What do I think about the state of the nation?

Dear Friend,

God bless you and your family. While I celebrate this new Administration in many respects for the history making dimensions that are obvious, understanding why so many perceive this as representing an enormous breakthrough, I cannot shake a feeling of foreboding.

I feel hopeful that President Obama will be a great leader. I feel a desire for our country to experience renewal and revival. I feel very sad the way President Bush and Vice President Cheney were treated. I feel glad the country seems enthusiastic about the future.

My thinking is different compared to feelings.

I think an ever-growing federal government destroys states’ rights and individual rights. I think the collective is overwhelming the individual.

I think people have become mostly selfish, that most people place grievance before gratitude. We have separated into warring camps, losing sight of the greater good as we scramble to achieve narrow goals motivated by self-interest, and ideological promiscuity.

I think abortion remains an abomination. I think partial birth abortion is especially heinous. I think the proposal to have our tax dollars fund abortion internationally is criminal. I think FOCA is an abomination. I think God is going to judge us for this great sin, that his patience has run out. The blood of 50 million babies cries out for justice, and he hears.

I think when we send weakness signals to the likes of Al Qaeda and their kind, we encourage their aggressiveness. I think Russia is sharpening its knives. I think the Chinese are ready to pull the plug on our balance of payments. I think Iran is a grave threat. I think Ahmadinejad will get a nuke within a year and use it on Israel. I think Chavez will help Ahmadinejad attack us here at home. I think it is only a matter of time before we see another 9/11 but this time, much worse.

I think government bailouts and increases in federal spending pave the road to economic ruin. I think the new government will be forced to tax us into oblivion. I think high hopes will be dashed within 18 months as we fall further and further, not the fault of Bush or Obama, but by our own selfishness, gluttony and sloth. I think even now people with money are fleeing the country, and so private investment and job creation will wither away.

I think increasing government ownership of the financial system, the healthcare system, and large corporate entities creates a centralized economy and more and more government control leading to despotism.

I think increasing entitlements encourages people to be dependent on government which weakens people and strengthens government, setting up the likelihood of totalitarianism.

I think overturning ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ is pandering to the homosexual agenda, and will damage our military prowess. I think we have failed to secure our borders and adequately address illegal immigration, and that is killing us financially. EX: Californians spend $15B annually on health care for illegals. We simply cannot sustain all the ‘stuff’ and the ‘goodies.’ In view of Medicare alone, we will never cover the unfunded liabilities now that we have committed $2T to bailouts and stimulus packages. We are printing money like crazy and it is being devalued inexorably.

I think the more we stray from God and the more we embrace secular humanism, the farther we fall morally, and the end of the Republic draws near, regardless of who occupies the White House. I think President Obama says he is a Christian, but he promotes universalism, and even said he hopes his good works get him into heaven, indicating to me he does not understand the Gospel.

I think the days ahead will grow darker and we are looking at sudden destruction: spiritually, economically, politically, militarily and socially.

In view of all this, international PR doesn’t really amount to much. Those who hate us, have always hated us, and will continue to do so. Those who like us will stand by us regardless. The big dog is always denigrated by the majority. I also think those who put their faith in man will be deeply disappointed, even demoralized beyond repair.

We need righteousness, not rhetoric.




4 Responses to What do I think about the state of the nation?

  1. Gio says:

    I randomly stumbled across this entry and I agree with the majority of it. This nation needs more than a change of administration — its people also need a change of priorities and to curtail our obsession with greed and gluttony.

    I kept nodding at all the different points you made in agreement, but there was one sentence that made me stop in complete disagreement. Regardless of any policy, there have been and there will be homosexuals in the military – repealing the policy will not harm our military prowess. The military has for the most part overcome their old attitude that mixing soldiers of different colors would harm morale. Perhaps they shall start seeing other people the same way.

    We have a shortage of Middle Eastern translators and some still got fired for something completely unrelated to their job performance. We are not waging these wars with heterosexual tactics; a soldier’s sexual orientation –straight or gay — should have no bearing on their ability to do their job.

  2. SallyVee says:

    I *think* all of your fears and predictions are plausible and all probable. My thoughts are going in the same direction as yours.

    However, a wise friend who *thinks* the way you and I do reminded me yesterday:

    Don’t give up on God just yet. . . He gives us what we need, when we need it, we just have to have faith. You wrote: “Enjoy, savor, and watch closely because we are never, ever, going to witness another leader like GWB.” But the same thing was said when Reagan left office. . . and look what happened just 12 years later.

  3. Allan Erickson says:

    Thanks Gio. Please be assured I do not bear anyone ill will, nor do I think homosexuals should be excluded from military service. Rather, I think overturning the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy makes an issue where none should exist and will eventually cause internal frictions a fighting force is loathe to allow. However, I’ll agree with you, among the long list of lethal threats we face internally and externally, it’s hardly worth mentioning.

  4. Allan Erickson says:

    Dear Sally,

    Thanks so much for the wise words and encouragement. Indeed, the Lord is God, his will be done, no matter what man may do. I just grieve for my kids, and eventual grand kids, since this world seems to be tanking in accelerated fashion. Still, we need have faith, and take a stand, and having done all, stand!

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