Obama selling trinkets, still raising money?!




Dear Mr. Obama,

Thanks for the email note below asking me to consider a donation to your campaign by purchasing a winter hat or a limited edition, full-color calendar featuring photos of you during the campaign. I’m a little confused though. Isn’t the campaign over? Didn’t you win? Why are you still raising campaign funds?

I’m sorry, but I have to decline.

I have a hat. And I have a calendar, two in fact. The one hanging over my desk features full color photos of Ronald Reagan, with historical notes about his life, and quotes from his speeches and writings.

I know you’ll understand why I can’t buy merchandise from you right now. Things are a little tight.  You know, the mortgage and all. I wasn’t eligible for mortgage assistance from Mr. Raines or the credit counselors at ACORN.

I tried to intimidate my banker on my own, but I didn’t have any help or one of those nifty ACORN tee shirts, so he didn’t budge.

The housing crisis spawned by your associates at Freddie and Fannie has caused a little economic ripple effect out here in gun and Bible land, and so our business income is down, and now that we expect to pay higher taxes to fund Public Allies, and ACORN, and U.N. global poverty programs, and worldwide abortion services, and your New, New Deal, as well as universal healthcare, well, we have to tighten our belts, just a smidge.  We’re getting ready to move from the middle class to a few notches lower, and that’s ok, we’re not complaining.  We can always cling to dumb stuff like God.

Please forgive me, but I just had a couple of other questions. I know you’ll be glad to answer them because I’m not a Fox News employee.

If the Electors vote according to the results Nov. 4, you will officially be our President-Elect on Dec. 15 and you will be inaugurated President January 20.

Do you really think it appropriate to be peddling hats and calendars at this point? Is selling trinkets a worthwhile activity for the soon-to-be Chief Executive and Leader of the Free World?

We understand you raised a record $700 million plus for your campaigns, with much of that coming from illegal foreign donors, and we hear the Federal Elections Commission won’t likely investigate all that because of political gridlock on the Commission, so we are left wondering why you need more money.

You outspent McCain 4 to 1 and reportedly had about $40 million left over after the election. Times must be pretty good for you to be staying at the finest resorts every few months. Are you still drawing a salary for all the work you’ve done in the Senate for the people of Illinois?   (Gosh, I’m gettin’ all cynical and envious.  Maybe I better change Parties?)

Let’s see, a U.S. Senator gets $169,300.00 per year in salary, plus full benefits and expenses. You have been a U.S. Senator for four years. You served in the Senate for 143 days before running for President.

Consequently, you have earned $677,200.00 as a Senator, ‘working’ for four years, but you actually worked for about five months, to be generous. Hence, the taxpayers of Illinois paid you to run for President for 43 months.

Monthly, a Senator pulls about $14,000.00. Would people in Illinois be right to ask you to return the salary money they paid for you to run for President? ($14k x 43 months=$602,000.00)

If you were selling hats and calendars to repay the good people of Illinois, I might pony up a few bucks for that worthy cause even though things are tight, because I have family in Illinois and dad was born in Chicago.

However, you seem to be asking us to spend money on hats and calendars to fund your re-election campaign. Or is this to retire Hillary’s debt? Perhaps you are raising money to fund the campaign for the next Democrat to run for governor in Illinois? 

Do you need money to hire a search firm to find a CIA director?

I mean, what is going on here?

You know sir, when you tell me I’ve got to pay more in tax because my house is a certain size, and I should pay more in capital gains to fund your giveaways or to finance abortions, I already have a serious problem with your approach to governance. Now that you’ve become something of a spammer, I wonder what’s next? Overnights in the Lincoln bedroom for a fee? Commemorative plates sold at the White House gift shop? Tee shirt sales to raise money for the Rod Blagojevich Defense Fund? (It might be better to let him swing eh?)

Money is intoxicating isn’t it? Power is an even better buzz they say. I’ll never know, and that’s a blessing. The maw of the presidency is an unbearable burden, a cruel crucible, an endless struggle pit. Regardless of our differences, the good Lord commands I pray for you, and, so be it.

I leave you with the words of Mark Twain:

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.”

“Lord save us all from a hope tree that has lost the faculty of putting out blossoms.”

“Loyalty to petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul.”

“Loyalty to the country always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it.”

Allan Erickson


Cost of goods: one hat, one calendar – $5.00

Price of goods:  $60.00

Profit:  $55.00

Profit margin:  91%


Oil companies make 8%


Who is engaged in obscene profit taking?


Allan —

It’s been just over a month since Election Day, and we’re getting ready to change America.

We can’t do it alone, and we can’t do it in a single day.

But thanks to supporters like you, change is coming.

Show your support for our ongoing movement with an Obama four-year calendar — or share one as a holiday gift.

Make a donation of $35 and get a limited edition, full-color calendar featuring photos of President-elect Obama and his family from the campaign trail:

You can also donate just $25 and get an Obama winter hat:

Your donation will support the Democratic National Committee, which did so much to strengthen this campaign over the past two years.

The DNC will continue to support change — but it also needs to retire the debt it accumulated by putting everything on the line for victory in 2008.

Get a four-year Obama calendar with your donation of $35 or more:

If you order by December 15th, delivery is guaranteed before December 25th.

Thank you for your continued support,

Obama for America


No.  Obama for Obama 

Merry Christmas!


2 Responses to Obama selling trinkets, still raising money?!

  1. Amen and I associate myself with your remarks. You put in all the questions and observations I had when their spam came into my inbox, too. During the summer, I emailed a complaint and they put me on their mailing list. I stayed on their list, because it pays to be able to get a heads up.

    My prayer is that the Lord will completely pull the covers back and reveal to the nation Obama and his friends with their ungodly and unpatriotic agenda. And God does not disappoint. Merry Christmas.

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