Egregious Moral Inversion

The Moral Battleground by Melanie Phillips


The moral inversion in the west is so egregious, so monstrous, that the better Israel is shown to behave the worse the vilification that rains down upon it.

What other country in the world would show such restraint in the face of more than 6,000 rocket attacks upon its citizens – 6,000! – that it took seven years before going to war to put a stop to it?

What other country would treat individuals – including proven terrorists – from that enemy territory in its own hospitals?

What other country would continue to provide essential foodstuffs and other supplies to those enemies who continued to fire rockets at it?

What other country, when finally forced to go to war to stop the attacks, would show such concern to avoid the loss of civilian life that it contacts the population in enemy territory — even households containing identified terrorists – to warn them to flee from the imminent bombardment?

And what other country would, for showing such unparalleled moral scrupulousness, be vilified and libelled as Israel is?


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