Rashid Khalidi close connections to BHO, Arafat, PLO, Ayers


Jewish voters understandably concerned


Rashid Khalidi, Obama friend and ally, former PLO propagandist and Yassar Arafat associate and friend, Columbia “professor,” close friend of Bill Ayers, anti-Semite, accusing Fox News of “toxic know-nothingism.”  At least he criticizes Arafat’s Fatah, but then he praises Hamas!

“He is a respected scholar,” says Obama.

Daniel Pipes says Khalidi was a PLO employee when it was a designated terror organization back in 1982.  He was listed by the N.Y. Times as the director of the PLO news agency.

Khalidi helped coordinate the appearance of Ahmadinejad at Columbia University.  Khalidi has called the establishment of the state of Israel a catastrophe and he justifies terrorism in order to liberate Palestine.


Rashid Khalidi speech in 2004.


“American occupation of Iraq.”  

“Israeli occupation of the occupied Palestinian territories.”

CONCERNING THE FAMOUS 2003 DINNER IN CHICAGO, THE L.A. TIMES VIDEO THAT REMAINS UNDER LOCK AND KEY, AND THE “ENTERTAINMENT” FOR THE EVENING included anti-Israel readings and a dance presentation by Palestinian children.

On this video you hear testimony by Debbie Schlussel that the Palestinian dance troupe at the infamous Chicago dinner in 2003 attended by Obama, Khalidi and Ayers, is famous for appearing at Hamas fundraisers performing a simulated beheading.  And get this:  the dance troupe is comprised of children, boys and girls.

The simulated beheadings were perpetrated against individuals draped in American, British and Israeli flags.  This dance “performance” was presented in Michigan during a time when several actual beheadings occurred in the Middle East.


Khalidi and connection to PLO and terrorism:


Khalidi enlightens us about the ugliness of politics: in the Middle East, and by Democrats in Chicago.  Tell us something about Obama and Chicago and patrionage etc.!


“Fatah as always been hegemonic in Palestinian politics.  They know how to win elections.”

(Ayers loves that word too.  “Hegemony” is invoked often by anyone claiming to work on behalf of the little guy against the large, imperial, jingoistic powers of corporate capitalism, America et. al, and anyone not 100% sold out to Marxist/Leninism and/or the PLO.

Notice too how Khalidi is intimately knowledgeable about all things Arafat, master terrorist and murderer from Palestine, born in Cairo.


And here is a little bit more about Khalidi and the Obama connection:


Notice, Ayers and Obama arranged for a $75,000 grant for Khalidi from the Woods Foundation where they served together.  And reportedly the Khalidis have provided the Obamas with childcare on several occasions, so the relationship is and was intimate during the course of several years.

More from Rashid Khalidi: all of U.S. politics is corrupt—especially in Chicago! 



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