Arson in Wasilla:update

by Allan Erickson


 (12.16.08)  Accelerant was poured around the church at several locations indicating the arsonist intended to completely destroy the entire building which contained several women and two children on Friday when the fires were set.    Words, like gasoline, can accelerate fires.  The hate spewed at Palin the last three months no doubt motivated this arsonist to act, and so, those who engaged the verbal lynching of Palin, are as guilty of setting this fire as is the arsonist, at least in God’s economy.  And one day, the Judge will render a verdict.

The pastor of Sarah Palin’s church was just on Fox News being interviewed about the fire set Friday at their church, the investigation and the community reaction.  A ladies craft group was meeting at the time the fire was set. Everyone got out unhurt.

Pastor Larry Kroon said this morning many church members have taken an emotional hit over this incident, but along with cooperating with investigators, he said, parishioners are going about the business of sharing the reality of Jesus Christ, sharing the hope and love of God, and caring for people.  (All very subversive of course.)

The fire caused $1 million in damage. It was unclear if this act of arson was in any way connected to Gov. Palin.

The Governor’s spokesman released this statement:

“Whatever the motives of the arsonist, the governor has faith in the scriptural passage that what was intended for evil will in some way be used for good.”  (Genesis 50:20, Romans 8:28)

If the arsonist had in mind an effort to somehow protest Palin’s politics, or confront the church, or both, it is a strange day in America when traditional Christian people and values are viewed as worthy of violence. 

It is also evidence that words and actions have consequences.

From August 29 through Nov. 4 the Governor and the entire Palin family were assaulted, insulted, and slandered 24/7.   It was one of the most shameful displays of barbarism witnessed in our country.   Most people in media, Hollywood types, and others, made it a quest to assassinate Sarah Palin’s character by any means.   Even some conservatives joined the lynch mob, and surprisingly, some liberals expressed outrage.

Just for the record, 99.9% of the accusations leveled against her turned out to be entirely untrue, from those involving her personal life, to so-called TrooperGate, her performance as Governor, her policies, her statements, her appearance, wardrobe, manner of speaking and her personal beliefs.   Has anyone seen retractions and corrections anywhere near the scale of the condemnations and misrepresentations?

Through it all, Gov. Palin and her husband simply moved forward, remaining genuine, engaged, positive and proactive, even so far as to campaign successfully in Georgia for Chambliss after the presidential election.

The reason Palin drew so much ire is relatively straightforward.   She represents and promotes everything the Left has been trying to destroy for 50 years:  the nuclear family, traditional Christian faith, Judeo-Christian morality, conservative political values, unabashed patriotism.   They saw her coming, noticed the immediate and massive positive reaction, and began sharpening their knives.  Also, there are hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of men and women across this land who suffer abortion guilt.   When someone like Palin shows up on the national stage, calmly calling for states’ rights in the abortion debate, a Down’s Syndrome baby on her hip, the abortion guilt suffered by so many drives them to rage against her.  Sadly, they rarely exercise the option: repentance and forgiveness and healing at the foot of the Cross.  Many others oppose Palin’s stance on gay marriage, often viciously voicing their opposition to her.  Ironically, as Governor, Palin signed legislation extending benefits to partners of gay Alaska state employees.  There’s hate-filled, homophobic bigotry for you.

Many so-called feminists condemned Palin for not playing their game to the hilt, according to their rules, as if her personal and professional achievements required their approval.  One lone courageous NOW official called Palin a true feminist, but the majority of that crowd crowed derision, another shameful episode, revealing the truly tyrannical nature of various dimensions of the Left.  

Remarkably (or not so for those of faith) she persevered and even overcame, making a personal appearance right in the belly of the beast snarling for her blood—SNL and the NBC druids. 

Palin demonstrated grace, intelligence, courage and great faith throughout the election campaign.   David confronted and defeated Goliath, once again.

