johny come lately” like you, Lynette, can put an anathema in office.

    Shame on you.

  47. Christopher says:

    If you’re a feminist and a mother then you’re a moron to vote for McCain and Palin.

    But, this is America and you’re free to vote for whomever you want. I am a bit surprised though — I thought the PUMA loons had pretty much all dried up and blown away?

    Oh well, in 16 days you’ll be resigned to saying: President-elect Barack Obama.

    Hey, the McCain/Palin ticket will be hitting peeps up to help them retire their campaign debt. You could always send some coin their way!

  48. bydesign001 says:

    Here, here! Kudos to you. You do not speak just for yourself, but you are representing all of us. Linette I commend you and I support you. PERIOD.

  49. shy says:

    It’s really sad that most black people are voting for Obama because of his race and not because of any political issue really …
    It’s sad that Americans fail to take responsibility in educating them self about the people running and who they use to be associated and still are their voting record and what they really stand for before they start making promises ..( a promise is a comfort to a fool ) and all politicians have to make that but cant live up to them because we all know they don’t run this county and if you don’t know that to bad find out who dose , they can only hope that when in power they can make their voice hear and get their words across.

    Anyways i cant vote i wish i could and those that can are not even sure why they are voting ….but i wont vote for Obama because am a black person i wont vote for him because his one of the most brilliant and convincing lawyers his even better than John kerry …

  50. Thank you. There is no single issue out there important enough to choose a candidate that does not truly love America. We may have issues that need tweaked a little, but we do not need a complete CHANGE or surrender of our American way of life. John McCain truly loves America. Barack Obama has proven, by the company he chooses to keep (Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers to name only two of many) that he does not love the American way of life. Why the Dems didn’t pick the obviously more qualified and equally eloquent candidate (Sen. Clinton) speaks volumes about their good ‘ol boy mentality!

  51. Allan Erickson says:

    Welcome mamaneeds2rant! You are a breath of fresh air! Onward!

  52. Allan Erickson says:

    Dear Shy,

    Love you! Oh, that more of our citizens had your head and mind! Hang in there! All things are possible!


  53. Allan Erickson says:

    Kudos to you bydesign001!

  54. serita says:

    Shy, you’re wrong. Most black people are not voting for Obama because he’s black. Actually, Hillary had more African American support than Barack, early in the primaries. African American’s historically vote for the democratic candidate- black or white. Look at the massive support Clinton received. Your racists accusations are unfounded. If you disagree with Obama’s fundamental policies, then fine: vote for McCain. But if you don’t, then voting against Obama is either foolish or racist.

  55. serita says:

    By the way- Allan, I love your blog.

  56. Allan Erickson says:

    Three women sound off on BHO:

    “Ms. Long, I commend you. I commend you for speaking up and standing for which you believe in. It is important that we move beyond the parties if that is required to ensure and guarantee the American way of life.

    I am an African American female who have voted Democrat all my life, without question, and this year for the first time I will be crossing my party lines as well for the same reasons you have given and maybe a few more or less.

    In any event, well done and well said.”




  57. RDS says:

    “If it wasn’t for activist judges “Negores” would still be 3/5 a white person.”

    For the record, free blacks were counted just like whites, and counting slaves as 3/5 a person was a VICTORY for the anti-slavery movement because the point was to reduce the power of slave states in Congress! Anyone interested in championing the rights of slaves would have liked them to be counted as ZERO for giving slave states representatives in Congress, and the slave states would have been delighted to have their slaves counted as 100 times a white person for determining apportionment of representatives.

    This slander that the 3/5 was unthinking racism, rather than evidence of strong anti-slavery sentiment and the internal struggle between North and South, has been repeated by the likes of Condi Rice (who should know better), and should finally be put to rest.

  58. Allan Erickson says:

    Thanks RDS. Wasn’t this also a compromise to keep the southern colonies in the continental congress so as to get the Constitution finished and ratified? Wasn’t Benjamin Franklin involved in the compromise and didn’t most of the delegates actually want to abolish slavery but the southern colonies blocked the move primarily for economic reasons, although everyone knew the immoral trade had to end?

