Barn Sour Nation

by Allan Erickson

Anyone familiar with horses has heard the term “barn sour.”  

A barn sour horse is fine riding away from home, away from the barn where the hay and grain are stored.  However, once that horse turns his nose home, toward the barn, toward the food, he is hell bent to get back there.   He cannot be influenced off that path.   That horse will set the bit in his teeth and run through fences to get back to the hay and the grain.  He has become “barn sour,” essentially useless.   He is no longer useful for work or pleasure.  The horse is now only focused on his own interests, his own appetites. 

Therefore, that horse is headed for the glue factory.

Election results yesterday indicate we have become a barn sour nation.   People voted their bellies.  They voted self-interest.   The rhetoric surrounding the majority march back to the barn is full of references to altruism, but that is obviously window dressing, a kind of gold ring in the pig’s nose.   Where once Americans prided themselves as their brothers’ keepers, we now insist government keep us.

People voted for government provision of housing, food, employment and healthcare.  They voted for nationalized abortion funded with tax dollars, an ultimate expression of selfishness.  Americans voted for federalized adult daycare, cradle to grave sustenance provided by the benevolence of institutionalized liberalism.  Indeed, Barack Obama has promised Supreme Court appointments based on special considerations for the ‘dispossessed.’   Consequently, Lady Justice will not be impartial, and the rule of law will give way to a Court now acting like a legislative body.

There are three glaring problems with this popular rush to complete reliance on government.

One is funding.  We are already bankrupt.  The only way to fund all the promised goodies is to tax companies and productive individuals.  Doing so during a recession will drive us into depression.  It will destroy the middle class, drive the poor lower, and ruin the means of producing prosperity.  Perhaps this is the plan.  Perhaps the idea is to level the playing field globally.  After all, many radical liberals see America as the problem.  Destroying America is therefore part of the solution. The only other way to fund the goodies is to cut defense, and other programs.  Cutting defense is obviously foolhardy, and when did government ever restrain itself or actually reduce spending?

The second problem with citizens insisting government become Big Daddy is government will also insist on becoming Big Brother.    As the old saying goes, you cannot get something for nothing.  The transaction historically takes on a threatening dimension.  If people demand government provide everything, then government controls everything, and that means EVERYTHING.  When free speech and assembly are limited, when they come for your firearm, and when they start telling you where you can live, where you can travel, and how many children you are allowed, it will sink in you’ve forfeited EVERYTHING, and for what, a few meager meals and the privilege of waiting in line for months to see a doctor?

The third enormous problem with handing over all power to the central government is it is completely contrary to our founding principles.   It means the end of America as it was originally defined and created.  The Founders created government to serve the people.  With the election of Barack Obama and majorities in the Legislature leading to a decidedly leftist Judiciary we have now decided citizens will serve the government.   Government is insatiable.   It must be restrained.   When citizens decide government is the source of power and the solution to all problems, they unleash a hungry beast and shirk individual responsibility, leading inevitably toward tyranny.

We know there are only two forces known to man capable of restraining behaviors such that society enjoys some measure of order, the avoidance of chaos.  One force is self-restraint based on virtue person-to-person.   The Founders knew our democracy could only function with a virtuous citizenry, and they pointed to the source of virtue flowing from the Creator.  Once we forsake the Creator and replace him with government, we cut off the flow of virtue, setting us up for destruction and chaos.  At that point, the only option, the only other force capable of restraining behaviors is force itself, a police state, the gun and the bayonet, that is, despotism.

All this, and we haven’t even considered the issues concerning partisan mass media, the relinquishing of American sovereignty in the embrace of globalism, or the new, incomparable and lethal foreign threats we face.

What is required is a bold, fierce resurgence of traditional American values rooted in the ideals of individualism, freedom, private property, enterprise, charity, sovereignty and a Jeffersonian approach to government: small, decentralized. 

Instead, we are stampeding in the opposite direction, kicking up dust, running headlong for the barn, and the glue factory.



Voter turnout did not live up to expectations apparently. 

Evangelicals stayed home in large numbers, and shame on them.  Ethnic minorities turned out in huge numbers, good for them.  However, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. looked for the day when people would be judged by the content of their Character, not the color of their skin.  What we saw in the vote yesterday was the reverse: the candidate was largely judged by the color of his skin, not the content of his character.  How then can he claim linkage to the legacy of Dr. King, especially when his racial roots run directly to Africa, having little to do with the Black experience in America?  A partial answer: we are witnessing a preference for symbolism over substance.

