Iraqi Election Results (Thx Scott!)

Religious divisions have far less influence, violence down, freedom embraced, democracy advancing. I guess GWB wasn’t the idiot so many painted him for so many years.

ABC News coverage Iraq election results

Shia Muslim Imam Defending Democracy & Freedom!

Wonderful, encouraging news.  


Where is the rest of the news media? 


Where are Reid and the rest? 


They should now retract their seditious remarks and the insults hurled at our President and our military. 


Where are the sniveling cowards who whined and moaned for six years to the detriment of our troops and the comfort of our enemies? 


Where are they!?  


Come on Michael Moore and the rest of you bums in Hollywood.  Let’s see if you have any onions whatsoever.   Speak up and admit you were wrong and honor those Americans who sacrificed so much.  Honor those brave Iraqis who stood up against tyranny and overcame. 


To all the anti-American war critics who slandered our military including the Commander in Chief:  you are despicable.  Your silence now condemns you further.  



If you had a shred of guts or integrity you’d go over there and shoulder the reconstruction wheel and do penance for your crimes against freedom-loving people.



Be part of the solution for once.



Oh, and by the way you scoundrels:


One Response to Iraqi Election Results (Thx Scott!)

  1. Scott Jones says:

    I haven’t heard one congratulatory remark to the Iraqis from the White House.

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