Age of Obama, Sunshine Patriots & the denigration of GWB

by Allan Erickson


A socialist, leftist college acquaintance recently wrote on the eve of the inauguration:


“Tomorrow I shall hang the Flag out for the first time in 8 years.”  (He lives in Belgium and for the last few years said he was afraid to fly our flag for fear of violent retribution.)


I asked: Does that make you a sunshine patriot?


He replied:    “I can say with some certainty that the huge majority of the world is glad to see the back of the previous administration.  I was ashamed of being American for 6 of the 8 Bush years.   Unfortunately the previous administration violated the Constitution at almost every level and politicised the Government Departments.  I am a Patriot like yourself but I believe in different values and in particular in the values of the rights and liberties that the Constitution expresses.  We live in a single world and we should not deal with it exclusively by military means, nor work in isolation or unilaterally, nor exploit the world at the expense of others, but contribute to making it a better place for all.   Now let us all put asside our misgivings and work to see that BHO succeeds because if he does not the consequences don’t bear thinking about.”


My response:

Sounds like the ‘politics of fear.’


Does anyone believe America deals with the rest of the world by military means exclusively, that we work unilaterally, or that we work in isolation?  Last I checked we give more than anyone in terms of private contributions, foreign aid, material and volunteer labor.  Always have.  Last I checked the Bush administration did more in the way of funding domestic government programs for minorities than any previous administration, and provided more to fight disease in Africa than anyone, ever, at any time.  Many allies continue to stand with us.  Are we now being called to foresake principles for the sake of popularity? Facts can interfere with the entrenched ideological narrative of the Left.


Had GWB violated the Constitution as you say, he would have been brought up on charges.


The simple truth is the executive had disagreements with the legislative over the use of the military and our intelligence services in this new era called the war on terror.


The rights and liberties protected by the Constitution include the right to dissent, something I thought the Left embraced, but apparently, only if that dissention involves promotion of Leftist ideology.


The judiciary has refereed the struggles over the right course waged between the legislative and the executive. In other words, it appears the constitutional separation of powers, and the designed interplay, has worked rather well, as usual. Balance played out as it should.  It is good the respective branches hold one another accountable.


You may rightly assert the executive took a more aggressive role these last few years in a time of war, but to condemn Bush for this you must also condemn Washington, Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, Truman, Kennedy, Nixon and Reagan, oh, and Clinton too, that is, if you are interested in proceeding logically, and fairly.


(Speaking of fairness: Carter and Clinton, with their systemic and continuous displays of weakness, encouraged the expansion of Islamic terrorism, and it got dropped in Bush’s lap, with a vengeance. That is a fair reading of history. Why aren’t you guys a bit peeved at Carter and Clinton? Why does Bush enjoy all your wrath? Could it be the partisan impulse, primarily? Of course it is. And that’s patriotic?)


We can disagree about the definition of torture without claiming one or the other side is criminal.


We can disagree about foreign policy and the use of force without accusing one side or the other of treason.


We can disagree about tax policy.  (The truth however is that 85% of taxes are paid by the top 25% of income earners.  Simple fact.)


We can disagree about the proper management of the Justice Department, about whether this or that policy is environmentally responsible and whether embryonic stem cell research and abortion on demand are immoral, without burning the house down.


However, my experience tells me I can discuss anything with conservatives and not be threatened, but the moment I disagree with a liberal, all hell breaks loose. It might surprise you to learn I’ve been threatened with bodily harm, and my life has been threatened by Leftists, many times, over the years.   Disagree with a conservative and they try to persuade.   Disagree with a leftist and they try to take your head off.  And you claim the civilized high ground.  What a crock.


It makes it difficult to embrace the call to diversity and tolerance.


Otherwise . . . none of you guys got your panties in a bunch about the invasion of Afghanistan, or Obama’s planned escalation there, but the wheels come off when it comes to Iraq?  (And how about Obama’s proposal to invade sovereign, nuclear-armed Pakistan, an ally?  Not a problem right?)


I would remind you the Oct. 2002 Authorization to Use Force in Iraq was passed by both the Senate and the House, a bipartisan measure, delineating resolutions noting all the various reasons for confronting Saddam, above and beyond the suspicions surrounding WMD.


However, when the propaganda machine gets rolling with the willing participation of the major newspapers and television networks, facts quickly get lost in the rush to judgment, the impulse to retribution, and the passion surrounding the lynch mob. In order to motivate a mob, you must focus them on one thing, and that one thing was WMD, hammered over and over, month after month, year after year, until the fiction became reality. (The Nazi propaganda machine had nothing on today’s MSM.   The American media has been thoroughly corrupted by the invasion of ideologues displaying little interest in the public’s right to know, insisting on supplying only what they think the public should conclude.)


I thought you embraced the rule of law? What about the Constitutional proceedings leading up to and including the passage of the Oct. 2002 Authorization? You might find it interesting reading.


It amazes me how often the Left reacts knee-jerk: taking a mere allegation and inflaming it into international controversy, solely to achieve political gain.


Murtha did it with Haditha. (All Marines exonerated.)


A number of you did it with Abu Ghraib. (Numerous investigations proved it was not a reflection of administration policy but an aberration. Note it is a model facility today, thanks to the presence of Christian chaplains. Never read about that did you?)


Still more did it with Gitmo. (Only three instances of water boarding, all used on 9/11 perpetrators, yielding vital intelligence which helped save thousands of lives, measures you endorsed in the interests of self defense. Bush wanted to close Gitmo. Nobody would take the detainees. More than 500 have been released. Sixty-one went back to fighting us using terrorist tactics. Only 250 of the worst remain. Now Obama wants to release them, or try them in civilian courts, or send them somewhere. If they wind up in Egypt, you’ll see real torture, something Bush wanted to avoid.  If they wind up in the field, they will kill Americans.  If they wind up in our courts, it will simply be a circus, demoralizing our military, and giving the thugs a platform from which to recruit and inflame.)


