Medved Analysis Washingtion Nativity Controversy

“There is only our natural world. Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.” 

Text of an atheist placard placed next to a Nativity scene at the Washington State capitol building.

News Coverage

Brilliant and informative analysis by Michael Medved:

Christmas Symbols Deserve More Respect than Atheist Insults

“Even the briefest examination of American history and culture makes clear the long-standing comfort with religious and specifically Christian expressions in the public sphere.

“The most obvious point about the annual quarrels over Christmas symbols and traditions involves the bizarre, passionate but unacknowledged desire by secularists to alter America beyond recognition.”

Michael Medved is an author, commentator, movie reviewer and radio talk host. 

His most recent bestseller:   “The 10 Big Lies About America”.


2 Responses to Medved Analysis Washingtion Nativity Controversy

  1. Skeptick says:

    Medved is a crazy fundamentalist nutter.

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