People never learn.  If Palin-haters wanted to take a little time to study a little history,  they would discover every time Christ and his followers are persecuted, his church grows and flourishes.   It happens every time.  From the very beginning this was the pattern.  After Christ’s crucifixtion and resurrection, Peter and James and other disciples boldly preached the Gospel in Jerusalem.  They were imprisoned and beaten and threatened with execution.  The church grew and flourished, expanding throughout the known world, overcoming even the Roman Empire in time.

One of the Temple leaders advised those persecuting the disciples:

“Leave these men alone! Let them go! For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail.  But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.”  (Acts. 5: 38, 39)

Palin is a daughter of heaven.  How do I know?   She confesses Christ, walks the walk, displays the fruit of the Spirit, does not return evil for evil, and the impact of her life shows evidence of great goodness, mercy and grace.

Those who attack her invite God’s wrath.  They will laugh and sneer, until the day it descends.

Proverbs 10:29

And those who participated in the persecution of Sarah Palin are as guilty as the arsonist, of this crime, and many others.

[PS:  what do you think we’d see if somebody burned Jeremiah Wright’s church?]


35 Responses to Arson in Wasilla:update

  1. Wine Blog says:

    She really got butchered didn’t she. I feel bad that this country couldn’t be more respectful to a candidate for vice president. Barack Obama is a disgrace for not coming out with apologies and helping to stop the mudslinging. He just wanted to win at any cost.

    • Allan Erickson says:

      I agree. I think BHO actually orchestrated a lot of the slander and is accountable. The fact he did not roundly and consistently condemn her assailants indicates complicity. He is a shark, not a gentleman.

  2. dracil says:

    You say the stuff about her are untrue? Really? So are you saying that 1) She’s really not a Creationist 2) She doesn’t believe in abstinence-only education and had a daughter who was pregnant out of wedlock?

  3. Pam says:

    PE Barack Obama did all he needed to do by stepping up for her and her family by asking the public to leave her children out of the whole campaign hatred, while, she said NOTHING at her rallies when others called out to kill him and incorrectly called him a terrorist. So, we can all be spared the ‘poor Sarah’ act. She opened her own door with that hateful speech at the RNC.

  4. Allan Erickson says:

    Dear Dracil,

    Yes, she believes God created the earth, the universe and you and me. I share her belief with about 100 million other Americans, and people like C.S. Lewis and Ben Stein and Michael Medved and Ravi Zacharias. Is it a crime to be a creationist? One would think so listening to Matt Damon and others who cannot tell the difference between creationism and intelligent design. Furthermore, there is no evidence, NONE, that Palin ever attempted to insist on the teaching of creationism in the public schools. She only suggested it be included in appropriate classes dealing with origins and or evolution. I would think anyone interested in academic freedom would be fine with Palin’s suggestion, but those who have an agenda and are only interested in pushing secularism, humanism and Darwinism on public school students of course cry foul.

    She believes in abstinence only education. Is that a crime? She never insisted that be the onlhy approach in working with youth either in public schools or privately. Her policy statement indicated abstinence only education works and is effective, but others may opt for sex ed that includes contraception education. Furthermore, did you know she signed legislation expanding services for unwed mothers?

    The attempt to pigeon-hole Palin as some kind of ‘all or noting’ cave woman promoting a Christian theocracy simply does not square with the record.

    But when there’s a character to assassinate for political expediency, let’s not let the facts stand in the way.

  5. Allan Erickson says:


    You are wrong on four fronts:

    1. BHO made one statement, ONE, saying families are out of bounds, and then stood by for weeks while the hyenas savaged both Palin and her family. No class.

    2. The Secret Service investigated and concluded nobody shouted “kill him” at McCain rallies. Urban legend, the MSM picked up, reported, repeated, and rarely retracted.

    3. She did tell supporters not to attack BHO personally and she did urge civility in campaigning,

    4. What hate speech at the Republican Convention? I find it laughable Leftists give themselves permission to practice every form of vitriol, and celebrate it, but let Palin speak about factual matters and serious disagreements about issues and political philosophy, and she is a hater, while you folks are just all compassion and altruism. What a crock.

