Grab a box of kleenex…

most fabulous video ever . . .


2 Responses to Grab a box of kleenex…

  1. Chip says:

    An inspiring video. Were I a bystander at the finish line, I’d also be applauding them both and holding back tears.
    I fail to see the need to put this in religious terms.

    • Allan Erickson says:

      Hey Chip. Glad to hear from you. Maybe it would help if you look at it as deep personal relationship, the love of a father for a son, unconditional love, sacrificial love, the kind of love willing to suffer, even die, for the object of that kind of affection. The kind of love that would compel God to die for us when we were helpless, and even when we were spitting in his face, and tearing out his beard and driving thorns into his skull. The kind of divine love you cannot forget, and must return, in whatever measure you can muster.

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