Jackboots March to Crush Church

Group asks IRS to investigate Catholic bishop against Obama

By Daniel Burke, Religion News Service




WASHINGTON — A church-state watchdog group has asked the Internal Revenue Service to investigate whether the Roman Catholic bishop of Paterson, N.J., violated tax laws by denouncing Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama.


In a letter sent to the IRS on Wednesday (Oct. 22), Americans United for Separation of Church and State accused Paterson Bishop Arthur Serratelli of illegal partisanship for lambasting Obama’s support of abortion rights.


In a column posted on the Diocese of Paterson’s website and published in its weekly newspaper, Serratelli also compared Obama to King Herod, the biblical monarch who ordered the death of John the Baptist.


The bishop did not refer to Obama by name but only as “the present democratic (sic) candidate.”


Under federal tax law, nonprofit groups — including religious organizations — are prohibited from intervening in campaigns for public office by endorsing or opposing candidates.


Serratelli wrote that Obama has pledged, if elected president, to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, abortion-rights legislation the Catholic Church vehemently opposes.


“If this politician fulfills his promise, not only will many of our freedoms as Americans be taken from us, but the innocent and vulnerable will spill their blood,” Serratelli wrote.


The Rev. Barry Lynn, president of Americans United, said it is “impossible to interpret this passage as anything but a command to vote against ‘the present Democratic candidate’ because of his promise to sign a certain piece of legislation disfavored by the Catholic Church’s hierarchy.”







7 Responses to Jackboots March to Crush Church

  1. Nate says:

    So, the Church receives preferential treatment from the IRS because it pledges not to get involved in political campaigns, then it breaks its pledge and gets penalized. That all seems right and fair, where is the problem here?

  2. Allan Erickson says:

    I should charge you tuition Nate.

    The Church gets tax exemption because it is a non-profit, charitable organization, that until a few years ago, was seen as doing the good work of helping families and individuals aspire to good, moral living, which benefits everyone.

    Pastors during Revolutionary times all the way through the 50s had freedom of speech to say whatever they wanted to from the pulpit. It’s called freedom of speech Nate, you know, all that Constitution stuff you love so much.

    Sen. LBJ didn’t like what some pastors were saying about him, so he got an amendment through to silence pastors via the IRS back in the 50s. Do some homework will ya? All the evidence is presented here for you, conveniently provided.

    Pastors are now challenging the government, which is their right, you know, that old redress deal?

    But if they preach homosexuality is immoral, would you have the government lock them up, just because they disagree with you?

    Now, who is intolerant, tryannical, and unconcerned about freedom, due process, and the right to conscience?

  3. cornishevangelist says:

    This Prophecy came to me on 23rd October 2008
    The Lord said, “ My people must take the bread and the wine as a ordinance daily, for I have commanded them to take it in remembrance of me, the one and only Saviour Jesus Christ.” Where two or three are gathered there am I in the midst, to strengthen and renew, saith the Lord.”
    “If you are alone then you must seek and pray for me to send someone to you, so that you can take the Holy Communion together. It is very important for you to do this with someone, this command must be fulfilled in these troublesome days, and it is my command that you take the Holy Communion every day. Not every week, or every month, or every year, but daily.”
    “For by doing this every day with a brother or sister, it will bring my strength and victory into your lives, renewing and strengthening you.”
    “For my sacrifice on that cross, the emblem of suffering and shame has been changed into victory and everlasting life, through my resurrection body. The Lord saith that you do not need a Pastor, or a Priest, just a brother or a sister in the Lord, this is my command saith the Lord God Almighty.” http://cornishevangelist.wordpress.com

  4. Allan Erickson says:

    God bless you CornishEvangelist. We do need to be strengthen by the Lord, daily. These are perilous times indeed. Thanks for your faith, your fervor and your testimony! In our little family, actually not so small, Mom/Dad/Four kiddos, we have daily devotions asking God’s guidance and blessing, and at dinner, we intercede for individuals, and nations. WE SENSE OF REVIVAL COMING! No wonder the devil is working over time. He is trying to pre-empt the coming renewal. Praise God!

  5. cornishevangelist says:

    Thank you, glad you were blessed in Jesus.

  6. Ross Robbins says:

    Rules is rules, like ’em or not. As for religions preaching against gays–looks like you holier-than-thou types are still chugging right along warning people of the evils of homosexuality. I wouldn’t want to see homophobic preachers (yourself included) locked up, I’d just appreciate it if you would shut the hell up and let us live our lives. I’m not interfering with anyone’s Christian lifestyle by gaying it up, am I? Oy.

  7. And no one is interferring with your insistence upon living a life contrary to the Lord’s clear directive. You do so without our interference yet you insist we bend to your will. If tolerance is extended in one direction, which refuse its extension in the other? If free speech is your insistence, why deny it to me?

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