  6. 23five23 says:

    99.9% of attacks against her were untrue?

    WTF- what world do you live in. More like, 99.9% of attacks were true and accurate. The only attack I heard that was false and made little ground was that her newest baby was actually her daughters and they are hiding it. Obviously false. Everything else, true. Troopergate – True, it happened and the non partisan board said it did, only that she broke no laws – Bridge to Nowhere – True, she was for it then against it – Sold the plane on E-bay a lie- That’s right, she didn’t sell it on ebay, she tried to but then sold it to a at a loss to someone else – AIP- True, her husband was a registered member for years, and Palin attended at least 2 rallies, giving speeches at both of them – Censorship – True, but it was exaggerated because no list was actually given to the librarian – Witch Doctor follower – True, watch the videos, a witch hunter actually does a laying on hands thing to her. Ignorant, opportunistic, racist – that’s the real Sarah Palin.

    • Allan Erickson says:

      Livin’ in the real world 23five23:

      Troopergate, non-issue, as you say, no laws broken, tempest in a teapot, used only to attempt the kind of smears you say you decry. Smears executed against those you disagree with are fine apparently, and thus, you are a hypocrite.

      Bridge to Nowhere, apparently too nuanced for the Left to grasp, but another non-issue, used only to smear.

      Plane on Ebay, I heard the sale was assisted by the Ebay posting, again, probably too nuanced for some to embrace, and another non-issue used to smear.

      Todd was not running for VP, he can be a member of whatever he wants, he explained his association to my satisfaction, and any way, so what if she addressed the group? Are you opposed to free speech? I’m sure all of BHO radical associations are of no concern to you, and you are fine with Ayers as a card-carrying anti-American terrorist and murderer, but you want us to get all bothered about Todd Palin? Get real.

      Censorship: total BS and you know it.

      Christians have stood opposed to demons and demon worship for centuries. What world do you live in? Her church supports missionary work in Africa. What a crime! You are obviously not familiar with the laying on of hands, for both healing and blessing, and also to commission new missionaries. Can’t blame you if you are not a Christian. If you are ignorant of our traditions and practices, how do you presume to judge anything having to do with Christian ministry and practice?

      Far from ignorant, Palin is first rate, far surpassing most of her critics in class, intelligence and achievement. She worked hard to achieve a great deal, a credit to her family, her state, her country and her gender.

      Where do you get off with the racism BS? Her husband is Native American. Put that in your bong and smoke it…

  7. Allan Erickson says:




  8. dracil says:

    Sorry, I don’t care about the personal lives of most celebrities and public figures. It’s their life. There are people who are worse off you should be caring about. The only time I care is when their personal life affects others.

    I assume we’re now done with that emotional outburst? So back on topic.

    As the Denver Trial showed, Intelligent Design is for most intents and purposes, just polished up Creationism with a topping of whipped cream and a strawberry.

    Also, this: “Furthermore, there is no evidence, NONE, that Palin ever attempted to insist on the teaching of creationism in the public schools. She only suggested it be included in appropriate classes dealing with origins and or evolution.”

    1) Those two statements contradict each other. 2) There ARE no appropriate classes where it belongs dealing with origins and or evolution. 3) That’s not to say there aren’t appropriate classes for them. Mythology, religious studies are all good places to discuss Creationism or its evolved version, Intelligent Design.

    “I would think anyone interested in academic freedom would be fine with Palin’s suggestion” – shall we Teach the Controversy over Storks, Geocentrism, Alchemy, and Astrology? Oh, that last one is good. Even Behe had to admit that in order to expand the definition of science to include Intelligent Design, astrology would be science. Are you sure we should be wasting resources to have the academic freedom to teach astrology as a viable alternative to astronomy?

