In a time of war . . .

. . . should we consider what our volunteer troops think about the candidates?


                                    McCain           Obama


Overall                          68                    23


Army                             68                    23


Navy                             69                    24


Air Force                       67                    24


Marines                         75                    18


Retirees                        72                    20


White                            76                    17


Hispanic                        63                    27


African-American         12                    79


Enlisted                        67                    24


Officers                        70                    22




H A R D    F O R    M I L I T A R Y    T O    V O T E ?


4 Responses to In a time of war . . .

  1. SRD says:

    I find this curiously strange. It has been reported that Obama receives donations from the military 6 to 1 more funding than McCain. And money talks. I do not know who weighed in on this poll, but if the majority of the military is in fact financially supporting Obama MORE than McCain…how come this poll is not reflective of that? It is one thing to say that this group of people is for McCain…and it is another thing when you calculate the funds coming from the military familes to Obama. There is a imbalance report….something is not adding up. But as the old adage proclaims….money talks louder and therefore …I think the dollars that are coming in…6 to 1 is echoing across the atmosphere and drowning out these numbers. Let’s say …I don’t believe YOU.

  2. Allan Erickson says:

    SRD? Documentation? Also, concerned BHO may be raking in millions in illegal foreign money?

    Ann Onn? Our soldiers should be ignored? Why? Because they confront your prejudice?

  3. Allan Erickson says:

    PS: for SRD. Military people don’t make much money. People with families in particular do not have disposable income to donate to political campaigns. Common sense indicates this 6 to 1 donation business, if true, is a poor indicator of the real feelings of military personnel, since if it is true, it likely reflects donations from the vast minority. The poll numbers I’ve supplied, as you notice, are documented by the Army Times, complete with background, write up, methodology. Finally, knowing the military, this makes sense: they favor McCain by huge margins.

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