  59. Anne says:

    Ex Palestinian terrorist talks about Barrack Hussein Obama
    Walid Shoebat Tells Truth About Barack Hussein

    The Truth About Barack Hussein Obama 1

    The Truth About Barack Hussein Obama 2

    The Truth About Barack Hussein Obama 3

    The Truth About Barack Hussein Obama 4

  60. Dorothee says:

    I appreciate this thoughtful post but I urge you consider some facts about McCain and Palin’s record on women’s issues: http://feministsforobama.org/Issues.htm
    Did you know that McCain opposes the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which was filibustered by a majority of Republicans? It doesn’t seem like McCain/Palin is the right choice for women at all.

  61. Princess says:

    wow, this was an amazing testimony

    I am voting for McCain
    actually I am voting straight republican ticket.

    I am completely fed up with my party

  62. Allan Erickson says:

    Right on. Help us spread the word! Thanks Princess.

  63. serita says:

    Princess is just another PUMA in disguise. Otherwise, this blog would have pissed any rational thinking female democrat off. Come on, this is a joke. Don’t pretend that by reading this woman’s crap you changed your mind. Her argument is weak. Geeeesh, you PUMA’s are really starting to upset me with your irrationalities. I’m ashamed to share the same sex as you.

  64. Holly B. says:

    By now, even McCain/Palin and their supporters know all these allegations are pure drivel. They either accept the drivel, because they don’t want a “N” in the White House, or they reject it – for being drivel.

    I’m from Chicago. Grew up there. I know the Daley Machine is crooked to the core; they’ve ruled there since I was a kid. Obama is a Chicago politician, all right – the good kind. Because he BEAT the Daley Machine at its own game, hoisted them by their own petard, because their chosen candidate’s signatures were mostly bogus. They’d all gotten complacent about it. Obama checked them out, contested the bogus ones, leaving the candidate without enough signatures to get on the ballot. Clean. Smart. And entirely honorable. That’s Obama, all right. You can bet those Daley Machine dudes hate him with black completeness.

    Obama is passionate about improving education. You CANNOT get involved in education in Chicago without knowing Wm. Ayers. He’s a virtual fixture there, and has many honors to his credit for his services to education. I would GLADLY work with him on education, no matter what he did years ago, or even if he still believes in those things. I’d be working with someone who can REALLY help education. I don’t have to sleep with him or live with him to do that. Does that make ME a terrorist, too?

    We’re not ignorant and unable to know Swiftboating when we see it. We had a bellyful of it in the last election, and that particular propaganda just won’t come out in the wash this time. Yeah, I know, lots of people are spouting it. Millions of them, in fact. Which only proves that almost half of our population loves being dumbed-down.

    Palin flaunted her UNDERAGE, pregnant, unwed daughter before the media wolves, even though it’ll now have ramifications throughout the rest of Bristol’s life. To my value system, that was pure CHILD ABUSE. She believes in witches, and approves of witch hunts. Then suddenly, this ditzy Republican in Congress comes up with the idea that we need hearings, what she calls an “expose,” to determine who in Congress is Pro American and Anti-American. If you don’t know anything about McCarthyism, Google it, because it’s a very important part of American history, one which we should NEVER repeat. It was a modern-day witchhunt for “Communists” conducted by the “House Un-American Activities Committee,” destroying peoples’ lives and reputations merely because somebody decided to call them Communists. It’s a blot on our history that should never be repeated. Yet Palin has now inspired this Congresswoman to start it all over again.

    Palin also inquired about banning books – didn’t ask; she was just testing the waters, because she WANTS to ban books. It didn’t work, so she gave it up – for now. The “Country First” motto doesn’t begin to apply to her, either. HER motto is “MY RELIGION’S DOGMAS FIRST.”

