More perspective on gay marriage


“Anyone who believes the practice of homosexuality is wrong is obviously mean-spirited and evil. And anyone who believes in God is, well, just plain stupid.”

by Marcia Segelstein

Traditional Christians and Jews believe that, based on the Bible, the practice of homosexuality is wrong. They also believe that, just as God loves all of us sinners, so we, too, must love each other. But again, a new ethos now rules. In schools across the country, public and private, children from kindergarten on up are taught that homosexuality is simply neutral, just a fact of life, and that it is therefore wrong to think it wrong. Maybe the word “wrong” will soon be expunged from our vocabularies.


What’s at risk in this fight is not the civil rights of homosexuals.  What’s at risk is religious freedom for every American.  That and the not-so-small problem of undermining what has been for centuries the very foundation of society.


3 Responses to More perspective on gay marriage

  1. tyler says:

    Divorce is the biggest threat to marriage. Take your 50% divorce rate and go to hell, which is where you are heading for destroying the sanctity of marriage.

  2. Allan Erickson says:

    Huh? Yo. And Christians are the irrational, hate-filled bigots. Yeah. What is the “divorce” rate among homosexuals, like 95% or something? Case closed on all fronts.

  3. If you care Allan please read my blog on this same topic.

    Bottom line is that Segelstein is an extreme type and that is how your position has thrived in this argument. By presenting the extreme versions of the pro-gay movement. I want you and every person who holds faith to practice that faith in every way possible except when it would do harm or limit the rights and privileges afforded to us all under the law.

    Bottom line is not looking at homosexual divorce rates. Not anywhere near it. Bottom line is you would lose this case if we took it to court and you know it. That’s why it has be a war against evil on both sides. So nobody can win.

    Research how this all came to be within the national-public dialogue. Citizens ask politely of a government to be treated equality and our response is go read a Bible?

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