    As for the abstinence-only education, “Her policy statement indicated abstinence only education works and is effective”. You’re right, we saw how effective that was for her pregnant, unwed daughter. That is to say, not very effective at all. So is it a crime for us to not want such an ineffective policy being encouraged?

    • Allan Erickson says:

      You are amazingly illogical. Simply because her daughter made a mistake, or made a bad choice, one instance, this throws out the entire abstinence education option? Is it logical to assert that since one teenager got away with using heroin there should be no prohibition in that area? Shall we take an exclusive case of one teenager engaging unprotected sex and avoiding AIDS or another STD and say hey, the hell with safe sex? You astound me.

      I thought it was hillarious when Ben Stein interviewed Richard Dawkins and Dawkins talked about the possibility of highly advanced aliens from other galaxies being responsible for palnting life on earth. Stein poignantly asked: could Dawkins be promoting ID?

      1) statements do not contradict—she didn’t insist or attempt to legislate the teaching of creationism, but in interviews and other conversations suggested it would be appropriate for students to explore all explanations of origins and examine the work of scientists who think Darwin is full of holes. But I guess you missed the discussion about how an old theory is now found insufficient.

      2) I see. So scientists with competing theories are to be censored because Darwin is the last word. You reveal your myopia, and prejudice. Do you deny the symbiotic relationship between Darwin, atheists, humanists and secularists?

      3) On the one hand, precisely. ID might be appropriate in a religious studies class, and or philosophy class, but when you have huge numbers of scientists also writing peer reviewed papers about ID, then the door should be opened to science classrooms too, unless you folks are simply afraid of something.

      Ayers teaches revolution in the classroom and promotes Marxism and they call that education. No problem right?

      Let a Ph.D suggest a discussion of ID and the wheels come off.

      You folks are just out there.

      PS: As to abstinence—no one ever got AIDS, or other STD, or became pregnant by abstaining. Ineffective? Not for those who abide! Hello!

  9. dracil says:

    Ah, one more point, I find it interesting that you bring up 100 million Americans share her belief. I find it interesting because 1) it’s pretty clear you are bringing it up to show you have numbers on your side but 2) that’s actually lower a lower figure than what I’ve usually seen and 3) but there are over 5 billion people on this planet who look at you the same way they do holocaust deniers, fake moon landing theorists, etc for having that belief.

    • Allan Erickson says:

      Once again, you get the Gold Medal for illogic. How many Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus etc are there in the world. Each tradition has a creation story. And these people are in the majority. Do the math. Does the majority insure truth and rightness? No, not necessarily. Just look at the recent presidential election! But your logic is flawed because you ‘facts’ are wrong.

  10. dracil says:

    Except you’ve just based your argument on a false premise. That all Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Hindus are Creationists, an assumption blatantly untrue, and you only need to look at your own backyard.

    But spoken like someone who hasn’t seen much of the world. Take a look around, and realize that even for Christians, the majority of us are Theistic Evolutionists, not Creationists.

  11. dracil says:

    Abstinence only education fails because people won’t abstain. And because you taught only abstinence and not how to use contraceptives, you’ve damned the people to pregnancy, possible abortion or a life of hardship. How many people have successfully used abstinence to have safe sex? Here’s a tip. 0% That’s right, a 100% failure rate.

    And really, is Expelled the only movie you’ve seen on this subject matter? That’s an incredibly limited knowledge of the subject matter if that’s the case. Thinking Expelled is a good movie is like thinking Michael Moore’s documentaries are good. Have you seen Kenneth Miller’s (I hope you know who he is) seminar? Have you seen PBS’s Intelligent Design on Trial? In other words, have you even looked at the material from the other side not filtered through the tinted glasses of some Creationist quote-mining?

    1) There are people who actually still believe in a flat earth. There are people who think Storkism should be taught, or that we are intelligently designed by the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Why shouldn’t those be explored as alternatives in classrooms?