Also, taken in perspective, McCain’s performance was miraculous. 

In the face of an unpopular war prosecuted by an unpopular President, a hostile national media, strong opposition, being outspent 3 to 1, and an economic hurricane at the eleventh hour, it was a miracle McCain garnered 46% of the popular vote at a time when 57% of people felt the economy was the central issue.

For the future, it is also worth noting that McCain came to an ideological fight as a moderate candidate, and conservatives have long argued that the only viable counter-balance to radical liberalism is traditional conservatism, not moderate Republicanism.


17 Responses to Barn Sour Nation

  1. Princess says:

    keep writing. I will keep reading.
    We need to start working on the next election now!
    this election taught conservatives a few things… I hope enough to get motivated and organized
    McCain is still a hero

  2. Allan Erickson says:

    Thanks and God Bless! Let’s keep on…for the love of country!

  3. Etniks says:

    It’s hard to believe that someone who obviously has the faculties to write and think, can miss so blatantly the deep contradictions in his presentation.
    While complaining of the liberal’s abuse of Big Government, he totally misses the crisis created precisely for the lack of proper regulation that only can be provided by government.

    The terrible crisis created by those, like him; who pregonate small government, has forced the very government they criticize, to bail out with tax payer’s money, the criminals who benefited from the sub-prime mortgages and all those others like General Motors who have got into trouble for manufacturing garbage SUV’s that high oil prices have made obsolete. GM should be taken over by that government and sold out to the best suitor in order to save jobs at a time we can’t afford any more loses. Their management sacked and left destitute because of their deep idiocy.

    What Allan Erickson seems to be oblivious to, is that BIG BROTHER is already a fact in the USA. After braking the law for over three years, the Bush gang of thugs and their accomplices the Telecoms, have been ILLEGALLY spying on ALL Americans, and it was until later that the law was changed to make it RETROACTIVELY to cover the illegal acts. Today IT IS LEGAL to be spying on all Americans as we speak.

    So why don’t you stop this nonsense and begin from square one to try to understand what REALLY is happening ?

    A country where the President or Attorney general can point at anyone, declare him an invented legal term “alien combatant” and put him in jail indefinitely as they have done and can still do, braking the constitution, is a Banana Republic.

    A country that has broken domestic and international law by its activities in Guantanamo is a country with a too big government that needs to be brought back into size by a LIBERAL administration.

    Given that you clearly spouse the principles put forward by the Neo-Liberlist Neo-Cons that have been defeated at the polls, I wonder if you can really see the truth, given what you have written here.

  4. Allan Erickson says:

    Dear Etniks:

    I do not mean to be unkind, but I have a hard time understanding you. “Pregonate” so far as I can tell, is not a word. The sub-prime mortgage crisis can rightly be blamed on liberalism and regulatory negligence by Democrats. Your analysis of GM is flawed. If this administration had truly engaged in lawlessness, it would have been busted long ago given all its enemies. Monitoring enemies to protect American citizens is a legitimate role of government in the age of terrorism. Your hysteria belies your irrational fear of your own government and your apparent ignorance or disregard of the real threats posed by terrorists. You are absolutely incorrect to assert it is legal for the government to spy on all Americans. Are you seriously denying citizens are no longer protected by the Writ? For God’s sake, even Gitmo detainees now have access to civilian courts, the right to have charges reviewed, the right face accusers. Many of us simply disagree that the rights of combatants were violated at Gitmo, and no one has made a good case to the contrary, just as anyone with an ounce of perspective will conclude Abu Ghraib was way overblown. (Were you aware that reform at Abu Ghraib brought by the assignment of chaplains transformed that facility into a model prison? Of course not. the MSM doesn’t ever report any progress or good news out of Iraq. Don’t you think that odd?) I think it will be very interesting to see how this new administration handles the dangers and complexity of international terrorism, and the issues surrounding legitimate intelligence gathering without violating citizens’ civil rights. Those who assert our Constitution has been shredded by Bush are nuts in my view. For the real shredding, stay tuned….

  5. sybilla says:

    Comments censored by HuffPo– and I am an Obama voter!!!

