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Headline:  “Atheist Group Challenges Prayer at Presidential Inauguration.” (sigh)

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Books, movies, speeches, political movements, global persecutions: the impulse to oppose, and destroy Christ escalates monthly it seems.

“The Last Templar,” by Raymond Khoury, is one of the lastest ‘contributions,’ joining such anti-Christ assaults as “The Da Vinci Code,” and “The Last Temptation of Christ.”   With this book and other works, generally, Christ is attacked along two fronts: his claim to Deity, and whether or not he fathered children.  Khoury packages his tale in a more scholarly and kinder, gentler assault, but it’s an assault, nonetheless.

“The Last Templar” is an interesting, albeit confusing read.  It has been described as gripping, exciting, riveting.   It is somewhat entertaining, but lacking.  The premise: a history professor hates the Catholic church, phases in and out of sanity, and kills people on the road to trying to prove Christ is a fraud.   His seething anger stems from the death of his wife and child.  His wife dies in child birth thanks to the advice of a priest who counseled the couple not to have an abortion even though the doctor advised it.  So far as we know the priest did not hold a gun to the professor’s head.  Even so, the professor refuses to take responsibility for the decision he and his wife made, and so, with the passing of his family, the professor declares war on the Catholic church at large, burns the local church and kills the priest, then sets out to prove Christianity is a hoax by re-writing history.   Proving the hoax involves the commission of various crimes, including more murder, and the discovery of a codex in Christ’s own hand, writing protected by the Templars, a book which supposedly reveals Christ did not think he was divine in any sense. 

Thus, Christianity is a myth, but a useful myth, because people are generally nicer believing this myth, so the heroes of the story, an archaelogist and her lover (a Catholic FBI agent) essentially decide to protect the myth by allowing the codex to be destroyed. 

It is difficult to believe the behaviors displayed by these three main characters, since each seems to suffer from multiple personality disorder frequently throughout the story.  While it may be accurate depicting a modern academic as a raging Christophobe, we are encouraged to believe he has the best interests of humanity at heart, even while he murders people.  The archaeologist is also driven by an inexplicable altruism even while she betrays her love interest over and over to the point of almost getting him killed, and in the end, betrays herself and her scientific quest, for no apparent reason, other than an new-found desire to protect Christians from imploding upon discovering Christianity is a fraud.  The FBI agent, a decidedly weak and whipped individual, allows this woman to lead him on a wild goose chase.  She abandons him more than once, putting his life at risk, more than once.  At one point he suffers life-threatening injuries. Even so, he continually forgives and trots along with her from country to country like an unquestioning puppy.  Every hero’s anti-hero. 

What is especially maddening is two-fold:  none of the characters really experience any significant change in themselves as a result of these extraordinary events, and while many questions are posed, none are answered.    The reader is left with a big bag of nothingness.   Believers will scoff.  Unbelievers will be encouraged in their unbelief.  Status quo prevails: an exercise in futility.

Decide for yourself if you care to watch the NBC mini-series coming up at the end of this month.   Please let us know if you think this review is accurate, assuming the TV rendering is true to the book, which is a leap of faith in itself.

The new production about the life and work of Arthur Blessitt carries more useful information and true life experience worthy of attention:

The Cross

In other anti-Christ news:

So-Called Christian minister horrified by Christian prayer, Gay bishop prays for Obama at Lincoln Memorial

ACLU stomps Vice Mayor for implying “Jesus” in prayer  “The ACLU recently pounced on Roanoke, Virginia, Vice Mayor Sherman Lea over a prayer.  Lea, who is also an associate pastor at a church there, made an indirect reference to Jesus in his prayer at a city council meeting. A person in attendance objected, claiming it is illegal and offensive. The ACLU of Virginia has threatened a lawsuit.”

Speaking of the ACLU:

Gideons giving Bibles to Military personnel anathema

Military Reverses Bible Distribution Policy At Induction Centers
CONTACT: (212) 549-2666;
WASHINGTON – In a move that will help protect the religious freedom of new inductees, the U.S. military reversed its policy of giving preferential access to some religious groups to provide literature to new recruits. Some induction centers, known as Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS), have granted Gideons International special access to military recruits in order to provide Bibles and religious messages on the day of their induction. MEPS facilities process incoming recruits for the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard.”Rather than protecting religious freedom, many observers believe the ACLU is motivated to slam the door on religious expression, using the courts to goad the government to violate the Free Exercise clause. 


Of course what is glaringly obvious is anti-Christ forces have tried to destroy his testimony from day one.  

The first time Jesus Christ stood to speak publically, proclaiming himself the divine Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament, the people gathered at the Synagogue in Nazareth that day tried to throw him off a cliff.   [Luke 4:13-30]   

Reading the Book of John you see how Jesus was constantly assaulted and threatened with death throughout the three years of his public ministry.    The people listening to him knew he was saying he was Immanuel, “God with us.”   They knew he was claiming to be God.   That is precisely why they tried to kill him.  It was blasphemy of course, unless, it was true.   Some believed him.  Others rejected him.  It’s the same old story today.

The anti-Christ forces have been trying to destroy his story and his message for centuries.

The interesting fact of the matter, historically, is the more they try to destroy Christ and his Church, the more it flourishes.

Essential life lesson:  the King of the universe cannot be defeated; the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.   (The anti-Christ impulse then is in reality, suicide.)


The Gospel of John (major motion picture)

God Delusion Debate!   Dawkins vs. Lennox, Oxford profs duke it out

Debate itself


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