BHO disqualified? Ruling pending…

My Mother’s Birth Certificate…And Obama’s

by Joan Swirsky    10.23.08


Interest in this case is understandably intense. Berg’s website has already received over 55 million hits. But predictably, the overwhelmingly liberal media has yet to pick up on this story, as if ignoring a story that has profound implications for our Republic and for the potential of a Constitutional crisis is less important than discussing Sarah Palin’s wardrobe.


It’s possible that all the states that are working on obtaining Obama’s birth certificate will simultaneously remove him from the ballot at one time.


It’s also possible that, failing to produce the birth certificate, Obama will voluntarily step aside, leaving a breach through which Hillary will walk.


Meanwhile, as legal challenges proceed at warp speed, and Obama’s lawyers scramble to avoid the Scandal of the Century, one thing remains intractably the same: Obama still hasn’t produced proof of his U.S. citizenship!



6 Responses to BHO disqualified? Ruling pending…

  1. John says:

    It took me less than 2 minutes to find the following quote on the State Department’s website:

    “As already noted, the actions listed above can cause loss of U.S. citizenship only if performed voluntarily and with the intention of relinquishing U.S. citizenship. The Department has a uniform administrative standard of evidence based on the premise that U.S. citizens intend to retain United States citizenship when they obtain naturalization in a foreign state, subscribe to a declaration of allegiance to a foreign state, serve in the armed forces of a foreign state not engaged in hostilities with the United States, or accept non-policy level employment with a foreign government.”

    Unless proof is offered that Sen. Obama intended to relinquish his US citizenship, he never lost it. Period.

  2. Kim in Pa says:

    Oh, puh-leease! Do you think for one moment if this were true he would have made it this far? I suggest to debunk any further future nonsense….

  3. Allan Erickson says:

    Right. On the issue his mother was too young, but the Berg action is still pending. However there appears to be a procedural issue, so we shall see. Weird stuff though.

  4. BillyT says:

    THIS is the October Surprise you’ve been waiting for….a rehashed already debunked GOP faux wet dream??

    And now since we are talking about being a part of USA, how about Palin’s PALLIN’ AROUND WITH SECESSIONISTS??

  5. Allan Erickson says:


    You join a proud tradition of Leftists who comment here engaging in vulgarity rather than informed discussion. Court has yet to rule on BHO’s citizenship status. If it is determined he has been lying to everybody, what will you think of your champion then, eh?

    AIP link to Palin: WEAK. Nice try but another gutless stab at moral equivalence.

    So BillyT, you pal around with America haters? Let me guess, you just love Ayers and Chomsky and Jeremiah Wright, and no doubt Hugo Chavez and Raoul Castro, right?

    Come on, come on, fess up: you hate America doncha ya?

    God blesses you anyway.


  6. Ross Robbins says:

    I love how disagreeing with a hate-mongering conservative means you “hate America.” Way to take the high road.

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