IRAQ: What you don’t know will hurt you


Warning:  Graphic Video


Excerpt:  by Sgt. Welsh, USMC.

Almost 90% of Americans believe the war in Iraq is and was a waste. The Hollywood media feeds the public wasteful, depressing, and horribly fabricated stories. When did the U.S. military become the bad-guys? We are stereotyped “Generation Kill.” I guess that is all we do. All we do is go to Iraq, hunt innocents and slaughter them. I guess that is what I did for eight months while I was there.

I guess I really didn’t save Iraqi families from being tortured by foreign jihadis. I didn’t set up the first ever Iraqi elections. Or see my brothers blown up, shot, maimed, and killed. Getting attacked from Mosques and hospitals–and you know what?  We just took it, day after day we took it and we kept going. An IED blowing up underneath me each day.  We couldn’t fight back; we were ordered not to. No matter how much vengeful, pent up aggression I felt, or how much I wanted to kill, I didn’t act on it. We have a code, Rules of Engagement. “RULES,” rules that are followed.

But according to then Senator and now President Obama, all I did was air-raid villages and kill innocent civilians.

Joint House Resolution, Authorization to Use Force in Iraq, 2002


9 Responses to IRAQ: What you don’t know will hurt you

  1. nikolai says:

    You and the rest of the armed forces got caught up in a thankless sh*t-storm of a quagmire not of your making, and that’s why the “liberals” wanted you out and safe. The republicans were the ones saying, “Well, they knew the job when they took it” and “Well, they are a VOLUNTEER force, so they chose to be over there(Iraq)!” REPUBLICANS words! As if American soldiers were and are disposable! How f*cking heartless can you get?! Liberals ARE grateful and thankful for our soldiers, but NOT the way they and the military are used as pawns for political and big business schemes! GOOD LUCK MARINE!

    • Allan Erickson says:

      Boy, are you out to lunch. Might interest you to know the vast majority of men and women in the military are conservative, supported President Bush, and loathe the seditious remarks made by numerous liberal politicians during the course of the last seven years. It might also interest you to know 75% of Americans polled recently said they admire and trust the military but only 15% could say the same about Congress. As usual, the men and women on the ground, in the factories, at work in their businesses and on the farms, make this country great. Leaders have little to do with it for the most part. As far as Iraq is concerned, do you really believe Republicans view our soldiers as disposable? I’d say you are the heartless one. And do you actually believe we are in a quagmire in Iraq? If so, I suppose you’ve not read the news for more than a year.

  2. bob says:

    did you know that 75% of people will use baseless statistics to try and ram baseless opinions down your throat?

    Where is your polling information on the political leanings of the men and women of the armed forces branches?

    As far as Republicans, do you really believe that after switching the “mission” three times (WMDs, War on Terror, Democracy for all) they actually had a reason other than propping up an unsustainable bubble economy, and making sure military spending remains at the same ridiculously high level, for invading Iraq?

    I’ll take two cubes of sugar in my kool-aide, thanks!

    • Allan Erickson says:

      How Americans feel about our military:

      How men and women in the military felt about the recent presidential race:

      Any serious student understands the mission going in carried multifaceted goals. We were told going in it would be very risky, and difficult, but worthwhile. Turns out we were told the truth. Read the joint resolution HRC voted for in Oct. 2002.

      People who read and think also know part of the strategy was to draw Al Qaeda into a centralized battlefield to accomplish two things: protect Americans at home, and destroy terrorists over there.

      I suppose you probably don’t care much what the Iraqis want. Remember all those purple fingers? They vote again Saturday. Wonder how that happened? No thanks to cowards like Kerry, Dean, Durbin, Reid and the rest.

      If you want the truth about military/defense spending, take it from a Democrat in the following video. War spending is not our problem. Entitlements are the problem, and since you want me to do all your homework for you, I suspect you are among the entitled, relying on others for your existence.

      1965, Defense/Military was 43% of the federal budget
      2005, Defense/Military was 20% of the federal budget

      Enjoy your Kool-Aide. You know Bob, it’s easy being a smart ass. It takes effort to arrive at some useful understanding of what is going on. Make the effort.

  3. nikolai says:

    Allan, this is ol’ “Out to lunch.” I suppose it depends on where you get your stats, right? I can counter all of your stats(below is but one example) but you KNOW that you can find stats on the internet that counter the links/stats you have posted, so give it a rest.

    As far as being “out to lunch”, the republicans are “out to lunch” and that is why they are OUT OF OFFICE.

  4. nikolai,

    Indeed, “out to lunch.” You may want to read the link before sending it. It only confirms my argument.

    As to Republicans being out of office, they’ve been out before, and so have the Dems, and both with be in and out, back and forth. Remember what happened to Carter, and two years into Clinton’s first term.

    But, maybe you don’t remember, or never knew.

  5. nikolai says:

    Sure, I remember Carter and Clinton I voted for both of them. Let’s see, they had to clean up after republican presidents, didn’t they? Oh, and Carter was SUCH a poor president… look at the f*cked-up MESS nixon and that idiot ford left him!

  6. Allan Erickson says:

    Apparently you are the poster child for HLS: hysterical liberal syndrome. Deny reality, wallow in profane emotionalism, and ignore history. Enjoy the illusion. If you really think Carter and Clinton were great presidents, we have nothing more to discuss. See you on the other side of the Obama Administration, if there’s anything left.

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