Bush, Biden, Obama, Blame and Bluster

By Allan Erickson



Remarkable.  Astounding.  It isn’t enough to blame George W. Bush for all of recent history, worldwide.  It isn’t enough to blame the man for global warming, hurricanes, declining test scores, racism, economic crises around the world, Islamic terrorism, Russian expansionism, and Iranian nuclear ambitions.


Now it’s game to blame Bush for future events: he is responsible for whatever will happen, but only if it’s bad.  Anything good that happens will be credited to another account.


The remarkable and astounding Sen. Joe Biden said in Seattle Oct. 19:


“Mark my words. It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We’re about to elect a brilliant 47-year old senator president of the United States of America.  Watch, we’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.”


People were understandably alarmed.  What could Biden be referencing?  What does he know that we do not know?


The FBI reports Al Qaeda is planning a post-election attack, surmising they’ll wait until after Nov. 4 in deference to Sen. Obama’s campaign.  Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and Al Qaeda have already made it clear they prefer an Obama White House.  Why would they test the mettle of someone they like?  Biden declined elaboration: nice of him to stir the pot and leave the flame flickering; very vice-presidential don’t you think?  Do you call it fear mongering?


Intelligence reports indicate Iran is planning a pre-emptive strike against Israel.  The Russians and the Venezuelans have been playing military games in the Caribbean.  The Chinese still have Taiwan stuck in their craw.  Nuclear Pakistan is volatile. Nuclear North Korea faces food riots.


Who knows what Biden was saying and why?  Many people wonder out loud if he knows what he is saying, and why. Perhaps he was getting us ready for a Russian invasion of the Ukraine?  Sen. Obama was obviously embarrassed by Sen. Biden’s “rhetorical flourish.”


Sen. Biden has been in the U.S. Senate since we had Nixon to kick around.  He has served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for many years, now its chairman.  In that position he has access to intelligence seen only by the President and a handful of others.  Sen. Biden knows things few people ever know. He is supposedly trusted to maintain confidentiality.


Didn’t Bush summon both Obama and McCain to the White House for briefings given the elevated terror chatter and threats reported just recently?


So, in the wake of Biden’s remarks and high level briefings, Sen. Obama tried calming fears, explaining away Biden’s flourish:


“We are going to face a number of threats and tests and challenges because for the last eight years we’ve had a policy, a bad set of policies, that have resulted in two unresolved wars, bin Laden and al-Qaeda communicating regularly and training folks to potentially attack America and an economy that has been in a free fall.”


All Bush’s fault you see?  The future’s not ours to see, but whatever comes down, it is the fault of GWB, you see?


According to BHO it is folksy the way Al Qaeda plans attacks. Isn’t it convenient to blame the future shortcomings of the presumed Obama administration on Bush? Isn’t it interesting how Biden prepares us for catastrophe while ushering in Camelot, urging BHO boosters to stand by their man no matter the cost?  It’s a kind of mass inoculation to silence critics before they realize there’s something to critique.   


If it is reasonable and right to blame GWB for whatever international crises we experience in the next four years, is it also right and reasonable to blame Bill Clinton for 9/11?  How about blaming Carter for a radicalized Iran, or for Fannie Mae?  Presumably, we can also blame Obama’s successor for attacks during an Obama administration.


For now, we are assured the war on terror is not the fault of terrorists.   It’s Bush’s fault.   Global economic devastation is not the fault of Fannie Mae, liberalism, corruption on Wall Street and in the halls of power in D.C.  It’s Bush’s fault. 


And whatever goes wrong at the Round Table these next four years?  You guessed it!  Bush’s fault!


The sheep bleat, nod approval, and follow without question.


(And they say American “adults” suffer from an inability or unwillingness to take personal responsibility?) 


Well, come January 21st, at least we won’t have GWB to kick around anymore. 


Or will we?


Perhaps we can blame him for keeping our children safe for seven years, for liberating 25 million Iraqis, for liberating 20 million Afghans, for decimating Al Qaeda, for marginalizing Kaddafi, for containing the Taliban, and striking fear into Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and Syrian. 


No.  That would be too charitable, and too politically inexpedient.


It is hard to imagine a President McCain blaming others.



PS:  It is to laugh, listening to Obama and Biden preach about economic development and the middle class.   They’ve have never worked in the private sector.  They’ve never run a business.  They’ve never had to make payroll.  All they have ever done is feed at the public trough, yet they presume to tell us how this economy works, and how it should work, by insisting the government steal from productive, hardworking Americans, to subsidize the so-called disenfranchised.  And then, adding insult to injury, Obama and Biden decry the very class warfare they aggravate, and claim any critic is a racist etc.  They’ve got you comin’ and goin’ America, and you are willingly stumbling right into the pit.  You think Fannie Mae was a disaster?  That was only a foretaste, just like 9/11.


PPS:  Holding to the logic of senators Biden and Obama, should we blame JFK for Vietnam and the Cuban missile crisis and a prolonging of the Cold War?


PPPS:  You notice something curious.  GWB doesn’t ever blame anyone else.  You never hear him condemn the Democrats.  Interesting…


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