    Mccain has been actively redistributing wealth in the U.S. all these eight LONNNG years, supporting Bush’s funneling of wealth to the wealthy. Now, when Obama suggests it might be time to reverse that flow, he calls it socialism. I guess it depends on whose wealth-ox is being gored. Silly Obama, he thought the middle class deserved a tax break. When “everybody knows” only the rich, the “Sifted Few,” count for anything at all. On the issue of tax cuts for the wealthy, McCain was for it, then against it, then for it, then against it – repetitive flipflopping, depending on the political expediency of the moment. But, of course, he’s FOR big tax cuts for the wealthy. And Joe the Plumber (whose name isn’t Joe and who isn’t a plumber, but who IS subject to a tax lien, which is very likely to be repaid for him by a grateful GOP) is someone about whom neither McCain nor Palin give two puffs of comet gas. He’s merely a symbol they created to avoid having to promise anything to the “middle class,” two words which almost never come out of their mouths. They won’t proimise the middle class anything, so they make empty promises to an empty icon named Joe the Plumber.

    Obama has his own plumber, who says that McCain’s plumber is all wet. So now, because of McCain and Palin, we’re supposed to decide which plumber to believe, as a basis for casting our votes.

    McCain doesn’t crack books, and neither does Palin. They already think they know everything they need to know. We’ve already got a functional illiterate as president. Have we – somehow – failed to learn what price such abysmal ignorance can cost a nation?

    McCain doesn’t even know how to wage wars, though he says he does. How can he know how to do it in Iraq when he didn’t even know the difference between Sunni and Shi’ite? That knowledge is fundamental in determining policy in Iraq. He didn’t know that Iraq and Afghanistan don’t share a border, either. If he knew how to win wars, he’d know these things, because he’d have STUDIED them.

    Obama would know how to wage and win a war, too, but he goes McCain two better: he also knows how to END wars and AVOID wars. I call that presidential material.

    We know what ignorance can do. Can’t we – just for once – see what BRAINS can do?

  65. Allan Erickson says:


    Your erudition permits you to race bait? Ayers teaches teachers that the classroom is an incubator for revolution? Does that make him continuously seditious as well as a traitor? Does Obama’s passion for the same kind of education make him likewise? Is Joe the Plumber a Swiftboater? Is every question about Sen. Obama’s past, his philosophy, his plans for our country, every evaluation of his character only a matter of rightwingers trying to smear him? Is it possible honest citizens are trying to make an informed decision? Can voters inquire without being crucified? Does political correctness so dictate public discourse as to silence free speech which contradicts it? Are you oblivious to the new tryanny being imposed by the post-modern Left embodied by Sen. Obama? The fact you join the choir calling everyone stupid for simply disagreeing with you demonstrates stupidity is not a rare commodity. You know nothing about McCain or Palin. You simply hate their political philosophy, so any knife that finds its target is valid in your hateful eyes. You are unhinged. I hear your rusty hinges squeeking. Your man is a radical leftist dressed up to look like a moderate who once talked Karl Marx but now tries to sound like Ronald Reagan, and we are the ignorant one? Remember the old adage: when you run around pointing the finger of accusation, there are three pointing back at you.

  66. Holly’s erudition … are you trying to be funny, Allan Erickson. I think Holly S. sounds like a raving maniac — though, that is what passes for “erudition” in the left-wing world today (gotta admit).

    Obama, the socialist: either he is a sincere socialist — for whom the “ends justify the means” and therefore he feels perfectly OKAY about lying when it furthers his agenda. Or he is an insincere socialist, perhaps a former socialist or wavering one, a flip-flopping socialist, who lets himself sound left when the left is listening and then abruptly changes his tune when talking to anyone else (as for instance while conversing with the gun toting, Bible-clinging good citizens of Pennsylvania.

    Either way, I fail to see why he’s anybody’s choice. Were he to run honestly and openly as a socialist, it would be bye-bye since Americans aren’t French. But he’s running his agenda “Underground” (pun intended).

    My only question is this: does it demonstrate that he wants to create a socialist foothold in the US? Or is he driven by pure self-centered personal ambition?

    Anyone who votes for this guy Obama has their head buried under about three feet of sand, that’s all I can say.

