Muzzammil Hassan accused of beheading his wife

Additional information 3.3.09:

Insight 2.28.09



One Brit refuses to stuff his head in the sand: highly relevant commentary

2.22.09 UPDATE: 

Def. Lawyer says beheading has nothing to do with religion

Translation:  Americans are dumb as dirt and will believe anything the defense attorney says on behalf of the perp.

REFUSING to acknowledge the connections between details of this incident and the tenets of their legal, religious and family law traditions is taking political correctness to the level of outright insanity. Passing it off as extreme domestic violence is comparable to likening the Taliban to Islamic boy scouts. The so-called champions of women’s rights hide behind domestic violence, seeking an approach which would spread the blame throughout the culture. Sorry. Not buying it. Arab women are abused, oppressed, raped and killed in far higher numbers and with much greater frequency than anything seen in the West, and to deny this is to stick our collective heads in the sand and renounce any claim to civilized rationalism.

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Feb. 18: More coverage from Huffington Post

Feb. 18: Coverage from WND

Linked to Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!  (see below)


Feb. 17 Update


Hassan, CEO of Bridge TV, a media project designed to promote cross-cultural understanding between Muslims and others.

News story here

Mo Hassan, CEO of Bridge TV, accused of beheading his wife, pictured below.

More background information: gruesome video, be forewarned

Here’s the article from Buffalo TV station WIVB:

Man charged with wife’s gruesome death
The couple have four children

Updated: Friday, 13 Feb 2009, 6:49 PM EST

Posted by: Emily Lenihan

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) – A shocking and gruesome story of a T.V. station owner’s wife, found decapitated at the Bridge’s Muslim T.V. network in Orchard Park.

In pictures of happier times, 37-year-old Aasiya Zubair and her 44-year-old husband Mo Hassan, who founded Bridges T.V.

Thursday evening, police converge on the station’s Orchard Park studio and office.

“The worst that I’ve seen, yeah,” said Andrew Benz, Orchard Park Police Chief.

Orchard Park Police chief Andrew Benz is talking about the crime scene where Assiya Zubair’s body was found.

Police tell News 4 the only suspect in this case is the victim’s husband, who walked into police headquarters in Orchard Park Thursday evening to report his wife was dead.

It’s being called a brutal murder.

“She was decapitated,yes,” said Benz.

Zubair was found in the hallway. The mission of Bridges TV is to foster understanding between cultures and diverse populations. According to police, the couple had trouble getting along.

Benz said, “There has been some history. I believe Mrs. Hassan, the victim, had recently filed for divorce and had served the papers on Mr. Hassan.”

Police say Zubair and her husband were parents to four children. The marital issues came to light recently with police going to the couple’s Big Tree Road in Orchard Park last Friday. ApparentlyZubair felt she was in danger.

“We had been down to their house on Friday, the 6th to serve an order of protection,” said Benz.

Police say Hassan moved out that day. Bridges T.V. staffers aren’t commenting. The website list Hassan as the CEO and his wife was the general manager. It’s not clear if she was still working at Bridges.

“Simply because you get an order or protection, I don’t think you can put your guard down and say I am safe now,” Benz said.

The Erie County Holding Center is where Hassan is being held on a second degree murder charge.

There’s no bail at this point.

Authorities aren’t saying anything about a possible motive.

They are trying to contact the victim’s family in Pakistan.

Amy Goodman


Founder of Network Promoting Positive Muslim Image Arrested — For Beheading Wife

The Muslim founder of BridgesTV, a cable network whose slogan is “connecting people through understanding” and which tried to “improve the image of Muslims in the United States,” was arrested on Thursday, for allegedly killing his estranged wife in a manner normally associated with Islamist terrorists — chopping off her head.

Greg Mitchell, editor of Editor & Publisher, reported on Friday that Muzzammil Hassan, “a prominent Buffalo area businessman who founded the BridgesTV network to improve the image of Muslims in the U.S.,” had been charged with second-degree murder in the beheading death of his wife Aasiya Z. Hassan. Mitchell quoted from the network’s website, which described Mrs. Hassan’s “instrumental role in the creation of BridgesTV since she came up with the idea for the network.” The picture of the couple is still up on the website.

Later in his article, Mitchell noted that programs on the network “include kids shows, ‘American Muslim Teen Talk,’ Amy Goodman’s ‘Democracy Now’ and an interview show with James Zogby” (a Muslim network aired a left-wing anti-war program?). He also mentioned that NPR’s All Things Considered program had profiled the Hassans in 2004.

BridgesTV might have had the aim of trying to improve the image of Muslims, but over two years ago, Steve Stalinsky of MEMRI outlined in the now-defunct New York Sun that the network featured Wahhabi anti-Christian and anti-Jewish sermons from Saudi TV broadcasts, including English subtitles. Stalinsky also noted that Donald Conover, one of the main hosts on the network, discussed “the power of the ‘Jewish lobby’” and urged Muslims to vote for Democrats during an interview with a Saudi newspaper in 2006.

You might say some of the network’s past actions, culminating with this latest news, has done nothing to improve the image of Muslims in the U.S., but has only reenforced the strongest imagery about the most publicized sectors of the Islamic world.

—Matthew Balan is a news analyst at the Media Research Center.