    [Comment in reply to Jamie Lee Curtis (“Thank you, Barack Obama”)]:

    No Hillary, and no Clintons, please.
    They played the race card.
    I’m in Alabama. I know it when I hear it, and I heard it more than once…

    And since when does staying married to a philanderer make one a paragon of feminist ideals, or experienced at anything more than duplicity?
    Time for the Clintons to go. Let New York have Hillary, if they want to keep her. I’m a white woman in Alabama, and I sincerely hope never to see her run for national office again.

    What kind of adults form a group called “Party Unity My Ass”? Is “Hillraiser” a riff on “Hellraiser”? (Honestly, I’d like to know the answer to this question…)
    And what does having supporters like Lynn Forester de Rothschild say about a candidate, anyway? That she’s okay with exploiting the wealth of a very few Indian citizens, while ignoring the suffering masses? Come on, even Cindy McCain is better than that…

    Let the old crow fly away home, and watch a new bird take flight. It’s a new day, remember?
    Barack Obama, together with Joe Biden, won this race. Let them decide the makeup of his cabinet.


    [Comment in response to article by Lynn de Forester]:

    Finally, someone admits that Clinton did not create a good economy, but inherited one.

    Thanks, Lynn, for writing what is most likely the only honest thing you’ve said since beginning your involvement in this election.

    Since feeding the hungry in India is not a concern of yours, why not take a nice little trip to Alaska for some moose hunting, Jersey Girl?

    Tra la la la la…

    [Comment to blog where I made my very first HuffPo posting]:

    What a joke — HuffPo censors political comments.

    Funny that it was an article about access to opinions and ideas that led me to create an account…


    Is it so wrong to despise the Clintons? I am willing to bet Obama would have lost had Hillary been his running mate… and I am penalised for calling out her flaws??? So much for freedom of speech…

  6. Allan Erickson says:

    Hi Sybilla,

    I appreciate your remarks and share your concern about censorship at Huffington.

    I think the Clintons are amoral operatives and political animals willing to do most anything to acquire and exercise power. I don’t understand how anyone could seriously support them, so on the one hand, the PUMAs seem strange, but they were willing to point out the illegalities of the Obama campaing during the primary season, behaviors the Democrat Party leaders apparently decided to ignore, an aspect of their own culture of corruption.

    I’m always suspicious of people who run around accusing others of wrongdoing on a full time basis. I wonder what they are trying to hide by directing attention toward others, and roundly condemning others, especially political opponents.

    I think people should take a deep breath and consider the gracious, welcoming responses lent by McCain, Bush, Rove and Rice upon the election of Barack Obama. They exemplify class and put country first. I think history will be kind to GWB and I think the way he has been villified has been disgraceful.

    Anyway, I hope and pray our country will improve and thrive and remain free and prosperous so we can continue to be a force for good in the world, and I hope people like Jeremiah Wright are silenced not by people, but by events. The election of Barack Obama completely contradicts all the hate and vitriol spewed by JW and I hope people notice he is a fraud, a liar and force for destruction division.


    PS: Interesting how the “all inclusive” Left as represented by Huff-Po is more controlling and opposed to free speech than others.

  7. Etniks says:


    There are so many things wrong in your piece I will concentrate in some of them.

    It’s unclear how is it possible you have been missing the widely disseminated news concerning the FISA breaches by the current Banana Republican administration you support.

    The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act or FISA was instituted after the Nixon abuses in the seventies and this act has been breached by W. Bush and the Telecoms that went along with the Illegal spying in USA.

    The FISA Follies Redux

    January 26, 2008

    Editorial New York Times

    The FISA Follies, Redux

    Published: January 26, 2008
    The Senate (reportedly still under Democratic control) seems determined to help President Bush violate Americans’ civil liberties and undermine the constitutional separation of powers. Majority Leader Harry Reid is supporting White House-backed legislation that would expand the administration’s ability to spy on Americans without court supervision and ensure that the country never learns the full extent of Mr. Bush’s ILLEGAL wiretapping program.

    It also says:

    With the help of Republican senators and the misguided chairman of the Intelligence Committee, Jay Rockefeller, the White House got a bill that, once again, reduces court supervision of wiretapping. It also adds immunity for telecommunications companies that cooperated with the ILLEGAL spying.

    What this shows, Erickson, is a blatant abuse of power reminiscent of George Orwell’s famous “1984” novel from where you used the term “Big Brother”.