  67. Aida S. says:

    Thank you Allan, you speak for me 100% percent.If Obama gets elected this country will be destoyed. God forbid that happens.
    Please stop the drama, no Obama.

  68. serita says:

    Ann’s New Friend,
    I suggest you learn the definition of a word before using it to piggy back off someone else’s insult. Your posts indicate that your vocabulary bank probably wouldn’t include a word such as “erudition.” Let’s leave the intellectual badgering to Allan.
    Aida, you’ve nothing to fear about Obama destroying this country. Your highly qualified president, George Bush has made this country the laughing stock of the world.
    For all you bitter PUMA’s, non-converted Republicans, and millionaire plumbers, prepare to greet “President Barack Hussein Obama.”
    Allan- I just finished my last midterm. Game on.

  69. Allan Erickson says:

    Game on Serita.

    Your assignment, should you have the guts to accept it, read “The Closing of the American Mind,” by Allan Bloom, and “The Road to Serfdom,” by Friedrich Hayek and write a paper evaluating Noam Chomsky and contemporary American ‘higher’ education in light of Bloom and Hayek.

    PS: Insult and arrogance are no substitute for academic prowess.

  70. Serita,

    I am perfectly glad not to sound like an intellectual. It’s really a fairly pompous concept. I’ve known plenty of people with impressive-seeming educations who lack sufficient common sense to get out of the rain. The whole Obama phenomenon is evidence of just such a form of self-delusion.

    As to George Bush’s world standing, I am not especially fazed by Dem friends whose European vacations are spoiled by rude anti-American comments from European “intellectuals”! Quel domage….

    Today’s narrow-minded, illiberal “liberals” have been trying to make popularity the standard for all decision-making. It’s a form of intimidation that is effective with people who are “sheep in sheep’s clothing.” Being un-cool is the worst fate that can befall a human being? Well, I did not vote for Bush for his hipness.

    At the time my vote was more a vote against Gore. Gore’s post-election antics have vindicated me. Gore is certifiable. Recall his way of addressing the phony global warming crisis was to enlist Madonna and pals to stage a rock concert. Alas, the neglect of acoustic instruments doesn’t make for a good “carbon footprint,” does it? But I notice the Great Gore wasn’t fazed by the energy wasted during his own grandiose adolescent gesture. And Kerry was a pompous windbag. All that hot air certainly isn’t helping climate change! They are so busy traveling over the poor doomed globe, but never fear their jets operate on milk!

    Obama is quite different from either of them: a far more effective speaker and extremely well managed by a thoroughly biased media that wants to tell you exactly whatever you wish to hear. It is propaganda perfected.

    I read above where you believe Bush stole the elections. Coming into power by fair and free elections has become a real bee in the bonnet of Democrats, especially this time around what with ACORN drumming up the vote for your side among Disney characters and the deceased. So, yes, I’m aware that the Democrats are against elections. They didn’t like them in Iraq, and they don’t like them here either.

    I’d say you should take Erickson’s advice and read Bloom’s book. And be forewarned that “Closing of the American Mind” is a subtle book, written by the student of a man who believed in reading and writing “between the lines,” so don’t suppose you have understood the book upon a single reading. Well, that’s assuming you read it at all ….

    affectionately yours, Ann’s New Friend

  71. serita says:

    Anne’s New Friend,
    Vous l’imbécile, pourquoi demandez-vous si je de lire ? N’est-ce pas évident ?
    Allan, I shall properly request a copy of the “Closing of the American Mind” from my library tomorrow. I look forward to discussing it with you in the future. Meanwhile, I would like to ask whether or not you agree with some of the republicans who feel that the presidential election is a wash for McCain and republicans should focus most of their attention on local seats that are in jeopardy.

  72. Allan Erickson says:

    No. Everyone should campaign like our lives depend on it all the way through November 3. You impress me serita. It will be interesting to discuss the book.

