What Does the Bible Actually Teach About Homosexuality?

Despite what Newsweek preaches

Dr. Robert Gagnon

Associate Professor, New Testament, Pittsburg Theological Seminary

Homosexuality: A Biblical Analysis

By: Brian Schwertley


3 Responses to What Does the Bible Actually Teach About Homosexuality?

  1. Hi;

    May I interject a real life situation. I’d like to hear your guidance on this.

    My mother was given a drug to take to lessen the chance of miscarriage and promote healthy babies — that’s what the doctor told her. The drug is Diethylstilbestrol, or DES. In male fetuses, it feminizes the brains of one in five of us ‘DES sons’.

    I finally came to terms with this, and realized my choice was transition or die. So, I’m now a male-to-female transsexual who’s had ‘the operation.’ I’ve changed all my legal paperwork and although I still have a male body with XY chromosomes, it has been retrofitted to approximate female anatomy, which is good because if I ever end up in an accident, there will be no ’surprise’ for the first responders.

    I ‘pass’ very well, thank you. Only rarely do strangers figure out I was not born this way. Most people have to be told, by me, or, more often, by someone else who just has to ‘drop the bomb.’

    All my paperwork has been changed. Legally, I’m female. But I have to find an OB/GYN who can check my prostate during my yearly pelvic exam (yearly mammograms don’t need that level of disclosure.)

    So my question to you is — knowing what you know now about me, and assuming for the moment you get absolute power to label me and make determinations on where I can and can’t go —

    -Do I marry a man? Or do I marry a woman?

    -Which restroom and changing facility do you feel I, a male-to-female transsexual, should use when in public spaces?

    -Am I immoral?

    -Am I a paedophile?

    -Am I tearing down western society in support of a deviant agenda?

    -Am I selfish?

    I eagerly await your responses;

    Hazumu Osaragi

    • Allan Erickson says:

      Dear Hazumu:

      I cannot and will not presume to have the right to put you in box and label you, or advise you what to do or what not to do. I’m altogether unqualified. I am curious however why you say you only had two choices: become female or die.

      I can say this about what I believe God commands and how society ought to be organized, and believe it or not, it’s not a violation of church and state. Christians have as much right to an opinion on these matters as anyone. Unfortunately the opposition is so fervent, they appear to have lost the ability to acknowledge the right of dissent. Every person is motivated by some code of values. Some people pluck values from thin air, others appeal to traditions of man, academic or spiritual, and others have concluded transcendent truth is most reliable. I think perhaps all reasonable people can agree that the minority should not dictate to the majority, even to the extent of insisting the majority violate conscience. Nor should the majority persecute the minority simply for being different and weaker by virtue of numbers.

      In the end, God is the judge, the only one with both the knowledge base and processing power to make a right judgment.

      Even if you throw out all biblical considerations/influences, all societies eventually establish codes of behavior based on consensus. When it comes to gay marriage, the concensus remains opposed. Nobody I know advocates discrimination against anyone in the LGBT community. This is not Iran, a real theocracy based on Islamic law, the pits for everybody. I have not heard any American suggest we micromanage individual lives or regulate bedroom activity or “make determinations on where one can or can’t go” etc. The issue is gay marriage, which is not comparable to heterosexual marriage, and is objectionable to the majority for all the very good reasons listed in the three artices I posted.

      Interesting, don’t you think, that radical homosexuals insisting on gay marriage insist also on hate crimes legislation which would put the federal government in the business of actively violating the free exercise clause of the 1st Amendment?

      All I can say about your situation is to speculate what I would do, as a Christian, if I were in the same situation. Born male, with estrogen influence and hence one of the 20% with a “feminized brain,” I would accept my lot, submit to God’s will and seek his wisdom. I would pray, ask for guidance, and assume it was God’s original will that I be a male, even when man intervened, errantly prescribing medicine harmful and contrary to God’s will. This is how I would approach matters, as a Christian. No doubt it would be extraordinarily difficult. Everyone on earth is faced with tremendous difficulties in this life, primarily because we ignore our loving heavenly Father and insist on running the show with our own limited intelligence.

      After all, isn’t that what the rebellion in the Garden of Eden was all about, telling God to stick it in his ear, we’ll run the show independently, thank you very much? Results have not been too great.

      I assume you are an American living in this country, and so, you have freedom to make your own choices and, you will stand before God someday just like everyone else. Will God judge you negatively for the choice you made to become female and live accordingly? I have no idea. But I do know this. Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He knows your deepest sorrows. He is intimately familiar with every injury and insult you have ever suffered because he suffered all those and more. He loves you like no one can or ever will because he made you. And, he proclaims in stark terms, that He is the only way to the Father. By placing our trust and faith in Him, and accepting his gift of salvation through the Cross, he gives us the power to overcome sin in this life, and He provides eternal life as well. The God of love invites you to join the family and enjoy the exhiliration of a life filled with his dear Presence.

      Love ya!


  2. Vash the Stampede says:

    “Christians have as much right to an opinion on these matters as anyone. Unfortunately the opposition is so fervent, they appear to have lost the ability to acknowledge the right of dissent.”

    Hmmm, ironic much?

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