    2) Strawman argument. Lovely. Where did I say they are not to be taught. There are appropriate classes for creation myths to be taught. You don’t try to teach math in English class. Likewise, you don’t try to push for creationism or intelligent design in a science class. Unless you honestly believe I’m censoring the math teachers here.

    3) GREAT! Please show me these “huge” numbers of scientists and their “peer reviewed papers!” I am not being sarcastic. We’ve been asking them to produce these papers for years. We’d LOVE to see it, but so far, nothing. Maybe you can pull some strings and get them out into the light of day.

    On another note, I find it interesting that someone at your stage of life and with the career background you have needs to resort to ad hominem attacks so frequently in conversations with guests.

  12. 23five23 says:

    no one was hurt during the fire. That’s probably too nuanced for you to figure out. Her church didn’t support charities in Africa, it supported a guy that ran a woman out of town because she was a “witch” who caused car accidents. You’re wrong on troopergate, she did something wrong and it was considered unethical, just not unlawful. Also wrong on Ebay issue, they had nothing to do with the sale. In fact, the guy who bought it sued Alaska shortly there after for repairs needed. Sarah Palin also led the charge to close a OB/GYN clinic in Wasilla because they offered abortions to women, but thankfully the Alaska supreme court ruled that for it to be reinstated because it was the only available for over 100 miles.

    And yet, you look for support for a woman that is too ignorant to even realize that she’s too ignorant for the position. Oh, but she didn’t “blink” alright. Kind of like a deer caught in your headlights. Even McCain won’t say that he supports a Palin administration for the future. Why? Because even he knows what an idiot she is and I’m sure he regrets picking her.

    The woman couldn’t handle Katie Couric for goodness sake. She was fooled by a Canadian radio station, which apparently was an obvious Canadian accent. Something I’d expect her to know since she lives next door to it. Her positions were idiotic, her view of the world is primitive and I can only assume that your positions are as well.

    Good luck with that laying on hands thing which is total nonsense similar to creationism. Which Palin also thinks is true. Psst, she even thinks humans lived at the same time dinosaurs did. lol.

    • Allan Erickson says:

      23five and dracil:

      I’ll respond to the both of you simultaneously since you seem to be cut from the same cloth. No doubt you are products of the American university system, a system strung together by institutions engaged in the Leftist indoctrination conspiracy, what we have come to call the Hate America, Hate Christians, Hate Traditional Americanism crowd.

      You see, I attended a Leftist college in the early 70s, and graduate schools afterward. (Ha. Leftist college. Sorry for the redundancy.) Every single professor was steeped in Marxist-Leninism, Freudian psychology and Darwinism. These three primary driving forces blend nicely to sustain an atheistic secular humanism (ASH) which is the popular religion of the day. Most colleges have been overrun by ASH professors. This is undeniable.

      If by definition you classify any worldview/life philosophy as religion—which is an entirely reasonable assertion—-then by definintion ASH is a religion whose prophets are Marx, Lenin, Hegel, Feuerbach, Nietzsche, Freud, Skinner, Jung, Darwin and others, and their scripture boils down to the humanist and communist manifestos.

      Few can deny American universities have preached this gospel for 50 years, proselytizing students 24/7 to convert to ASH. What happens is students get the idea from their professors they are altogether correct, that people who hold different views are idiots, prehistoric, foolish religious types, anti-intellectual, post-modern morons, uneducated, unthinking, irrelevant. The danger of this kind of arrogance of course is it easily leads to despotism.

      After all, if you are convinced you are completely correct, and the opposition is not only wrong and ignorant, but downright inconvenient, and worse, an impediment to progress, then it is easy to give yourself permission to do away with the opposition, by any means. This is why your conscience has no problem slandering and vilifying a good person like Sarah Palin. For you it is a religious question, a glorious and righteous endeavor. You are defending women’s rights, gay rights, preserving the earth, serving humanity and moving us forward to a glorious utopian future free from the chains of worn out tradition and the oppression of myth and folly. This is the kind of thinking which allows Bill Ayers and his buddies to sit around talking about having the liquidate 25 millions Americans after the revolution because there will be so many left who will not go along with the program.

