Nyquist: Shameful Stupidity . . .

 . . . of the flabby and the vapid.


“Few grasp the strategic implications of ‘electromagnetic pulse’, low trajectory SLBM strikes, or gray terror.”


Shameful Stupidity

by J. R. Nyquist

Weekly Column Published: 02.06.2009






Without the threat of American nuclear bombs, Europe would have been overrun by Russian tanks in the 1950s and the global economy wouldn’t have developed after World War II. As the center of global capitalism, the United States owes its very existence to The Bomb. Nevertheless, Barack Obama wants to reduce America’s arsenal.  “We want a new arms reduction treaty,” he says. And Russia will give him one.

On their side the Russians are eager to encourage U.S. disarmament. There has even been liberal posturing from Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. A few weeks ago a Russian general, talking on the radio, publicly advised the Kremlin to take a more soothing stance toward the Americans. Half the American nuclear arsenal doesn’t work, he said, and the other half is seriously neglected. The Kremlin only needs a little patience and a little friendliness. If Russia lays low and avoids stunts like the recent incursion into Georgia, then Russia might enjoy the dominant position. President Obama wants a nuclear arms reduction agreement. All Russia has to do is sign the agreement and ignore its requirements. This is what the Russians have already done. In 1997 the famous intelligence expert, Bill Lee, warned that Russia had a hidden stockpile of nuclear weapons that nobody wanted to talk about. As it turns out, arms reduction is too sexy. It is something that flabby and vapid people cannot resist.

The U.S. nuclear arsenal is presently believed to include about 2,300 warheads. Some experts on nuclear warfare believe that anything below 2,000 warheads would be dangerous for the American side. But Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has already notified Congress of her intention to begin talks with the Russians on “deep nuclear reductions.”

In terms of foreign policy, the arms reduction approach epitomizes flabbiness and vapidity. It is the answer one comes to expect from those who are “empty.” If this is our government, then we know what to expect. The United States is headed for disarmament. Who dares to raise an alarm against this shameful stupidity?


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