A Case for the Existence of God


Dean Overman is former senior partner of the international law firm Winston & Strawn. A former Templeton scholar at Oxford University in the fields of information theory, physics, and religion, he has also studied theology at Princeton Theological Seminary and was a visiting scholar at Harvard University.

Overman explores fundamental questions about why our world exists and how it functions, using principles of logic, physics, and theology. In a time when religion and science are often portrayed as diametrically opposed, “A Case for the Existence of God” presents a refreshing view of the interplay between science and religion and makes a compelling case for the existence of God and his role in our world.

“Like a rare wine, Dean Overman is to be savored, not gulped. Crystal clear in his thinking and wide-ranging in his reading and discussion, he is a shining example of those who believe in thinking and think in believing.” — Os Guinness, Oxford University, author of “Long Journey Home”

“Why is there something rather than nothing? Why is the universe deeply and beautifully transparent to scientific enquiry? Dean L. Overman argues with clarity and care that theism offers the most illuminating response to such profound questions. His book will be found helpful by many thoughtful seekers after truthful understanding.” — Rev. Dr. John Polkinghorne, Cambridge University, author of “Belief in God in an Age of Science”, Templeton Prize recipient


2 Responses to A Case for the Existence of God

  1. Allan Erickson says:

  2. ruth housman says:

    I walked into this book at the Newton Free Library today and I forgot the author’s name but was reminded by something else at home, that echoed his name but wasn’t quite the same. I wanted to email him but there is no contact email on line at his web site.

    I am interested in this book. I know I have proof of the existence of God by way of massive ongoing synchronicity, or what we call the astonishment of connects through story, these small miracles people write about. A long time ago I had an incredible coincidence which drew from disparate parts of my life and drew a line that connected them in a remarkable way. So I said, Give me more. I can PROVE by way of a life, YOUR existence. It’s hailing on me and has been for a long time. I am saying, there is proof, and that proof is in a life of constant amazement of connects, amaze “meant” of connects that simply cannot, be random.

    I am not in charge of the turning of these pages, meaning my Diary, nor when people will take this seriously. Parts of the Diary are available by dint of “story” that does seem like magic, at Brown University, The Hay Library, The Mel Yoken Collection of Letters.

    This Diary is about us all.

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