      I challenge you two to watch three videos and read three books, and then let me know if they’ve had any influence.

      In the one video a former KGB agent tells us about the long view the Soviets have working to demoralize the U.S. (all confirmed by friends in the intelligence community), and the success the Soviets and their proxies have had. Before you blithely write this off as a Red Scare tactic, open your mind and consider the possibility that what Yuri has to say may carry substantial and legitimate weight. You may be tempted to write this off as outdated. This would be a mistake. Notice the resurgence of Soviet expansionism, especially in our own hemisphere. Notice too the elevation of so many useful idiots to positions of power in our country, asking if in time, you will be one of those they put up against the wall, as Yuri asserts, because, having served your purpose, you become a threat.

      Bezmenov on demoralization in America

      I would also invite you to consider these alternative worldviews and compare them:

      ISLAM: What the West Needs to Know


      Books: “The Closing of the American Mind,” Allan Bloom, and, “The Road to Serfdom,” by F.A. Hayek. and “Mere Christianity,” by C.S. Lewis.

      And I leave you with these thoughts:

      If Christians are anti-intellectual how do you explain that the vast majority of universities in the West were started and sustained by Christians?
      If Christians are anti-freedom, how do you explain that the Founding of America was driven by Christian principles, acknowledged to be the basis of the greatest and most tolerant society ever?
      If Christians are anti-science, do you realize the scientific revolution was driven by Christian ideas of a logical, creative, and approachable Deity governing an unseen world we could access via the scientific method.

      Onward, and God bless you…

  13. Betty says:

    “does not return evil for evil” You have captured her essence with this simple observation. I am not a republican, but I never saw anything in Sarah Palin that merited the ugliness that was directed at her. In fact, I was shocked by it. It was over the top and frenzied, and spoke volumes about her detractors, who seemed to be terrified of her. The final straw of nonsense was the hulabaloo over her speaking in front of a turkey being slaughtered. Every year we all give thanks and gather around a dead bird on the table. Heaven forbid Americans are reminded that we kill animals for our sustenance. The left will seize upon any and every reason to mock her. What are they afraid of? Your article has answered that question.

    • Allan Erickson says:

      Thank you for writing Betty. How refreshing to correspond with a reasonable, articulate person who exemplifies what America once was, a place populated in the main by people of good will, fair-minded individuals always ready to lend a hand, ever willing to make room for everyone. Sadly, the radical Left in this country now claims exclusive rights, excluding others, and doing so in the most mean-spirited fashion. Thanks again and God bless you.

  14. Natasha says:

    What about the vitriole that Palin inspired at her rallies – those spewed at Barack Obama? She said absolutely nothing when people were yelling “kill him”, “terrorist”, N***er, etc. This is a woman who supposedly “believes in the sanctity of life” and yet she said nothing and did nothing to have these idiots removed from the gathering. As far as I’m concerned, she deserves everything she gets. In addtion to that, this church believes that gay people can be “fixed”, allows witch doctors on their pulpit, and most likely worships with snakes if the truth be told. I don’t condone violence, but you have to believe that the idiots that inhabit this supposed church are asking for something like this to happen. We create our own reality and Palin is now living her’s. Get over it!

    • Allan Erickson says:


      Apparently people will believe anything. The Secret Service investigated the alleged incidents you cite, and found they DID NOT HAPPEN. Fact is both Palin and McCain encouraged their supporters to remain civil and issue-focused. Why do yo think McCain refused to use the Jeremiah Wright issue to skewer Obama? All Palin did was raise legitimate issues and some were about Obama’s character. Can we also present the hateful things Obama had to say about Bush, or is that off the table?