21 Responses to Muzzammil Hassan accused of beheading his wife

  1. Allan Erickson says:

    Interesting to watch Democracy Now! as they go to commercial break promoting Islam, Bridge TV, and various Muslim products and services. Odd that a program devoted to women’s rights, gay rights, abortion on demand and every other thing Far Left would embrace Islamic tradition which is so contrary in so many ways. About the only thing they have in common is a hatred for America. Hum.

  2. Jeevan Saathi says:

    Snakes are snakes, Muslims are Muslims. They will never change their nature.

  3. Allan Erickson says:

    Jeevan Saathi:

    Thanks for making comment. I too believe the traditions of Islam have been on balance negative for humankind, but I think we need to be careful not to lump every Muslim into one mold and condemn the entire people group. There are moderates who do not subscribe to the more aggressive tenets of the belief system, and those who’ve come out of even radical enclaves to pursue more peaceful and productive paths.

  4. Sahreen Storm says:

    Allan and Jeevan,

    Every country has extremists. So what if Pakistan has a lot of extremists, I know it is affecting so many people but nobody does anything. I am a Muslim too and in Quran it doesn’t say to murder. Islam doesn’t allow any body to take life. Please don’t say any bad about the religion without knowing the religion first. Islam doesn’t say that your women is your property thats what people fake beliefs are.
    I also have so many things to say but I don’t want to create hatred towards anything.
    I feel so bad about what happened but I don’t know what really happened in the background. I don’t trust media and unfortunately people do.

    There is good and bad everywhere. If you guys don’t know what I am talking about then take a look at the Jerry Springer’s show, That explains a lot of things.
    The media exaggerates the truth. There is a lot of information missing in this incident.

  5. Sahreen Storm says:

    I have my story too. I don’t want to tell media about it. I want to help other woman.

    I am also victim of Honor Killing. In that case, I lost my baby. I am Muslim girl married to white guy(who converted to Muslim).

  6. S says:

    Sahreen and Allan

    I’m very much curious about your story. I’m sorry for the loss of your baby. Is there a way we can contact? Allan can you give Sahreen my email address privately? Thanks

  7. Ex-TunisianMuslim says:

    How ironic, but so true. Sahreen you are either on opium or lying – the Koran and Hadiths are full of calls to kill and maim.

  8. Allan Erickson says:

    Please, everyone. I have learned something about Sahreen’s story, and although we can forcefully object to various dimensions of Islamic law and tradition, let’s be sensitive to her situation and her feelings. She has been through some terribly tragic personal ordeals. Courtesy folks, always courtesy.

  9. Sahreen Storm says:

    Hello Ex-TunisianMuslim,

    I wonder what kind of interpretations of Quran do you have. Excerpt from interpretations of Quran
    Islam does not allow or sanctify the killing any innocent person regardless of his or her religion. According to the Qur’an and Hadith (sayings of Prophet Muhammad) life is sacrosanct.

    We read in the Qur’an: “. . . Do not take life, which Allah has made sacred, except through justice and the law. He orders this so that you may acquire wisdom” (6:151) and, “Do not take life, which Allah has made sacred, except for a just cause. If anyone is killed unjustly, We allow his heir (to seek justice) but do not allow him to exceed bounds when it comes to taking life, for he is helped (by the law)” (17:33). According to the Qur’an, killing a person unjustly is the same as killing all of humanity, and saving a person is the same as saving all humanity. (See 5:32.)

    I guess it also depends on human mentality to takes different interpretations of any religion…. I don’t have anything else to say!

  10. Allan Erickson says:

  11. […] Muzzammil Hassan beheaded his wife in February, where were the champions of women?  Where was Mr. Obama’s […]

  12. Le Mystique says:

    I would paste what another reader had to say at another site:
    “A suitable story to use as a club to beat up Islam. If this guy, Hassan, indeed committed such heinous crime against his wife, then his deed is due to his mentality and has little to do with his religion. If the guy was Jewish, would anyone dare to associate the actual act of violent domestic homicide to Judaism? Of course not and rightfully so because Judaism does not teach or encourage to end one’s life for whatever reason. The whole speculation that this guy’s action reveals his unknown intention is nothing but a gratuitous assumption and not backed by a concrete evidence. Yet the columnist on Huff sees it to embellish the story with the ever popular notion that this was an honor killing of some sort while the police investigation hasn’t even begun. Maybe indeed this guy murder his wife base on his misinterpretation of religious doctrines but what kind of journalistic integrity are we promoting here to create facts on ground and ponder to one’s confirmation bias?

    Read more at:

  13. I’d invite people to study this post. It is not a news story. It is a compilation of news stories and commentary posted to make inquire and explore both the incident and the implications. As to concrete evidence, there is ample evidence about Mr. Hassan, his beliefs, and the general attitude toward women in most Muslim communities. If you need more:

  14. Kundert says:

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    I look forward to reading more from you. Have a great week.

  15. Calisto says:

    Nice post, thanks for sharing. May I link back to your blog?

  16. Fazenbaker says:

    cool picsxx

  17. Jola says:

    Just becasue it is a tradition does not make it right. This educated idiot thought he can get away with the murder becasue he’s….MUSLIM.
    Millions muslim women are abused/used/forced to marry and be a “wife” and a child breader to “their” man.

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