“We still hope this black man will take pride in his African and Islamic identity, and in his faith . . . and that he will change America from evil to good . . . and that America will establish relations that will serve it well, with other people, especially with the Arabs.”

This is the most outrageous video seen thus far in this election!   Who paid this guy, some crazy Reaganite?!

“Obama our brother,” says Qaddafi, must be ignorant about international politics to suggest Jerusalem remain the eternal city of the Jews.  (Later, BHO retracted it, much to the satisfaction of Qaddafi.)

More from Qaddafi:

According to Qaddafi, John Kennedy, no doubt, was killed by the Jews because he dared inquire about nuclear weapons the Israelis possessed.

Obama wanted to talk about the Jews having nuclear weapons, but he did not, for fear the Jews would order him killed too.

Americans, and Black Americans, want to give Israel to the Palestinians (and eradicate the Israelis).  And this is what Obama wants to do if be becomes president.

All Arab people love this man, pray for him, and contribute to this campaign to win the presidency!

But, our greatest fear is the black man suffers from an inferiority complex, that Obama may feel he is not worthy to rule America.   Such feeling would have him behaving whiter than whites, a true disaster.

(Echoes of Jeremiah Wright!  And remember, Jeremiah and Qaddafi are great pals.)

No wonder Obama says we should all embrace universalism!

PS:  Why are Palestinians raising money for Obama and calling American voters urging them to support Obama, and should Jews be concerned?


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