      Calling this man a witch doctor is flat out racist, don’t you think? A Christian Black man from Africa prays for righteousness in Alaska and prays the wisdom of Christ for the Governor, and somehow this makes these people idiots? Hum. Who is the hate-filled theophobic bigot? MLK prayed for righteousness and the wisdom of Christ for our nation’s leaders. What is the difference exactly?

      You don’t condone violence, but perfect verbal violence in the same breath, and expect to be taken seriously.

      PS: No one can be “fixed,” but we can be cleansed and saved and sanctified and glory bound by the blood of Christ, and so can you! Take a dip in the river Jordan. Water’s fine…mighty fine.

  15. Allan Erickson says:

    BTW dracil:


    Christians 33.32%

    Muslims 21.01%

    Hindus 13.26%

    Buddhists 5.84%

    Sikhs 0.35%

    Jews 0.23%

    Baha’is 0.12%

    other religions 11.78%

    non-religious 11.77%

    atheists 2.32% (2007 est.)


    You might want to check a few facts before making assertions.

    Also, do these traditions have creation stories/explanations/traditions: Christians, Muslims, Hindus?

    Sure do! 67% of the worlds population! I’ll leave you to do the homework.

    As to theistic evolution, that’s like trying to have one foot on one ship, and the other foot on another ship, as the two ships leave harbor going in opposition directions! Turns you into a human wishbone! Ouch!

  16. Vash the Stampede says:

    Mr. Erickson,

    I will give you credit for frequently answering posts and trying to site references but that’s where the compliments run dry.

    You’ve consistently bemoaned the Palin’s detractors but haven’t added any criticism of your own. Ask any “Leftist” and they will have plenty to say about what Obama did incorrectly. As an artist I understand that criticism is integral to a functioning world and without it we are worse off.

    You say that Palin’s been slandered, etc., 24/7 but you don’t seem to care that she chose to run as Vice President knowing that there would be plenty of vetting/smear/whatever by the opposing team. Also, saying, “It was one of the most shameful displays of barbarism witnessed in our country.” is clearly hyperbole.

    Your premise, “The reason Palin drew so much ire is relatively straightforward. She represents and promotes everything the Left has been trying to destroy for 50 years: the nuclear family, traditional Christian faith, Judeo-Christian morality, conservative political values, unabashed patriotism,” illustrates your lack of intellectual honesty/ability and your extreme bias.

    Have a good day.

    • Allan Erickson says:


      Thanks for your input. Here are some resources to help you along as well.

      Infiltration, subversion: Bezmenov on ideological demoralization in America

      ISLAM: What the West Needs to Know

      Books: “The Closing of the American Mind,” Allan Bloom, and, “The Road to Serfdom,” by F.A. Hayek. and “Mere Christianity,” by C.S. Lewis.

    • Allan Erickson says:

      PS Vash:

      Just off the top of my head, here are the accusations I can instantly recall, and you say the verbal lynching as described is hyperbole?

      >she claimed Trig was her son but it was actually her daughter’s
      >she had an affair with her husband’s business partner
      >she used her public office to engage a personal vendetta
      >she is a liar, a moron, an ignoramus and a theocrat
      >her husband has sex with his daughters
      >she cut funds for unwed teenage mothers
      >she tried to censor books at the Wasilla library
      >she moved to legislate the teaching of creationism in Alaskan schools
      >she hates gay people
      >she is a racist
      >she is a horrible mother for running for VP when she has all those kids
      >she took $500k from the RNC for clothes
      >she is an idiot for having a child so late in life
      >she thinks Africa is a country
      >she thinks she knows about foreign policy because she can see Russia from her house
      >she doesn’t know what the Bush doctrine is
      >she can’t discuss SCOTUS decisions
      >her church is a lunatic asylum that supports African witch doctors
      >her fellow church goers speak in tongues and worship with snakes
      >she endorses murdering wolves from helicopters
      >she doesn’t care about polar bears
      >she’s a war monger
      >she promotes abstinence but her daughter got pregnant out of wedlock so that makes her a hypocrite
      >her hair is dumb
      >her wardrobe is antiquated
      >she is a dominatrix
      >her only claim to conservatism is she hasn’t had an abortion
      >she is not a feminist, she is not even a woman
      >Sandra Bernhardt wanted her gang raped
      >Madonna wanted to slap her, shouting “Sarah F—king Palin” at concerts
      >many celebrities and political leaders said they hate her and wished her ill
      >Rep Rangel called her disabled
      >Whoopie Goldberg called her “very dangerous”
      >Bill Maher referred to her as a M.I.L.F. and claimed Trig was fathered by John Edwards, just to be funny of course, ha, ha.



