A Veteran Takes A Closer Look At Obama





A Vet Looks at Barack Obama

By Jeremy Buff • October 24, 2008




A Veteran Takes A Closer Look At Obama

Much appreciation to William Long for pointing this article my wa




October 24, 2008

4:55 pm Eastern


I’ve been a Christian for 37 years. Before that I was a radical. I was tear-gassed 5 times in Chicago in 1968 as a Vietnam Veteran Against the War. I came back from Chicago and was co-founder of an anarchist club on campus called ‘CHAOS’ Committee for the Humane Appreciation of Students. After I became a Christian, I became more or less politically inactive except for voting and trying to stay informed.


A few weeks ago I watched “Obsession”, a DVD about Islamic terrorism. That led me to read Brigitte Gabriel’s book “Because They Hate”. I’ve just finished David Horowitz’s book “Unholy Alliance” about the alliance between radical Islam and the American Left. I decided to find out as much as I could about Barack Obama, just researching the internet. What I found is deeply disturbing. Any candidate who can support


Odinga in his campaign promising Sharia in Kenya


is someone I don’t want as president. Here’s some more of what I found. I think it lays out a fairly complete picture of the underlying dynamic for this election.


Start with the Big  Picture . Read Andy Martin’s expose of the Obama Ayers relationship going back to 1987 and watch the documentary on we will not be silenced about the fraud and abuse in the Democratic primaries. The financial crisis is influencing a lot of people to vote for Obama. So be sure to check out the links under ‘Financial Crisis’ to find out who and what really caused the crisis. Note the part that Barack Obama played, as a trainer for ACORN, as a lawyer suing Citibank to force it to make bad loans, and in his promise to let ACORN help shape his agenda. Read the cult of personality and listen to the 1985 interview with Yuri Bezmenov about ideological subversion. Also, note what Yuri Bezmenov and the Cloward Piven Strategy say about manufacturing a crisis. This election is so very important.. Look over some of the other links.


The MSM has a blackout on any negative information on Obama. The average American doesn’t listen to or read conservative channels of communication. The best organized, and most knowledgeable, group I’ve found so far is PUMA (Hillary supporters who won’t vote for Obama). The average American doesn’t even know about PUMA much less visit any of their websites. The fact that Shelly Mandell, President of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization For Women, introduced and endorsed Governor Palin at a rally in Los Angeles County is encouraging. Even so, there’s still so much ignorance among the general population of this nation.


The question is, how does a person get enough information to vote intelligently?


Finally, (and most important) for those of us who believe in a living God who is actively involved in the affairs of men and nations – pray. And join together with others in prayer.


Bill Long


Stow, OH






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