  8. Etniks says:

    (I have tried to provide the links to back these N Y Times articles but your system doesn’t take them, so I took them off)


    Obama, McCain Reluctantly Endorse Surveillance Deal

    June 20, 2008, 9:05 pm
    By John Broder

    Although both were absent from Washington and did not participate in the negotiations, Senators Barack Obama and John McCain on Friday offered qualified approval of the compromise worked out this week on electronic surveillance of terror suspects.

    …..”There is also little doubt that the Bush Administration, with the cooperation of major telecommunications companies, has abused that authority and undermined the Constitution by intercepting the communications of innocent Americans without their knowledge or the required court orders.”….

    …..” It also firmly re-establishes basic judicial oversight over all domestic surveillance in the future. It does, however, grant retroactive immunity, and I will work in the Senate to remove this provision so that we can seek full accountability for past offenses. But this compromise guarantees a thorough review by the Inspectors General of our national security agencies to determine what took place in the past, and ensures that there will be accountability going forward.

    What this shows, Erickson, is a blatant abuse of power reminiscent of George Orwell’s famous “1984” novel from where you used the term “Big Brother”, and you clearly support Bush’s law braking.

    GM’s problems and all other US car manufacturers are due to their own mistakes. The film “Who Killed the Electric Car” shows GM poducing an excelent electric car, only to be destroyed by their own recklesness. By you simply stating my arguments to be “flawed” as if swatting a fly, it doesn’t make it so.

    The Sub-Prime mortgage crisis belongs to Banana Republicans who have supported the now discedited “Supply Side” BS economics of Milton Friedman since the Reagan years, that declared “free markets” would self regulate, but recently the famous Allan Greenspan the big promoter of this scam has confessed he was wrong and shocked by the greed and self destructive acts by financial executives he has observed. McCain himself was singing the De-Regulate and the “sound economy” song every day until the crisis went full blown.

    I know I will not make you move an inch in your views and much less accept it in this column, but I just like to remind you Mr right wing, we in the left really need people in the other side to offer NEW ideas to fix the current problems. We don’t have all the answers and require of an antithesis to challenge the thesis, but if you keep on pushing for old proven-failed concepts (Small government and Reagan increased it by 6%!!!) that are what actually brought down your Karl Rove’s “Thousand Year Reich” of the right, then I don’t think we need you Erickson in particular. You need a little more humility, especially at a moment of total collapse of your outdated party and ideas that came all crashing down together with the economy.

  9. Allan Erickson says:


    I see you’ve been hard at work. Just a few points.

    Did the demands of the UAW have anything to do with the woes at GM?

    You cannot be serious about trying to lay the blame for the mortgage crisis at the door of Republicans. It is certainly more complicated than that, e.g.:

    Certainly the Republicans can be blamed for failing to force the Democrats to regulate appropriately in a timely fashion.

    As to domestic survelliance: Legislation was passed by both houses of Congress, reveiwed by Justice, signed by the President, reviewed by the Judiciary, codified. If you have problem with national defense via legitimate legislative processes, run for office and change the Constitution.

    But please rethink the gospel according to the N.Y. Times. It’s not a newspaper but a partisan organ.

  10. Etniks says:


    Nothing is actually simple and there are scores of factors that affect an economy, but your link to investopedia ends up blaming greedy lenders. It’s disingenuous to blame lenders who will behave in this manner ANY time they lack the correct regulations, especially when they brake the golden rule regarding risk: The more you risk, the higher the interest.

    But what they ended up doing is passing on the risk to others while getting more interest any way, and this was the beginning of the chain of events that have culminated in this monumental mess.

    With the auto industry in the US as well, answers are not as simple. GM had been complaining that the poor Medical Insurance available in the US was increasing the cost of each unit by more than $1,500 dollars, while in Canada and other countries in Europe and Japan the costs were spread amongst tax payers. Recently a study has found Japan’s Toyota is actively using what amounts to Slave labor inside Japan itself, using foreign “legal”guest workers at a pittance of the legal pay for the Japanese and US workers.

    Regarding the passing of those draconian laws to “protect” US citizens that had been broken for years by W. Bush gang of thugs and the corporate Telecoms and were passed retroactively, the Democratic party which is almost as corrupt as the Banana Republicans, went along with it fearing to be seen by the electorate as weak.