  73. serita says:

    Anne’s New Friend said, “I’ve known plenty of people with impressive-seeming educations who lack sufficient common sense to get out of the rain. The whole Obama phenomenon is evidence of just such a form of self-delusion.” It’s your thinking that’s quite deluded here. On the contrary, it’s McCain’s supporters who I’m afraid lack the common sense to get out of the rain-forget about the rain, our nation is flooding!!! Why continue supporting the policies of a failed administration? McCain’s policies are extremely similar to Bush’s . The only real ammunition you have against Barack is his lack of experience and for that I offer you one name, Reagan. At least some of the people from your camp have possessed the intellectual and common sense to get on the boat.

  74. OMG Serita. You do realize that it was the ridiculous Democrat threats and demands that banks offer mortgage loans to people that could not or would not ever pay them back which caused the subprime mortgage debacle we’re dealing with. Yeah, everyone deserves a home of their own–if they’re willing and able to PAY THE MORTGAGE. And the Democrats willingness to spread the wealth (of hard-working people) to those that would rather stay in bed will destroy the work ethic of this country. But maybe you haven’t heard–because the left-wing media will never tell you THESE things.

  75. Serita is suggesting that Obama has experience comparable to Reagan? At least that’s what the sentence appears to suggest, and if that is true — if that’s what she’s asserting then she really needs to do some serious remedial study of recent American history. Reagan had toured the United States eight years for the GE company as a company spokesman. (This was after WW II.) During that time he had a rich opportunity to learn the views of American citizens of all walks of life. (Recall that our government is “of the people, by the people, for the people …). After this “apprenticeship,” he ran for governor of California — actually he was urged to run by influential people who recognized his leadership. He became California’s governor and served two terms. He was the chief executive of a state which at that time was the world’s seventh largest economy. While Reagan was governor of California he met one of the Soviet leaders (Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev) that he would later, as president, be negotiating with.

    There is absolutely NO comparison between Obama and Reagan. Obama is a college professor who wishes to impose his neo-Marxist, Columbia University ideas of goverance upon the American electorate while Reagan was a citizen-politician who campaigned representing the views and ideals of a huge segment of American society. It is not an accident that Reagan won landslide victories: he represented the views of most Americans –even against the propaganda then being regularly broadcast by a national media that sometimes opposed him.

    Back to today: as to similarities between policies of Bush and McCain, I notice that you don’t name any of the policies. Just the very name — George Bush! — is supposed to conjure boogey men. Please. If you have something specific to say against Bush, fine. Why not articulate it. Otherwise you seem to suppose that others commenting here read your mind. McCain has many views in common with Bush that deserve strong support, that are unpopular with conservatives, such as immigration reform. His views on the Iraq war are pragmatic, especially in light of the fact that the war is not some theoritical item of the year 2003 but an existent reality. To run away from Iraq would be suicidal. Even Obama is not that stupid.

    Obama is a socialist. With luck, all he wants to create here is France. If you vote for him, you better hope that’s the whole of his project. (France’s economy, by the way, underperforms the US significantly even despite our continual influx of immigrants. Which is to say, that even with a continual addition of poor people who cannot even speak the language, who come to the US for a better life, but whose income dampens the statistics for our GNP, and allowing for differences in size of the two countries, we still way out perform France and other European countries combined.)

    However, Obama may wish to go beyond mere European socialism — one doesn’t really know because much of what he believes is being kept under wraps by a left-wing complacent media. (However, you can see some evidence of his views on my site: in particular I refer to the interview he gave in 2001 to a Chicago public radio station — an audio tape that the formerly “mainstream” media is hiding!)

    If Obama wins, look for a possible attempt to reinstitute the “Fairness Doctrine,” which liberals hope will shut down the alternative media that are revealing the other, Leftist face of Obama. That kind of censorship will be more like Russian communism than French socialism.

    So, we’ll see. Hope you are not too much accustomed to freedom, Serita, since a vote for Obama is a vote to begin limiting freedom. A little here, a little there. Soon perhaps you got nothing.

    Best wishes,


  76. Here’s the audio of Obama the socialist.

    If you want to learn more what he thinks, read books of Bill Ayers. There isn’t that much daylight between them.

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