Reid did it with “this war is lost.”


Durban did it likening our troops to agents of totalitarianism.


Kerry did it, saying our boys were terrorizing Iraqis.


Many of the rest of the Dem leaders likewise participated in seditious activities, and Bush is the criminal? BS.


In Washington’s day, Murtha and some of these others would have faced a firing squad.


And all the while, all of you ignored Saddam’s serial crimes against humanity, you ignored his violations of the Gulf War ceasefire agreements, you ignored the U.N. Security Council resolutions, the concerns of our allies, you ignored the links to terrorism, you ignored the will of the Iraqi people, conveniently forgetting all those purple voting fingers, you denied the success of the surge, and the moment our troops turned the corner heading home to victory, Iraq was no longer a campaign issue.






Partisan participation in anti-American activities designed to re-fashion American in to a Euro-Socialist state.


(Irony of ironies: Euro-Socialism cannot exist without American capitalism and the prosperity it brings, yet Europeans join others in the effort to destroy America. Ironic also, the security of free people depends on a strong American military, which you idiots disparage at every turn. Talk about biting the hand that feeds and defends and protects and provides…)


History will show GWB stood courageously, almost alone, against the horrendous threats posed by various terror organizations, and rogue states, he cleaned house, secured the Republic, and provided hope to millions of people otherwise held captive under the boot of tyranny. Those who denigrate him, denigrate the very rights and liberties he fought so hard to preserve for us, and for so many in the Arab world. He preserved, defended and protected the Constitution, while many weak and cowardly whiners attacked him from the shadows with false allegations, unfair characterizations, and outright lies.


You spit on our President and our military, call yourself a patriot, and ignore vicious enemies who continue seeking our annihilation.


Not smart. Not informed. Not prudent. Not patriotic.


The day you set aside the illusion that utopia is attainable on earth is the day you set yourself free to soberly face the realities of the modern world. Until then, you wander in the wilderness with the likes of John Lennon and Barack Obama, dreaming lunatic dreams, and putting the rest of us at risk. 


I cannot in good conscience hope President Obama succeeds. His stated goals, if achieved, will destroy my country. 


He wants to turn my country into a socialist state.  He is glad to centralize all power, all wealth, all authority in D.C.  It is a prescription for despotism.


He wants to legalize abortion on demand and partial birth abortion, nationally, running roughshod over states’ rights, parental rights, and the conscience of Christians and others of faith. 


He projects weakness in the face of sworn enemies. 


He wants the Supreme Court to rule with bias in favor of the “dispossessed.”  


He promotes a radical environmental agenda and other measures taking away the rights of the individual and private property rights. 


He promotes immorality concerning homosexuality, hate crimes, workplace behavior and threatens the institution of marriage.  


He is glad to hand large pieces of our sovereignty to the U.N.  


He threatens the right to bear arms and the free exercise clause.


All his closest associates, friends, allies and colleagues are radical, anti-American operatives. 




You may wish to join the rest of the lemmings in the blind leap off the cliff but I will not follow, and in fact, I will fight you every step of the way. 


My wife and I have already decided that if this government insists our tax dollars go to fund abortion, we will refuse to pay taxes, regardless of the consequences. 


Mark my words: the Obama administration will be far more divisive and destructive than anything you ever imaged GWB guilt of, and more, much more.   Whether he is aware or not, President Obama is sowing the seeds of tyranny.


“These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” 


Thomas Paine, 1778


Responding to your original message: my flag has flown daily since 9/11, and continues flying to this day, honoring our military, and in the hope our people will come to their senses and reject the insanity of Leftist ideology.


3 Responses to Age of Obama, Sunshine Patriots & the denigration of GWB

  1. Primus Tomlinson says:

    So basically you are paranoid and scared. Despite the fact that there is not a nation standing except maybe Russia or China, who could ever even take away a sqare mile of our territory you still keep looking for some magical bogeyman. Keep riding that wave of fear, even though it has already washed ashore.

    One other thing, W is going to get away with it, because he had a Republican congress for six years, and a current administration who do not want to look “petty”. If it were up to me I’d like to see the whole cabinet subpoened. I think you don’t really care what laws are broken as long as it satisfies your misplaced blood lust.

    In other words, a perfect Bush voter.

  2. Allan Erickson says:

    Yeah, there remain a few reasons to be paranoid. When hundreds of thousands of jihadists worldwide, riding a 1300 year tradition of aggressive murder, insist on destroying my country, and increasingly they have access to the means, one might be just a smidge concerned, and we haven’t even started talking about Iran and the 80 or so terror organizations suckling at that breast. Nor have we begun talking about Saudi funding of radicalized Islamic schools, in the U.S., and around the world, brainwashing a new generation of suicide bombers and people itching to get a nuke. May be paranoid, but when murderers increase exponentially in number and hate-motivation, it’s not real promising. They’re already denigrating BHO and burning him in effigy. You still don’t get it I suppose: they hate us, simply for being infidels. I don’t know where you live Primus, but New Yorkers and others, like people in Mumbai, Jerusalem, Lebanon, Baghdad, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and a thousand other places realize the danger of Islamic jihad. You must live at the beach since your head is in the sand.

    As to blood lust, seems to me you lust for Bush’ blood Primus, without cause. Your pathetic attempt to justify your own irrational hatred only reveals it.

  3. Allan Erickson says:

    Anyone get a load of this story?

    The plague, also known as “black death,” is believed to have killed an estimated 75-200 million people in the 14th century. Today, the World Health Organization reports several thousand cases a year, mainly in southern Asia, Africa and Central America.

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