      Barbarism, shameful hate-speech, encouraging arson, and if you turn a blind eye, and or support and encourage this kind of thing, then as far as I’m concerned, you are as guilty as the arsonist.

  17. Natasha says:

    Christianity is in the minority of world religions. The U.S. is the only nation that gives this creationist crap credence. The rest of the world, Christian or otherwise all teach the pragmatic, theory of evolution and do not mix religion and science. The U.S. will one day rue the day they let religion take precedence over secular life. Hopefully now with our new President, we will finally begin to get back to the separation of Church and State as our Constitution instructs.

    • Allan Erickson says:

      Unbelieveable ignorance, or willful propagandizing, not sure which you are engaging.

      Who proposed having religion take precedence over secular life? Seems to me we have always been a secular society founded by Judeo-Christian principles which have ushered in the most freedom, tolerance and prosperity ever known. Yet today, we have secularism trying to take precedence over the religious community. It’s called tryanny Natasha.

      Separation of Church and State? Educate thy self.

      Christianity is the minority religion?

      Christians 33.32%

      Muslims 21.01%

      Hindus 13.26%

      Buddhists 5.84%

      Sikhs 0.35%

      Jews 0.23%

      Baha’is 0.12%

      other religions 11.78%

      non-religious 11.77%

      atheists 2.32% (2007 est.)


      The rest of the world teaches pragmatic evolution? Yeah. All those Christians and Muslims and Hindus teaching Darwinism. Right. Only secularized Christians embrace Darwinian evolution. Secularized Christians: oxymoron. Bible believing Jesus lovers know “God created the heavens and the earth,” and all have fallen short of the glory of God. We also know we will each stand before the Judge one day. I’m glad I’ll be clothed in the righteousness of Christ, my only hope of glory. For those without Christ, judgment will be terrible.

  18. 23five23 says:

    Allan, the facts are straight. Palin is an idiot and Rush supporters are going to follow her for it. It’s like Rush says, that it’s a war against the “elites, the smart people,” and the stupid people. I’d rather be on the smart side. Christianity is a hoax, Palin’s believes what her daddy and husband tell her to. She is a stepford wife and a horrible person who spreads ignorance, racism, intolerance, and bigotry.

    You are so far beyond the pale that you are beyond helping. Heal thy self! Get out of you little box and see the world around you.

  19. Allan Erickson says:


    The sad reality is someday you will stand before Christ at the Judgment and every word you have ever spoken will be judged, every action, every thought. Unless you embrace Christ and accept his death as payment for your sin, the day of judgment will be terrible for you. You will face eternal torment, separated from God and separated from love itself, forever. You can say whatever you want about me, about Palin, and even about Christ, but, please, don’t blaspheme the Holy Spirit, because that is the one and only unforgiveable sin. I hope you come to know Christ, the One True God, before you die, or before He returns to judge the world.

  20. 23five23 says:

    Your Christ can suck it.

  21. […] allanerickson.wordpress.comMany so-called feminists condemned Palin for not playing their game… […]

    • Allan Erickson says:

      Matt Damon says Sarah Palin is a disaster, while admitting he doesn’t know anything about her. Hum. There’s informed opinion eh? Also, he says he won’t be able to learn about her in 8 weeks. And she’s the idiot?

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