    The truth is the US is not only in an economic crisis, but this crisis is actually an expression of the much deeper crisis which is political and pervades BOTH parties, and the way “business as usual” keeps going on in Washington. Even as we write this, Obama is already choosing some of the old hacks to establish his cabinet, bringing with them the old corruption.

    The question is if this is the price he has to pay to take over next January and later he may really do the new approach he has promised? or will his administration will end up being a lot of hot air and no substance.

    For the sake of the country we all, from all factions, should be more honest and demand accountability from all politicians and stop voting in unison for one or the other party.

    Being frank, can you say the Bush approach to government represents the real old style Republican Party of its principles?

    What you say about Gitmo is simply BS. It took three US Supreme Court decisions over years to provide the constitutional rights to those detainees, and to this day the only single decision by the military shows it’s a kangaroo court, which means that after so many years the vast majority of detainees are there in violation of US and International law.

    If you want to keep coming on with this ludicrous explanations, I don’t see how we can communicate in a meaningful way.

  11. Allan Erickson says:

    I agree with you. I also do not see how we can communicate in any meaningful way. I perceive your approach is entirely negative and critical and condemning in every direction, at the same time you neglect any positive recommendations. Blending all this with your tendency to insult and it is challenging trying to communicate meaningfully.

    If you are saying business is corrupt, nationalize everything, then we have nothing to discuss. Business can be corrupt, and big corporations are more prone to grievous practices, but you can never reasonably expect perfection in a fallen world run by sinful people. It sounds like you are saying there were no regulations in place. BS. The problem appears, regulations were not enforced. If you believe that somehow matters will be improved by government controlling all the means of production and dictating what work we will do and how, then you simply shift the corruption away from private hands into the hands of government, inviting tyranny. History is clear on the point. Somehow we never move from the depotism of proletariat to the paradise of communism.

    My experience with Rotary tells me there are a lot of hard working, honest, giving people out there, worldwide, working daily to better the lives of the poorest among us, and they are doing it out of love and their own resources. My background and lessons learned from my forebearers going back to when my great grandparents came from Scandinavia are rooted in small towns, small business, small churches, big faith, ethics and honesty. We were taught restraint, think the best of others, be part of the solution.

    It grieves me as a father of a U.S. Marine to hear how our military is roundly condemned, when I know it is 99.9% heroic. The surge worked not only because we employed the Petraeus strategy of take and hold, but because our soldiers worked the streets, risking their lives, winning hearts and minds, turning Iraqis against Al Qaeda. Do they get any credit? Hell no. It’s criminal.

    It grieves me to hear Americans focus on the shreds of downside concerning Gitmo when we know from first hand experience detainees are treated very well there, although there have been controversies concerning interrogation techniques. But to listen to people like you, you’d think Americans are worse the the Stasi or KGB. (And by the way the Supreme Court decision to allow terrorists access to our courts was incredibly stupid. Two things started right away, a terror push to clog our courts, and our military sending detainees back to countries of origin, where they will be tortured indeed, and we will not have access to much of the intelligence we need to defend ourselves. Great move Supreme Court: give enemies civil rights as if they are citizens, and kick our own military in the ass.) Documented: many detainees release go back to kill Americans and others. Great. There’s justice for you. My son, Purple Heart recipient, did two tours in Iraq. Never discharged his weapon one time. Arrested many, many suspected terrorists and insurgents, only to see them back on the streets in 24 hours. He now serves on the streets of LA with LAPD. He says its more dangerous there than Baghdad.

    Frankly I’m sick to death of listening to hate-filled, anti-American, anti-U.S. military shitheads who insist on focusing only on one small slice of the pie to the detriment of our country and all that is good and decent about our young men and women in uniform.

    As to lenders, they were forced to take higher risk without companion securities like higher interest rates, down payments, collateral and verified income, thanks to LIBERALISM and social engineering foisted by Democrats via Fannie and Freddie. That’s clear enough, as is the pressure brought by ACORN working to intimidate lenders with silent protests in board rooms and visits to bankers’ private residences.

    As to Bush’s approach to government, he tried to reach across the aisle, he is a good-hearted man who tried to servie a broad range of people, but he was blind-sided by 9/11 and a vicious, disloyal opposition which was more interested in securing political advantage than providing comprehensive solutions.

    I too decry the increase in the size of the federal government and the out of control spending Bush presided over, but in fairness, Congress shares as much or more of the blame, and its ratings are lower than his.

