Questions for Michael Moore

Moore appeared on Larry King the other night saying the economic devastation globally is proof capitalism is finished, and “good riddance.”  He went on to say capitalism has never, never done anything good for anyone.

This article might prove useful to Moore and others who share his sentiments.

Meanwhile, a few questions for Mr. Moore:

1.  What do they pay documentary filmmakers in Cuba?

2.  What is your net worth?

3.  Was it American capitalism that provided your wealth?

4.  Good investment there at Halliburton?

5.  Have you changed your ways and contributed more than a pittance to charity each year?

6.  Have you changed your ways and hired more minorities?

7.  How has your foundation profitted from corporate investments in oil and pharmaceutical companies?

8.  Your mom called.  She says you don’t look so good.  She wants to know if you are eating right.


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