    As to draconian laws, can you reasonably compare FISA and the Patriot Act to the situation in Iran where people have their eyes gouged out for minor infractions? Cite one example of an American surveilled much less wrongfully accused or incarcerated.

    You can’t do it because it has never happened, but to listen to you, one would think we face the Gestapo or the Spanish Inquisition. Yeah. George Bush is Hitler. Geez.

    PS: Re: FISA, for anyone interested, this site, although sometimes full of error and bias, contains interesting information about the process legislatively and the history of amendments even as late as last July, so this argument that this “thug” president rammed it down everyone’s throat is simply not true. Also, Obama voted for the most recent FISA amendments, so take it up with your new president if the entire matter is so horrendous as to warrant redress.

    PPS: Hell, the Sedition Acts signed into law by President John Adams in 1798 had more teeth than the Patriot Act.

    PPPS: The Sedition Act of 1918 had more teeth as well!

  12. Allan Erickson says:


    Collection of articles concerning origins of financial mess.

  13. Ross Robbins says:

    Frankly I’m sick to death of listening to hate-filled, anti-American, anti-U.S. military shitheads who insist on focusing only on one small slice of the pie to the detriment of our country and all that is good and decent about our young men and women in uniform.

    –It is important that we expose torture being committed by our troops, particularly when they are ordered to torture. I lost a good friend of mine two months back to this war. He died in Baghdad. I hate the fact that he died so war profiteers could line their pockets a bit more. I only hope we get out sooner than later.

    As to Bush’s approach to government, he tried to reach across the aisle, he is a good-hearted man who tried to servie a broad range of people, but he was blind-sided by 9/11 and a vicious, disloyal opposition which was more interested in securing political advantage than providing comprehensive solutions.

    –As for this, that is the biggest laugh I’ve had in a while–so for that I thank you. Bush? Good-hearted? As for a vicious opposition, I really don’t think you right-wingers can pull that one off with a straight face…can you? Well, I guess conscience went out the window a long time ago. After all, it was your pundits who mocked Chelsea Clinton and her LOOKS when Clinton was in office. She was what, 12 at the time? Yeah, the republicans are definitely the party of compassion and rational political discourse. I can hear O’Reilly (oh, wait, he’s an “independent”) screaming about it now.

    Class War! War on Christmas! Terror Alert NEON PINK! BRIGHT RED!

    Bush II has all but destroyed this country. You don’t get to blame it on Clinton, as I’ve seen in other posts–don’t you think the time has passed for that? And now we have every right-winger’s favorite OxyContin addict Rushy blaming the recession on OBAMA?!?!?!? WOW. No shame. None.

    At long last, GOP, have you no shame?


  14. Ross Robbins says:

    Oh, and by the way, two phrases come to mind–


    You lose. Why? Because your party has run the US into the ground.
    Oh, and your sprucing up of McCain’s landslide defeat — also hilarious. Bush steals 2000, barely ekes out 2004, calls it a mandate and the right wing sheep blindly baa-baa along. Obama CRUSHES McCain…and……? Oh, yeah, I forgot. The whole no shame thing. Whatever.

    Obama, and America, won a huge victory in 2008.

    As for Obama’s promise of appointing certain kinds of judges–has the right wing ever been any different? Holy hell, man, Scalia? CLARENCE THOMAS?!?! Scalia is so completely unethical it boggles the mind–but that’s okay. After all, you agree with his views.

    Ugh. Always the same ridiculous lies! Always the same moronic talking points! Five years ago I told my Uncle, a staunch Republican and Bush’s #1 fan/ BFF that this war was a huge mistake, that it would NOT go as stated, that it would be a quagmire, that thousands of American lives and tens of thousands of Iraqi civilian lives would be lost.

    Well, Uncle B., I’m sorry to say this–you were wrong. I wish you’d been right, because then my friend Timmy would still be here instead of dead in the name of Bush & Co. making a fortune.

    War criminals, monsters, the absolute worst administration in American history. Give it 20, 30 years–Bush will go down in history as our worst president ever.

    Mark my words

  15. Allan Erickson says:


    Very sorry about your friend. My son was wounded in Iraq, and lost friends. I have buddies whose sons died. We grieve and honor your friend. I assume your friend was their serving his country voluntarily and believed in what he was doing, and I am also sure the Iraqi people, in the main, appreciate all our sacrifices to secure their future and a decent future for their kids.

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